When I became president of the Second Amendment Foundation last month, my first official statement was an endorsement of President Trump’s nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Judge Barrett is now Justice Barrett. Trump’s greatest accomplishment, particularly in the arena of gun owners’ civil rights, will be remembered as his three appointments to the highest court, along with the many Federal judges he has appointed in the last four years.

It is good to have a ninth Justice back at SCOTUS, since the upcoming Presidential election result will almost certainly be disputed and end up in the lap of that Court, where a 4:4 tie would have been an ugly thing indeed.

This election is absolutely critical. Take nothing for granted.  Spread the word.  VOTE!!


    • Off-topic now, please excuse, but too likely timely. Something weighing on one’s mind lately upon viewing up-ticking videos of hideous riots ostensibly initiated by “officer-involved” shootings of recognizably deranged individuals apparently armed ‘only” with knives, is the idea that shooting them with a taser or a bullet CAN be more of a last resort. I personally would choose to throw over many such individuals a bolo-collared net like the fishnets some ancient gladiators used very effectively, if necessary followed up by a selective blow or punch from a stout, five-foot, black-painted quarterstaff or kendo stick made of a tough wood like hickory. A competent, long-stick-wielding cop could strike a forearm reliably in order to disarm, which I personally would have no problem with accomplishing, even if the arm happens to break, without the risk of blinding with taser darts or giving a bullet injury possibly more likely leading to death. To heck with a weeny police nightstick! I once saw some Mexican police use long, stout, black sticks to control a roving street gang in daylight. No need for any nets or hitting at all that time, the gang automatically cooperated with great manners, openly demonstrating a full knowledge of what was good for them!

      • Dang. Just Googled “net gun.” Nets are out there. Liked the Japanese net gun maybe the best. Double down with two and you are Spiderman.

  1. Joyful are we! Amy Coney Barrett is not just a just Justice, she is a gem, I’ll judge. Many thanks to President Trump for his unerring judgement, high competence, courage, and perseverance. Thanks to you, too, Mas. 2A forever!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, please check for your election ballot delivery acknowledgements.

    • I went in person for “early voting” that way no confirmation of my vote being recorded was necessary.

    • (This is the process as I think I understand it. If I’ve botched anything, hopefully another reader will set us straight.) By keeping firm (the greater the majority, the better) Republican control of the Senate and/or the House, and/or the White House. Congress would have to pass an act in order to change the number of justices by gaining a majority vote of both houses of Congress in favor of the act–both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Should such an act pass, it would be presented to the President for his/her signature. Should the sitting president sign off on the act, it’s a done deal. Should the sitting president veto the act, Congress could still attempt to override the veto with a (I believe I’m correct here but not certain) 2/3 vote from each house. Should the Dems keep control of the House and gain control of the Senate (they are only two seats short of that now), they would have a realistic shot at packing the court. Should they gain control of all three–Senate, House, and White House–they would have a slam dunk for packing the court. So, your vote for senator and congressperson is arguably as critical as your vote for the Commander in Chief.

  2. Rumor has it that 2A cases have not been accepted by the Supreme Court because of the strong possibility Roberts would side with the left-leaning justices. Now that pro 2A justices have an apparent 5-4 majority and don’t need Roberts, it will be interesting to see what cases the court agrees to hear. Nationwide CCW reciprocity might be one of these, which would be most welcome IMHO.

  3. Our republic, as we know and love it, may have just been saved (for awhile at least.) God Bless Mrs. Justice Barrett and President Trump. May they judge and administer with wisdom, clarity and strength.

  4. Yes, Justice Barrett’s appointment is indeed encouraging and may prove to be regarded as the singularly most significant event to have transpired during President Trump’s tenure. Her role in that position may prove to be historically critical and of inestimable value in preserving the essence of what it is to be an American. We will know shortly.

    Politics aside, have to love Senator Lindsey Graham’s comment: “She’s not from Harvard, she’s not from Yale. She’s a normal person.”

    Of course, should Double-Barrel Joe Stalin take the White House, his recent comment about appointing a commission to study possible needs in reforming the courts (i.e. packing the Supreme Court)–the closest he has come to answering that lingering question about that issue–would seem to translate into something akin to “Hell yes, we’re going to pack the court,” thus destroying and permanently politicizing SCOTUS, one of our three tiers of checks and balances that has worked–albeit not perfectly–but worked, nonetheless, for almost 250 years–in an abominable act that would deface the very image and function of our system of governing and life as American citizens have experienced it during that historically brief span of time.

    Should “Harris” win, it appears that our government will sooner, rather than later, be transformed into a permanent one-party totalitarian regime–the “best-case” outcome being something resembling a clone—or colony–of our Chinese buddies; the worst-case scenario resembling Russia, or worse, some dysfunctional third-world freak of social, political, and economic nature worthy only of the most extreme pity.

    Eighty percent of the media already seem to be set up for such possibilities, all too ready and willing to send their ambassadors to obtain daily directives from whatever agency will be implemented as the Ministry of Truth. “Let us go forth and continue spewing doublespeak in such volumes that would startle even Orwell.”

    Should the upcoming election bring into existence a President “Harris” (step aside, Joe—your state of mind and/or other “issues” have caught up with you), I am hereby reserving the right to steal and spin a line from Michelle Obama–“For the first time in my life, I am ashamed to be an American.”

    Of course, should the election go that way, I will no longer be an American, will I, and neither will you.

    • should the former attorney general of California be elected, I would hope there would be some legal challenge to her INELIGIBILITY to serve as Vice President or President. At least one if not both , of her parents were NOT US CItizens at the time she was born. Get this one going in the pipeline… actually that is one of the class of cases that can ONLY be taken up by the Supreme COurt on original jurisdiction. With the six originalist justices now on that court, it may go the way the legal actions relating to the former kinyun did NOT go… all were tossed on techinicalieie,s none were adjudicated on the erits of the petitions.

      But from what I’m seeing “around” I dount think things willl go that way. Plenty of reason to think plenty of voters are just keeping quiet about where their BigVte will go.. and many of the house and senate races might be close, but things seem to point to tiling our way there, too. IF we manage to claim all three houses, (White, House,Senate) we might begin to see some real progress, or at last put the brakes on hard on the bus hurtling down the hill toward the lemming cliff.

      • If Harris was born in America, it doesn’t matter that one or both her parents weren’t U.S. citizens. That’s why illegal invaders and liberals love anchor babies, because they allow foreign nationals to stay in America and bring their many relatives here too, so they can all enjoy our generous welfare benefits and other giveaway social programs provided by the U.S. taxpayers.

      • Friend Tionico, you are hitting the nail on the head by mentioning original jurisdiction. What seems refer to the constitutional amendment which mentions that being born a citizen of a foreign country and therefore being under potential extradition from that country is a barrier to automatic U.S. citizenship by U.S. birth alone. Something that the Supreme Court can uphold and emphasize.

  5. Can’t wait to vote in person on Election Day. I don’t trust my vote to the mail, especially after reports of dumped mail including ballots.

  6. It is a absolute pleasure watching the liberal loonies losing what’s left of their feeble minds. Now, we must hold the house and senate. If they fall to the loonies the republic will fall as we know it today and the conservatives will never be able to gain control again.

  7. President Trump has set the occasion for constitutionally-based pro-gun arguments to win in the Supreme Court. Now, the Roberts court actually needs to hear some cases.

    With three conservative appointments to the SCOTUS, and numerous federal appointments, Mr. Trump has made far more impact vis a vis gun rights than any other member of the GOP at the federal level. When the GOP controlled both the House and Senate it squandered an opportunity to pass national reciprocity legislation. Too many in the GOP are “all talk and no action.”

    You might not always like the way Trump talks, but he is all about action. My kind of guy- my kind of president.

  8. President Trump, for all his faults, is the right person at the right time in history, from the 2A perspective. Here in Canada we do not have a 2A right, but even so, having ACB confirmed in the USSC will protect it for decades. For Canada, that is also a strong symbolic victory for all pro firearm people. Congratulations my American cousins, finally, things are shaping up the right way, and I’m convinced PDJT will prevail in November! For what little it’s worth, you have my whole hearted support for your President, your 2A, and your republic. Oh yeah, the evil Hilary witch and her enablers should be locked up forever.

    • Thanks, Gerry Kirkham,

      Look at the world. There are some countries to which people immigrate, because they are seen as desirable places to live. Other countries do not have an influx of immigrants. We hear a lot of talk against Western culture today, but look where people’s feet are.

      If Western culture is so bad, why do Leftists live in modern homes and apartments with electricity? Why don’t they live in wigwams? Wouldn’t living in a wigwam show moral superiority and be healthier for the planet? Oh, they bash Western culture, but they couldn’t live without it. Not only will they refuse to return to living like people did in 1850, they won’t even return to 1970. Such hypocrites. The West is the best. Most people reveal their love for the West by where they live and the things they buy. Who would trade a computer for an abacus?

      Gerry, my heart goes out to you and those who love liberty under law the whole world over.

  9. Going to hand deliver my mail ballot to the county clerk today, keeping it out of the clutches of the USPS. The Powers That Be are making in-person voting as big of a pain as possible, using the all purpose excuse of CV. I dislike standing in line even in normal times and now the lines will be longer and slower and require wearing a useless mask. Plus the prospect of hanging around a high value terrorist target while unarmed is not attractive to me. So the county clerk it is. Fortunately, that is only about 500 yards from my polling place, reinforcing my decision to get out of the city.

    • If one listens to the polls put out by the Anti-American Media, then there is no point in bothering to vote for President Trump. According to the polls, Old “Shotgun” Joe has already won the Presidency walking away. Just like Hillary Clinton did back in 2016! 🙂

      However, I expect that these polls are no more accurate than any of the other lying propaganda that the Anti-American Media has pushed out over the last five years. In actually fact, there is no enthusiasm for “Gaffer” Joe. The only people attending his so-called rallies are a small set of hand-picked Media sycophants. Meanwhile, thousands flock to President Trump’s rallies.

      These polls are rigged to try to depress President Trump supporters while also giving heart to Biden’s demoralized lunatics. In truth, they represent the American Left “whistling past the graveyard”.

  10. The sometimes goofy but always adorable “Honest Joe” Biden will absolutely crush the diabolical constantly lying Donald Trump on November 3th and bring back the Utopian prosperity that he and Barack had worked so unselfishly hard to give us for eight fantastic years of their benevolent regime.

    The totally incorruptible Joe Biden will eliminate the C-19 virus immediately, reverse the Trump economic depression of the past four years, finally stop the oppression of minorities and give us racial justice, update the American judicial system by adding more radically liberal Supreme Court justices, dispose of the unfair Electoral College, greatly reduce crime by confiscating all privately owned firearms which are only used for brutally killing innocent people (especially peaceful protesters) and most important of all, stopping global warming by wisely investing a very reasonable 100 trillion America tax dollars in the Green New Deal. Honest Joe may even find time to have the slimy “Orange Monster” and his numerous henchpersons, including members of his evil crime family, arrested and rightfully charged with genocide for cruelly slaughtering over 225,000 Americans by sadistically infecting them with the deadly Trump Virus.

    In full disclosure, I’m currently trying to get a high paying position as Comrade Joe’s chief speech writer and your support will be greatly appreciated.

  11. Friend TN_MAN, the Arkansan political advisor Larry Nichols, that one mentioned above, would explain that a presidential candidate was actually at an advantage to being perceived as an underdog, at least at a certain point in the campaign. Larry’s ‘dog of the day, W.J. Clinton, did prevail. Hard to argue with Larry’s and Willy’s successes. One may suppose that many Americans generally have a tendency to be at least somewhat sympathetic to a candidate who appears to be somehow disadvantaged. The “liberal” media, therefore, may have shot themselves in the foot by not being straight shooters. Hopefully voters generally realize that President Trump is the up-front, winning incumbent in the race, the true Alpha Dog who will prevail, no matter how many coyotes might be snapping at his heels. One might respectfully describe former VP Biden as some other kind of dog. Biden Family “business deals” recently linked to leaks of U.S. fighter jet technology to foreign powers have caused possibly the most dangerous damage to our national security since the Klaus Fuchs and Rosenberg spy ring disaster. What would voters rather be riding in after the election, a patriotic, predictably productive Trump-Pence economic rocket, or an inestimably dubious, inflationary, Biden-Harris hot-air balloon?

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