1. Like I said elsewhere, I’ll be checking DAILY for when registration for NWTacCon 2020 opens.

    Damned medical bills…

  2. Where’s EP, Mas?? A friend and I recently took an active shooter class at a local church from a VERY switched on former SWAT man. We learned a huge amount; the city deputy police chief told us in very clear terms that armed and trained citizens such as ourselves are the first responders until LE et al can get there. I’m teaching her how to shoot her new G19, and gave her a quantity of 9BPLE ammo just as you did for Mark Yuhr so many years ago in Miami. Thanks so much for all you and your cadre do.

  3. Thanks for the kind words Mas! It was great training with you again. I’m looking forward to NW Tac Con 2020 already! Hopefully I’ll see you then if not before.


  4. Wow! Shooting the qualification mirror-image! I’m impressed! Reminds me of being at a skeet range. Bird crossed from right to left. The shooter would normally swing in the same direction the clay was flying. But the guy I saw swung into the bird from left to right and shattered it. He may have been using a .410 bore, but I can’t remember.

  5. This old former cop just wants to thank you, Mas, for all your service, teaching, training through the years…you’ve saved lives and kept young cops and citizens out of a lot of court time…probably some jail time, too. Our shooting skills may “change” as we age, but your value to the shooting community is waaaaaaaay more than your competetitive scores…you’re our champion in more ways than one!

  6. I got started late in life with defensive handgun trading (I’m 67) ( CCw in 2015). I enjoy Mr Ayoobs books and videos. I am a work in progress and hope to attend a Mag 40 soon

  7. I’ve taken classes with both Mas and Gabe. They are excellent instructors and even better men.