‘Tis the season of St. Valentine, and nothing says romance quite like impossible dreams.  In turn, nothing says impossible dream like the resolution offered in the House of Representatives by the newly-elected Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  She and her fellow supporters of the concept call it The Green New Deal. Deal.

The Wall Street Journal has already run a piece noting that it sounds like a parody of the current Democrat Party platform.  Be sure to read the links, which include the proposal itself.

            Air travel off the table ten years from now? The guaranteed vacations she wants for everyone will entail a whole lot more ground travel time than destination time.  Gee, will she and her friends make an exception for the Air Force?  National security and all?

            My favorite part is the revamping of every single building in America.  Including, one presumes, your home, your barn, your detached garage and other outbuildings.  Gotta stop using those fossil fuels.  Better start pricing full solar now, and scope out just where you’re gonna put the windmill.

            And I bet you can guess where Representative AOC stands on gun control. 

  Elimination of the cattle industry within a decade was also in the first published Green New Deal plan.  (Methane.  Beef bad, anyway.)  According to Fox News,  “In a now-deleted FAQ page on Ocasio-Cortez’s website, the document explains that it’s calling for an elimination of greenhouse gas emissions rather than an immediate ban on fossil fuels because ‘we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to fully get rid of farting cows and airplanes that fast’.”

            These folks don’t need to worry about what they call “cow farts.”  Their own brain farts seem to be a much more pressing concern.


    • WOW. Original- not. Just give the originator an attribution, why don’t you?
      Really- as she continues to be such a rich source of ridiculous material that does not NEED to be lampooned to be seen as foolish, you could do better!

      • thinkingman,

        My name for her would be “Sandy Dingbat.” However, I am afraid of under-estimating my enemy, and the American voters are so ignorant that she just may be President someday. So, I’ll just call her “Sandy.”

  1. She sounds like a skit from SNL but sadly she is serious. I think she should be the official spokesperson for the Democratic Party, that would put the middle of the roaders into the Republican column.

  2. Mas, the link you provided to Politifact says that AOC *DID*NOT* say what you’re inaccurately quoting her as having said. Facebook pulled the stories claiming she said that because it concluded they were lies. Politifact themselves say (referring to the initial Facebook post accusing her of saying the 2A doesn’t exist) “However, we didn’t find any credible sources corroborating the Facebook post. It’s a hoax.”

      • williaty is right, the quote you are reading is at the top. It’s an *example* being discussed, not a quote from politifact. It’s misleading that the quote is next to a “pants on fire” symbol, suggesting that they are discussing the validity of the quote contents, not whether the quote was actually said (which is what they are actually discussing). If you look at the headline below, it says: “No, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez did not say that owning guns is not a right”

        Her views on the 2nd are probably very much in line with how you’d expect a NY Democrat to feel, as it says she thinks the AWB is a great idea, and we need universal and “improved” background checks, whatever that means.

      • Yup, you & willaty are right. The version I saw didn’t have (or perhaps I didn’t see) the “Pants On Fire” symbol. Will delete as soon as I figure out how to do that on the new system.
        Thanks for the catch, folks.

      • I still trying to figure out whether that wild mentally Deranged Stare she puts on her Face is evidence of her True Mental State escaping into the real world, or if she think’s it’s just a way to express her Determination to the people she considers to be her Enemies?


  3. The way she and her friends treat securing the border pretty much says how much they care about national security.

  4. AOC produces toxic flatulence anytime she opens her big mouth.

    Al Gore is obviously much smarter as the genius who invented the Internet and whose exploits during the Vietnam War was the inspiration for the movie character Rambo, is working to create a supersonic train powered by solar or wind energy to replace fossil fueled aircraft. This will require bridges to be constructed across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to reach the Eastern Hemisphere. These bridges to saving our environment should not cost more than 100 trillion dollars, but the downside is having to cut many trees to print all the additional money to pay for them. Judging by Gore’s huge waistline, he is also attempting to solve the cattle flatulence problem by eating every cow in the world. The solution to AOC and her devoted cronies and nutty fans is to convince Al Gore into becoming a cannibal and having him devour all the crazy liberals he could get his grubby hands on.

  5. Let her, and those of others of her ilk, carry on. They are burying themselves in their foolishness. More and more “normal” folks are being shaken out of their slumber and realsing how ridiculous the newbies are. Seems the bumper crop of nutjob neophytes are turning the Halls of Congress into a SitCom. I’ve not seen a lick of sense out of this newphyte congresscritter from Nooo Yawk yet. And I don’t expect any in the near future. Maybe their antics will create such chaos on the House floor they’ll never get anything done. Who was that, Mark Twain, infamously said America is never so safe as when COngress are NOT in session”? With the circus in town, nobody gets any work done. This is a good thing.

    Funny how the emperors of old promised bread and circuses. (circi?) We now have food stamps and congress. Let us hope COngress end first. We’ll be less entertained, but much safer that way.

  6. As I noted in previous blog comments, episodes of popular delusions/mass insanity in human populations are driven by unscrupulous politicians playing upon the People’s Hopes (i.e. Greed for a Utopian future) and their Fears regarding the future. Obama used the slogan “Hope and Change” but, in reality, the words “Greed and Fear” would be more accurate.

    The Climate Change delusion represents a perfect combination that plays upon these irrational emotions. The people are, simultaneously, told that the World is going to be destroyed by climate change at some point (10, 20, 50 years, etc.) in the future. This strokes Fear in those members of the population gullible enough to buy into the delusion. This fear provokes these “Useful Idiots” to jump into action and be willing to take “Extreme Measures”.

    Then, once the fields have been fertilized with Fear, the seeds of Hope (i.e. Greed for a promised utopia) are planted. A “Green New Deal (GND)” is put together and sold to the delusional public. This GND is filled to the brim with Utopian promises. It is going to create new types of jobs. It is going to revitalize the economy. It is going to make the USA an environmental leader in the World. Indeed, it is going to show a “Shining Path” forward that will lead the World into a glorious new future and SAVE THE WORLD from the terrible (supposedly) destruction by Climate Change.

    It is said that no one ever went broke by underestimating the stupidity of the general public. However, I have to say, this GND seems determined to test the limits of that statement. 🙂

    Personally, I think that the “Old Hands” of the Democratic Party are feeding AOC, and her enthusiastic Millennial classmates, rope with which to hang themselves. These “Old Hands” probably know that the Democratic Party has been swung, by this younger generation, too far to the Left. They will let these kids embarrass themselves with foolishness. Then, when the youngsters “Lose Face” with the American People, the “Old Time” Leftist Elites will be there to pick up the pieces and keep themselves at the top of the power ladder.

    Certainly, Pelosi and Schumer know that the GND is total B.S. However, it will work fine to torpedo AOC and prevent her (and her kind) from challenging them for power. In the end, it is always about who holds the power and who gains the resulting wealth. Never doubt that for a moment!

  7. Having worked in the power industry for 40 years can say that solar panels are a great idea for 1/2 the day ( when the sun is shining) but at night not so much. Battery technology ain’t there yet! Wind is great when the wind is blowing and they are not killing birds. System reliability and availability is the name of the game!
    What I can’t understand is why nobody is talking about what the rest of the world is doing while we are shooting ourself in the foot with a “ ma Duce “.
    All those dressed in white at the SOTN speech are the “ No Clue Klan”. Nothing else to say!

  8. I wonder how much flatulence those bean and veggie eating vegans produce? Time to regulate their own noxious greenhouse gas!

  9. Cows eliminate solids, liquids and gases. I think AOC’s plan contains more of the solid waste than the gaseous. Politicians like Pelosi, Schumer and Feinstein can make me wince and frown and sometimes get me frustrated, but this girl just makes me chuckle and shake my head. Maybe that’s her plan. If she actually has the ability to formulate a plan. I honestly can’t say that I’ve never done or said anything stupid in my youth. I generally didn’t advertise it as much as she does. And I did learn from my experiences. She is entertaining.

  10. Let’s not forget that Cortez and others of her radical Left ilk were ELECTED and not appointed. This means that many people support what the radical Left stands for. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous they sound, or how unworkable the radical Left’s agenda might seem. It also doesn’t seem to matter that the Left has lawmakers in Congress that profess anti-semitic and anti-American ideas. Nor does it matter that the radical Left voiced support and voted for legalizing the extermination of live-born children. People across the country voted for them- and that should frighten any freedom-loving American who values the principles of our founding.

    The phony Russia collusion investigation and the widespread media disinformation campaign has done incredible damage to this country. The bogus Mueller investigation and specific FBI operations reflect both a silent coup and cover-up for the crimes of Hillary Clinton and her campaign- celebrated now by traitor Andrew McCabe. The country is divided and people are dug in. My guess is that very few people will change their voting patterns in the coming years.

    The political pundits can laugh all they want at people like AOC- but that will not change minds about the Leftists and the dangers of socialism. We have a poorly educated country when it comes to understanding critical matters these days- taxes, education, the Second Amendment, immigration…to name a few. Unless people are able to link bad policy to hardships in their lives, their voting habits are unlikely to change. And there are very few Republicans willing to fight.

    My brother-in-law recently complained about the fact that SALT deductions were no longer allowable. He and my sister live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I informed him: (a) not true- you can still write off up to $10K; (b) with SALT people in other states are subsidizing people that live in high-tax states- not fair; and (c) why don’t you STOP VOTING for people that want to keep your taxes high?

    His response: Trump is still an idiot. Anything is better than a Republican. This is from a person with a master’s degree: I guess critical thinking is not needed to earn advanced degrees.

    And, unfortunately- it’s not needed in order to vote. The challenge for pro-American folks is a very big one indeed.

    • Vincent Pandolfi,

      You are right, we are doomed. There seems to be an inevitable life cycle to everything. Birth, growth, strength, decay, death. Oddly enough, even non-living things like cars and stars seem to follow that pattern. America seems to be in a slow decline or decay. We are so much like old Rome. I see Europe as being like old Greece, and America as being like old Rome.

      I’m thankful that during this slow decline, our physical lives are still comfortable.

  11. Having AOC in Congress is like having Larry in the Three Stooges. They don’t really need her, but it would not be as funny without her.

  12. As I noted above, the GND and the Climate Change delusion is all part of the Left’s big “Con Game” for the 21st Century. It is just one of a set of popular delusions that the Left has bundled together to foster onto the American People and onto the World.

    These delusions work in concert with the Left’s “Identity Politics” and “Class-Warfare/Socialism” tactics. It is all a part of a “Divide and Conquer” Grand Strategy. The ultimate purpose is to grow “Big Government” control and to move America (and the World itself, for that matter) to complete Leftist domination under, effectively, a one-party system. This will require ending America as a multi-party Representative Republic as founded. It will ultimately require the overturning or re-writing of the US Constitution.

    I am certainly not the only one who sees the “Con Job” for what it is. The American Citizens who are “awake” can see it. Take this story for example:


    We can only hope that enough Americans will be awake during the upcoming 2020, 2022 and 2024 elections. Our major problems are that many Americans are asleep with indifference or that many, especially the propagandized and poorly-educated younger generations, are actually “Marks” and are falling for the “Con”.

  13. Sadly, it seems to me that America, as founded, looks to be increasingly doomed. When one looks at wild-eyed fanatics like AOC and David Hogg and then one reflects that such young people are EXACTLY the product that the modern American Education System is designed to produce, then it is hard to have any hope for the future. Unless a powerful re-awaking and re-commitment to the American Idea is forthcoming, American seems increasingly doomed to continue into just another failed socialist State. We are not there yet but things get worse with each passing year. I have observed America for close to 6 decades and the trend toward our ultimate failure becomes clearer and clearer.

    I have been reflecting upon the date that America’s doom first became certain. Was it on February 3, 1913 when the 16th Amendment was ratified? This allowed the Federal Government to established an income tax. The increased funding allowed for the increasing growth of the Federal Government over the following decades.

    As the Federal Government grows, the liberties of American Citizens shrink. Leftists love and worship “Big Government”. Their whole Worldview is built around it. Big Government functions as the Leftist Church. They don’t need any other kind since most of them turn their backs on other religions. For a Leftist, humanity is their God, Big Government is their Church, Communism/Socialism is their religion, Karl Marx is their prophet and Das Kapital is their bible.

    However, I don’t think that the passage of the 16th Amendment was fatal. No, the final (and fatal) dose of poison was, in my opinion, administered when President Jimmy Carter signed the legislation, on October 17, 1979 to create the U.S. Department of Education. Here is why I think so:

    Leftist flock to Big Government like vultures flock around a dead carcass. They do it for the same reason. To feed.

    Naturally, the Left is going to consume a new Government Department. Especially one dealing with Education. Possibly the only thing that Leftists love more than Big Government is indoctrination and propaganda. With the power of a centralized Department of Education in their hands, they had a vehicle to seize control of and to direct the path of education for the entire USA.

    Up to that point, education had largely been a local matter under State control. Now it was centralized under Federal Government (effectively Leftist) control. The Leftists have not wasted this golden opportunity. AOC and David Hogg are the end product of 40 years of Leftist indoctrination disguised as education.

    President Reagan wanted to reverse Carter’s destructive act and abolish the Department of Education. The Democrats stopped him from doing it. Reagan’s failure will likely mean America’s ultimate doom.

    The antidote was withheld. This allowed the final dose of poison to remain active so that the ultimate death of the victim becomes inevitable.

  14. Ahh, the LEFT, when I hear all the nonsense going on in government at all levels, I am proud to be standing on the RIGHT side of the aisle.
    To everyone here, never let the extreme LEFT win, no matter the cost. I find AOC to be obtuse, to say the least. We need to stay intentional and vigilant defending our 2nd amendment rights.
    Buy it cheap, stack it deep, keep your families safe !!

    Support our president,
    God Bless America.

  15. So according to AOC if cow flatulance has such a negative impact on the earth then Democrats must believe it was Dinosaur farts that started the whole climate change thing? I mean can you imagine how HUGE those farts had to be!

  16. Any of us that can rub two brain cells together like to laugh and joke over the presumed stupidity of aoc but did you know that she was a double major – economics and international relations – at the ‘no dummies allowed’, Boston University, a A 70K/year school that accepts only about 30% of its applicants? My friend Dave Merrick wrote an article (link below) that has caused myself and others to rethink what we previously had thought about her. I highly recommend reading this good article, which is direct and to the point. However if he is correct it gives me a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I would be curious as to what you think about this article Mas. https://canadafreepress.com/article/the-manchurian-counterfeit

  17. Her proposal is reminiscent of the Nazi party proposals (minus the Green) and implementation prior to them achieving power.

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