1. Hey Mas,
    Every time I go to California I feel naked. Kept a kubaton and defensive flashlight on me. Still chaps my petootie that I go from law abiding armed citizen to a felon just by driving across a state line! We need national reciprocity badly.

    Thanks for being a staid voice of reason and great resource for all us poor, misguided NRA card carrying patriots!

  2. OK Mas, who edited the cartoon with the T-Rex, you, Gail or an unidentified Backwoods Home staff member?

    If it was you, I sincerely admire your skill, and sense of humor…:-)

    Safe Thanksgiving…


  3. LOL…I want some LEVER GUNG!
    Another blessing, Justice Gorsuch.
    Wishing a wonderful Thanksgiving to you and your family, and to all at the Backwoods Home.

  4. Thanksgiving… a time to give thanks and glory to God, our creator and giver of all good things. The God who allows us to choose our own path, not robots with no choices, rather with a free will to follow either good or evil. To choose to either be with Him, or rebel against His way. I truly believe that Heaven is to spend an eternity in His presence and hell is eternity without Him.

    Some may question how an affinity for guns and training to use them lines up with trying to please God. I truly believe God intends for me as a man, husband, and father, to provide for them, and defend them and my neighbor, from those who would deal them evil. Guns are a tool to that end.

    So, I give thanks. Thanks that I was born and lived my life in such a prosperous country that making good choices was easy compared to so many other places around the world. To have lived a life of relatively little pain and suffering. I give thanks that I have not fallen prey to the pervasive hate that has infected and filled so many of my fellow citizens.

    Thanks to Mas and all my brothers here on these pages. Your camaraderie brings me much pleasure. Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Choo choo!!! All aboard the Trump train! choo choo! Next stop, the end of America! Conservative snowflakes hate liberals so much that they’ll set their own society on fire.

    – a gun owner that isn’t a traitor

  6. Más:
    Now that you’ve retired from police work, do you travel under LEOSA? It seems appropriate in S.F.

  7. Happy Thanks giving to one, and All!

    But to the poor, misguided NRA Members, after the NRA joined with the Liberal’s to pass the 1990s Clinton Gun Bans, I sure wouldn’t try to “Hold my Breath”, waiting Until the NRA/ILA prevents any NEW Gun Bans from becoming law!!

    And, before any of you Loyal NRAer’s jump down my throat, I’ve been a Life NRA Member since 1966, and shooter, and gun Owner since the early 1950s, as well!


    • One more thing to be grateful for: the Jurassic asteroid that eliminated those giant lizards. Imagine having to notify California Fish and Game every time you picked off one of those monsters with your Red Ryder BB blaster, not to mention having to haul them in to the F&G office in the back of your Prius.

      • Oops! California Fish and Game is a publication. The dinosaur collection station is at California Fish and Wildlife, now.

      • California has a dinosaur collection station?

        Damn…guess I better go there and turn myself in…

  8. I am THANKFUL I haven’t been shot by an ILLEGAL ALIEN yet.

    BTW the migration distances of the Monarch Butterfly are astounding.
    They are welcome yearly migrants from Monterrey Mexico.

  9. P.S. I forgot to mention, Lever guns were good when I used to dress up like a cowboy. The single action Army sucks as a pleasing gun to shoot (or reload).
    I prefer an AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION on my rifles and pistols.

    I do like Butterflys though.

    Trophy hunting is Immoral. Ya hear that Trump Jr and Eric ?
    There is such a thing as an NRA Member who does not hunt.

  10. Around now I consider what I am thankful for. One of those is Mas. Thanks Buddy for all you do and stand for.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to all! And yes, we do have a lot to be thankful for. I keep thinking about the folks in Puerto Rico having to go months without electricity.

    Great photos! Especially the T-Rex!

    If I remember correctly, back in the 1990s, the citizens of San Francisco voted to outlaw handguns within city limits. The law was not allowed to go into effect because state law pre-empted city law. I believe it was Jeff Cooper who pointed out the ignorance of a group of people voting to disarm themselves!!!! How dumb can you be?

  12. Very nice post, Mas, I like it!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you & to everyone else here!!!

    I don’t often comment here, usually because by the time I see it someone else has already said what I was going to say, but I really enjoy reading all of your posts & comments every day. In addition to Mas’ insightful articles, I especially enjoy reading TN_MAN’s explanations of the left-wing mentality, which is the best analysis of it that I have ever seen, & I have spent most of my life surrounded by liberals, so I am very familiar with their behavior. You really should write a book on this subject, if you haven’t already. Thanks to you all for your comradeship & for your commentary!!!

  13. Happy Thanksgiving, Mas! Despite the evil in the world and the warped reporting of the MSM that would have you believe otherwise, we have a lot to be thankful for. Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of months.

  14. I read all of your stuff.

    You’re a critical information resource on a variety of important topics.



  15. I am thankful for so much and for so many good family and friends. I am also thankful I don’t let myself be defined by trolling such as this:

    “Choo choo!!! All aboard the Trump train! choo choo! Next stop, the end of America! Conservative snowflakes hate liberals so much that they’ll set their own society on fire.

    – a gun owner that isn’t a traitor”

    I am even thankful for the liberal side (my wife’s family from CT). While we don’t agree and cannot discuss certain subjects much, we don’t hate each other. Nor do we label or denigrate each other.

    I am especially thankful for the 8 days I spent elk hunting with my son in UT at 5 to 7,000 ft altitude. He got his 1st elk and his first mule deer. 8 days miles out in the mountains does a body and mind good. Especially so with family and good friends.

    I am also especially thankful for this blog, the people standing with Mas and all the ‘brothers and ‘sisters’ and all their contributions. Even you, Joe.

    Ditto re Dave–VA. Right on point.

    Happy Thanksgiving one and all.
    For those in need, troubled or lonely, reach out. There are good people everywhere. Even in the midst of chaos, strife and evil.

  16. This reminds me of Ron Weasley’s line (in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) where Hagrid tells Harry and Ron to “follow the spiders” into the Dark Forest. Ron’s comment was:

    “Follow the spiders! Why can’t it ever be follow the butterflies?”

    Indeed, America is overrun with a plague of spiders today. They are crawling all over the mainstream media. They have totally seized control of the Democratic Party. The spiders have seized our colleges and universities and are busy indoctrinating the youth of America on how to be vicious, self-hating baby spiders. Spider venom is spreading throughout the veins of America as this plague is doing its best to suck the life out of the American system and founding ideas.

    It is good to take a breather, from time to time, and reflect on the Butterfly that is America among the Nations of the World. Indeed, we need to follow the Butterflies that spring from the American system and American ideas. Far too many people are following the spiders already!

    • TN_MAN,

      You wrote, “It is good to take a breather, from time to time, and reflect on the Butterfly that is America among the Nations of the World.” I agree. America is a special place. That’s why everyone wants to be here.

      I think of it like this; Disney World in Orlando, Florida was built in a swamp. The swamp is still there, but it is controlled. America is analogous to Disney World, and the rest of the nations are the swamp. I realize that is a bit hyperbolic, but I like the analogy anyway. Of course, Disney World could sink into the swamp again, so it takes a lot of work and energy to keep it The Magic Kingdom.

  17. Does the guy who takes a swipe at the sons of Donald Trump by calling trophy hunting immoral have any idea how many people are fed by the meat from a legally killed elephant? I’ve seen videos of carcasses being taken right down to the bone by crowds of Africans who walked from miles away to get a share of this valuable protein.