In the past, a theme of this blog has been “wait until the evidence is in before jumping to conclusions.” No clearer example comes to mind than the recent officer-involved shooting, and subsequent rioting and deaths in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Photo of Jacob Blake with possibly a knife in his hand

Jacob Blake, who reportedly has a record of fighting with police, pulling an illegal gun in a bar to terrorize patrons, and a sexual assault charge, was present at a scene in Kenosha where his defenders say he was trying to break up someone else’s fight. Police arrived on the scene. A bystander’s smartphone camera shows him walking quickly away from police to the door of a car, apparently his own, as cops follow him and one, with drawn gun in his right hand, grabs him by the T-shirt with his left hand. As he opens the door and reaches his arms into the vehicle, that officer fires seven shots, and Blake collapses. His parents have announced that he is paralyzed from the waist down and still hospitalized.

The incident triggered two narratives. One, which led to protesters and rioters (yes, two different things) surging up to Kenosha from Chicago and other places, has led to arson, looting, attacks on police, and at least two participants killed and one seriously wounded. This is the narrative of the innocent good Samaritan, unarmed, shot in the back by a white racist policeman for no reason but the color of his skin.

However, there’s another narrative: justifiable use of deadly force. Those on that side note that police were yelling “Drop the knife” repeatedly before the shooting, and say some witnesses heard Blake snarl that he was going to get his gun moments before reaching into the car. One person in cyberspace who goes by the monicker “Mike the Cop” posted an enlarged still from the video that depicts Blake, the alleged victim, holding a knife in his left hand in the moments before the shooting. The knife has a curved blade reminiscent of a short scythe. This blade style, found on “hawkbill” knives and the Indonesian karambit, can be particularly lethal. A man holding one, as close to his victim as Blake was to the officer in the scene video, could turn in as little as half a second and disembowel his target with a low slash or cut the throat with a high one.  If he has articulated “I’m gonna get my gun” or words to that effect and reaches into his car as seen, well, he’s deadly twice over and deadly force is definitely warranted.

While no gun was found, the Wisconsin Attorney General disclosed today that Blake had admitted having the knife, and a knife was in fact recovered from the front floorboard of his vehicle, within easy reach (or drop) from Blake’s position when he was shot.

As the strife in Kenosha went on, an incident occurred in which three individuals were shot, two fatally, by a 17-year-old with an AR-15 who is now under arrest and charged with murder. There are competing narratives on that, too.

The destruction in Kenosha is tragic proof of what happens when people rush to judgment…particularly people with agendas.


  1. When irrationally and otherwise unjustifiably menaced and threatened by angry-looking people with suspicious objects who appear to be loaded on some substance and bent on robbery, some sort of assault, or whatever, I think I will utter the words “Remember Kenosha, friends (or possibly amigos)?” Hopefully such a verbal tactic would not necessarily be unduly offensive, ineffective, or illegitimate, and would not waste what good may have emerged from bad in Kenosha. Words probably more current than “Remember the Alamo!” or “Geronimo!,” and some others that come to mind. My sympathies to the families and friends of the Kenosha ‘victim” scene, but there are at least two sides to every incident. Self-defense cannot always be condemned as “vigilante justice”, or be automatically separated from “Good Samaritan.”

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    I doubt that any harm came of it, but – FYI

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  3. High Mas
    Thanks for all your work.
    I particularly love your last sentence:
    particularly people with agendas.
    This incident is effectivelly good for leftist, its an instrument…
    Take care and keep alerted and fight fir your 2a.

  4. If the so called “Good Samaritan Victim” was indeed paralyzed from the waist down, he won’t be sexually assaulting little kids anymore and his range of criminal activities will be drastically curtailed. He could still sell drugs, fence stolen property, and even burglarize homes, if the properties have handicapped ramps.

  5. Mas, given the video it should have appeared to Blake that the police were arresting him; or, at least trying to do so. It should have appeared to the cop that Blake was not obeying lawful orders.

    When Blake reached into his car he MIGHT have been reaching for a handgun which he COULD have deployed against the officer.

    While none of us can know what the cop was thinking, doesn’t it appear – from all the facts and circumstances – that a reasonable cop could reasonably have perceived that Blake was reaching for a gun?

    Whether there really was a gun or not is NOT relevant. Hypothetically, there might have been a gun yet Blake’s intent might have been to reach for a cigarette, his ID or whatever. The relevant question is what a reasonable cop might reasonably have perceived from Blake’s actions under these circumstances.

    If the cop’s perception was “GUN!” then the next question would be: Did the cop have any alternative course of action other than to stop a perceived attempt by Blake to retrieve – and use – a deadly weapon?

    Is this correct?

    • IANAL, but it seems to me, whether Blake had a gun or not, he said he did and acted as if he did, so it’s really not relevant.

      As someone smart pointed out, you can’t wait until you see the gun. “If you wait to see the gun, you’re going to see what comes out of the gun.”

      Even without the gun, that “hawkbill” or karambit-style blade is no joke. I wanted one for a while, until I saw the “pork” test, in which someone showed just how quick and deep they cut. It’s not hyperbole when Mas said a low slash could disembowel the officer. Let’s just say, I’ve been significantly more hesitant to carry one since; they can get real nasty real fast, and I don’t want to be caught in a self-defense scenario and be accused of having used “too much knife”.

      As to the cop’s potential alternatives, it doesn’t appear he had many options. Pepper spray wouldn’t do much with Blake facing the other way, and at that close range the officer would be affected, too. A Tazer, maybe, IF he carried one. But Blake repeatedly ignored lawful orders, reportedly verbally threatened them, indicated he had a weapon, forcefully resisted the officer’s attempts to stop him, and acted as though he was retrieving it — all the while giving every non-verbal/body-language indicator of someone mentally preparing to initiate a violent attack. I credit the officer for waiting as long as he did to fire; no shots until Blake reached for whatever was in the car.

  6. This is just another example of how the media is driving their own agendas as you mentioned. Unfortunately, they are giving the mob mentality an excuse to riot and loot instead of giving them the complete story from both sides of the incident. I believe that the liberal groups including Antifa and BLM are getting financial backing by rich Americans who are using their money to further their political agendas.

    Thanks for your experience and knowledge Mas.

    Best Regards,

    • Roy, you are correct in that media are severely falsifying the “news”. Exactl why at this point we can only speculate, but the evidence we see now does not make them look good.

      your words:” they are giving the mob mentality an excuse to riot and loot” ”
      They are already determined to do that. Media COULD help reduce that but won’t. Media have become the loudspeakers repeating what their true owners tell them to spew.

      The root reason the riots continue unabated, or even increasing in frequency and extent, is tht the local and state law enforcement whose DUTY it is to deal with this sort of crime, are AWOL (but still collecting their inflated paychecks)Most of those not AWOL have their hands tied by very restrictive RoE. Until LE are released to DEAL with such crimes, quickly to neutralise it, it will increase.

      Arson is the act of setting fire to a structure. is a felony. Arson of an occupied structure is an enhanced felony, attempted murder. The latter, most cases, justifies the introductioin of deadly force to counter it. So the officers present whenever an occupied structure is under direct and immediate threat of fire, the officers so nothing but watch too often. As long as cops contue playing cops and robbers, Keystone style, the insurrectionists will oblige, and contnue.

      It does seem LE in Kenosha ARE taking a relatively strong stand, however. Fifty arrests in one night? I think that’s near bould what have been arested in Portland over three moonths, and most of those were “catch and release” prizes.
      I”ve seen some very in depth pieces recounting the incident with the young man, lots of nasty press against him, too. Some have said he had no right to even BE in Wisconsin, let alone armed and in public. Hmm.. funny thing, I seem to recall a seventeen year old young man, withparetn’s [ermission, can join the military and go off, get hisown full auto battle rifle, and be off in the Sandbox hunting a different flavour of rebel.
      Word is the young man was helping stand guard at a used car lott hat had been attacked previoiusly. From what i’ve read he has a strong self-defence position, seems the mob followed him assaulting and attacking him multiple times. The last one at which he fired reportedly had a handfun trained upon him as he sat on the ground after the skateboard attack was dealt with.

  7. I’ve heard that the 17 year old shooter had been beaten with a skate board and was running away with his attackers following him. He also turned himself in.
    I can’t confirm any of that, but I pray they get to the bottom of the incident.
    God Bless America

    • Mary Beth, the problem with the 17 year old is that he was at a riot scene with an AR prominently slung around his neck. I have always told my daughter if you go looking for trouble, then you will find it much to your dismay – just like this 17 year old. I don’t know all the facts in this case, but the pics seem to indicate he was assaulted first. He probably used his AR in legitimate self defense. However, his case of self defense is weakened by the fact that he was somewhere he shouldn’t have been (in the eyes of the justice system and jury). The best tactical move in a fight is not be there in the first place. It’s like standing in the parking lot of a bar at closing time with drunks streaming out the door. Your odds are very high of bumping into a belligerent drunk – so don’t be there in the first place.

      • it appears he was part of a detail standing watch at a nearby used car lot which had been heavily damaged the night before. He was on watch defending someon’es business. He was first assaulted there, and fled his aggrerssors, who instead of breaking off l persued him. On WHAT basis was he “where he did not belong? If HE should not have been there, no one else, shoudl have either. He did not go wadinginto a riot zone looking for “actioin” from what I’ve read. He seems to have been persued and violentl atteacked mulitple times before deploying his weapon against the l=ast two. How is his action different than anyone else on watchdefending another’s liveihood? The media are the ones promoting \that meme. I ain’t in the market for that tripe. They also made much of the apparent fact he travelled from his monestate of Illinois to be there. Well, didn’t may others come from al over to do the same?
        Media are upset SOMEONE took a stand, and did not lie on the ground and take it quietly. He resisted thelethal force brought against him with no provocation until the attacks ceased.

    • Dear Mary Beth, thank you for your comments and Amen! I am no moderator here, but want to say that I am glad to see your name again. “Remember Lackland!,” eh? The videos of Kenosha that I have seen show the kid running a gauntlet. He seemed stunned by blows and objects thrown by the mob. I have been struck hard by assailants from behind more than once in my life, and some time can be required afterward to regain one’s full faculties. Mass attack from behind is a common tactic by cowardly bullies, who are generally shocked by any kind of resistance to their personal illusions of heroic virtue, strength, and invincibility. Traveling with courageous, capable companions, and keeping your head on a swivel, are important tactics. Expect no empathy from bullies, especially a frenzied mob. Sharks smelling blood.

  8. I’ve noticed that a popular new word with the “journalists” and the Twitter crowd is “empathy”. They’re like kids with a new toy. But apparently they’re not familiar with what it means.

    When I’m dealing with a police officer I put myself in his/her shoes. I don’t make sudden movements, I don’t suddenly shove my hands in my pockets or in my waistband, I don’t dive to grab things from under the car seat, etc. It’s so simple: that cop has no idea who I am. I am a large ugly male. I don’t know that I’m all that formidable but he/she has no way of knowing that. He/she has no way of knowing if I’m just another schmuck or if I’m in the midst of major crime. So I don’t do anything to make them feel unsafe. Heck, I don’t do anything to make my neighbors feel unsafe.

    I’d think people so into “empathy” would understand.

    • Whenever I am stopped in my truck by an officer at night, I quickly do three things, (1) I turn all the interior lights on including the truck bed light, (2) I roll down the window, and (3) I place both hands at the top of my steering wheel in clear view of the officer approaching my truck. I want the officer to feel safe, so I too can feel safe. That “empathy” has saved me from a ticket more than once.

    • Like so many other instances, the Left is trying to redefine the language to support their agenda.

      “Empathy”, in normal usage, means you can “put yourself in someone else’s shoes” and understand what they’re thinking and feeling. Even if you don’t agree, you understand. We can empathize with Jacob Blake’s family; their lives will be turned upside-down if he’s paralyzed for life. It’s not a fate I’d wish on anyone.

      But when the Left says “empathy”, they mean agreement. Not just agreement; full-throated support. You must agree with and support BLM/Antifa and their ENTIRE agenda: defunding and disbanding the police, using government force to make innocent people pay “reparations” for slavery they were never involved with, hiring practices exclusively based on the race of the applicants, buying from businesses exclusively based on the race of the owners, doxxing and lynching anyone who stands in the way of this “progress”, and burning down everything else. Oh, and Marxist Socialism, too. (And this is not an all-inclusive list.)

      By the Left’s definition, if you don’t support ALL of that, you don’t have “empathy” for the black community. And nevermind that most of the black community themselves disagree with most or all of it.

      It’s straight out of 1984: The purpose of Newspeak is to make wrongthink impossible. You can’t disagree with the Left if the words/definitions no longer exist to do so.

  9. The various media outlets are predictable in their rush to commit to one narrative or another: “It happened again–White cops out hunting innocent young black men.” CNN by my count was the first to do it, but other news outlets and government officials were in a mighty hurry to be the first one “showing the public” they’re on their side, sensitive to the BLM agenda. It was a race to establish and then keep up with “the approved story.”

    Every single thing involving a black man now has to be told as if proof of racism. Any sound of a gunshot starts the race to condemnation of law enforcement as racist, and the pack is tripping over each to keep from appearing to be plagiarizing whoever gets to say it first.

    And each time a hasty conclusion is debunked (Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, etc.), there’s an anxious race to defend the erroneous assumption anyway. And it doesn’t go away. Fact and reason have been simply ignored. Investigation and investigation, court decision after decision. Just… ignored. Many years later, for instance, there are still references to “Hands up, Don’t shoot!” — which we know now pretty certainly that Michael Brown never said, never gestured. The facts were, he repeatedly assaulted a cop, who in the end defended himself from the giant, Brown, who had turned and was charging him. The story many in the public, those who haven’t actually looked up the facts, is *still* that a young, unarmed black man was mowed down just because he was black.

    As I said, by my count, CNN was first in line this time to spin the BLM narrative in the Blake case. The female SME (SME of what, I can’t remember) whom Anderson Cooper interviews shortly after the shooting says that none of details of the event matter. Nothing before the shots matters. Only what is happening the moment the policeman fires. I don’t see how that can be. No cop would shoot someone just because they were bending over inside their vehicle. It has to matter what led up to that moment to make an officer think that Blake might indeed use the knife he saw to attack him.

    The woman Cooper interviews must be mistaken. Surely you’ll have to back up to get that, right? Blake had been wrestling with them before he was shot. He was tazed, ineffectively, before he was shot. He was pressing on to get to his car before he was shot, knowing that an officer with a gun trained on him was ordering him to stop. We can’t hear all that he says or threatens as the officers are commanding him to stop. From the get-go, we see his noncompliant attitude and we *do* know bystanders at least heard a cop scream out “Put down the knife!”

    Surely all of that matters, as do questions like, “Why were the police called there? What drew Blake to their attention, why were they focused on him? Why are his kids in the car, and were they supposed to be there? — or was he violating an order to stay away from them and his girlfriend? Why was he in a physical confrontation and tazed?

    We. Don’t. KNOW!!!

    To find out after the fact he’s got a warrant out for him, that he’s an accused sex offender, that he has been in a domestic violence call out prior to this, that he’s had a history of resisting arrest, the bar story, etc., … it might not be useful in court and have no bearing on *the moment that the shots rang out*, but it sure helps counter any side argument made to the public by the father or friends — also after the fact — that Blake’s an innocent angel incapable of harming a cop.” SURELY the only explanation that a policeman shot such an upstanding guy as Blake is that the cop was hunting black guys that day and he bagged one.

    Actually, I think if we learn that use of lethal force was indeed justified, then only argument BLM and its constituents might even remotely have a fair shot at right now is whether the white cop used “excessively lethal” use of force that shows racism at mean: After all, a white cop wouldn’t have shot a white guy in the back more than five or six times in the back, certainly not seven.

    Then you have government leaders like the governor of Wisconsin throwing their own gas on the flames. “It’s not the first time this has happened,” he said in reference to all law enforcement officers, “It’s happened all too often in the past.” … WTF??? What kind of leadership is that? It reminds me when Pres. Obama gave his middle finger to a court decision in the Zimmerman case, saying on national tv how appalled he was over their findings — that Zimmerman’s use of lethal force in the Trayvon Martin shooting was self-defense. It was as if the POTUS himself was telling his constituents they can’t trust their state’s courts.

    So… not just a rush to hasty conclusions, but defense of them long after the fact. The truth will “out” someday — but it will likely be ignored, as it always is, when liberals don’t get their way in court.

  10. I can’t help but wonder what could possibly have been going on in Jacob Blake’s mind. Did he think retrieving a weapon would help? Was he thinking he would just drive away? I understand, given his record, he wouldn’t want any contact with the police, but by refusing to cooperate, he got himself shot. If he wanted to avoid the police, he should have stayed home!

    • BLM, not the Bureau of Land Management or Bald Little Men, but the violent Marxist version is partly to blame in this situation. Before this racist group gained a sizable following, people of color were more wary of challenging the police because of the consequences. Now those same folks feel empowered and figure the cops are afraid of them and won’t do anything to stop their illegal activities, so they ignore warnings from the guys/gals in blue and end up being injured or killed, thus making an already bad situation across this nation even worse. I have personally seen certain minority group members do stuff to provoke others more than previously, such as playing their rap crap extremely loud or deliberately walking very slowly across a street blocking traffic and daring motorists to do something about it. This will only get worse if the Democrats win in November and allow, and even encourage such bad behavior.

      • The movement known as “Black Lives Matter” has not been about black lives for some time. What they are about, is burning communities, looting businesses, and murdering their opponents.

        Burn, Loot, and Murder.


  11. Next comes the photographs of him as an innocent 14 year old, and the mural depicting him as an angel. Funny, isn’t it, how quickly those murals appear? It is almost as if there were people waiting and ready to paint them at the first opportunity; but that’s just crazy talk, right?

  12. At least in Kenosha the mayor called in the National Guard, instead of pretending they were peaceful demonstrations.

    One, which led to protesters and rioters (yes, two different things)
    Constitutionally and legally they are two separate things.
    On the other hand, if their first peaceful protest turns violent they can blame it on the rioters. When their 81st peaceful protest turns violent, they own it.

  13. The “Common” denominator to all these police shootings, is that the victim did NOT comply with the police officer’s (officers) demands. I am not saying any of these folks should be dead, but dammit, by not complying with the instructions (commands) of a police officer, they ultimately brought about the actions that caused their demise, be it justified or unjustified. The message that is not being given to everyone out there, is COMPLY with what the police are telling you to do. You can always challenge actions in court, but not from 6 feet under.

  14. The man shot by police cab blame nobody other than himself. He did not comply and the police we justified in what went down here. The youth from Antioch, IL , has some major issues. A) as we all know, he is a minor. He cannot legally be in possession of a weapon as an Illinois resident (in the context that he used it in) B) I would say his parents will face charges too for allowing him carte blanche access to this weapon C) Even if he was of legal age, as an Illinois resident he isnt allowed to open carry in Wisc. and then D) he had absolutely no business being there, he did act overzealous and he put himself into a dangerous situation that he had no business being apart of.

    He has some major legal issues to contend with that will reshape his life. Hope it was worth it

    • and I saw a post by a Wisconsin resident that there was no violationi of Wisconsin law relating to this young man ppssessing that weapon in Wisconsin, nor doing what he was doing with it, standing security watch at a private place of business that had been severely damaged the previous night. This guy seemd to know the laws in WI pretty well. If he can join the Army and go off and carry a ful auto battle rifle in a war zone which he can at 17, he certainly can stand watch on private property. If he can’t nor can you and I. Presicel which Wisconsin law did he supposedly violate by possessing that rifle on private property with the permission of the property owner? Untl he was assaulted on that property he was not running about in pubic… he remained onp [rivate property. If he had been in his own front yard and been smacked in the head bwoth a thrown brick, then chased down the street, could he be faulted for bringing the rifle strapped round his chest? I rather think not.

  15. I confess I used to think George Floyd was murdered after seeing that knee on his back or neck for 8 min 46 sec. I now believe he died from fentanyl.

    To paraphrase Obama, the media acted stupidly. (Actually, they are evil, not stupid).

    We have to wait till all the facts are in before coming to a conclusion.

    I can’t copy & paste with this tablet, but there is an 8-minute video on YouTube where G. Edward Griffin tells us what is going on today. But the black & white video was made on April 3rd, 1969!

  16. Amen to the comments of Anthony. If I am ever challenged by a LEO, I will immediately comply – regardless of where and/or when and/or why. the LEO has at least the same intention to go home safely at the end of the day as I do, and has to regularly deal with people that I can’t even imagine dealing with. Yes, there are a few who take advantage of their position. It’s beyond dumb to not cooperate with them anyway.

  17. I’m sick of all this crap.
    Every time someone of color gets shot by the police it’s always racism.

    Bovine fecal matter!
    How about the so called “victim” talking responsibility for their actions that caused them to become a bullet sponge. How about putting the criminals in prison instead of on the streets? Our criminal justice system gives too many breaks to people that don’t deserve them.

    Now a political party is wanting to defund the police. Do that and Portland and Kenosha will look like child’s play. I fear we are one election away from total anarchy. That’s something I don’t want to see but I’m ready for it.

    • Now a political party is wanting to defund the police.

      What’s interesting to me to watch play out is seeing where various (traditionally-Leftist) unions are falling on this. A lot of police unions have historically been almost as far Left as SEIU, but are now recognizing that their “allies” don’t give two s@#$s about them or their members, and so they’re throwing their support behind moderate or even (*gasp*) Republican candidates.

      The most restrictive “COVID locked down” states tend to be run by Democrats, so a lot of other labor unions representing other trades and industries are doing the same over putting their members out of work via over-harsh restrictions.

      The mask is off. The Left has always been willing to sacrifice its allies to advance its agenda, but now they’re not even bothering to try and conceal that truth.

  18. The image is fuzzy but the knife does look like a black Karambit. I own a knife that is very similar. It is spring loaded for rapid deployment and is also razor sharp. It is quite capable of disemboweling or slashing the throat of an opponent. Mine was also a relatively inexpensive knife to buy. Here is a link to the specific version that I own:

    • Come on, Man! That dark curved object in Blake’s hand was probably just a very ripe banana. Of course the conservatives would claim it was a deadly Assault Banana. Good advice, do not carry a banana in your pocket, especially in gay bars.

  19. The young (17y/o) man arrested for murder, Kyle Rittenhouse, went to kenosha on the basis of a general social media request for people to come and help the citizens protect themselves and their property from violence. there is a photo from earlier in the day showing Rittenhouse along with a numebr of others helping top clean gaffiti off of a monument.
    That eveninh he got his weapon and in the video he is shown running down the middle of a street, being chased by multiple rioters who wanted his rifle. He is running away… perhaps merely social distancing… but it sure looks like running to avoid a confrontation. He trips, falls and his pursuers are on him (he has already been hit [with a skateboard?!] earlier) trying to get his gun and hitting/kicking at him. He fires in clear self-defense.
    Once free of his attackers he walks down the center of the street to a police car that has just pulled up. He attempts to talk with/surrender himself to the officer but is turned away.
    One supposes that he then proceeds to his car and drives home. Enough for the day. He is arrested by ILLinois police at his home.

  20. I”m betting that Mas and other gun writers will be discussing this one for months if not years, and it might even become a shooting drill of its own.

  21. The Governor of Wisconsin failed the citizens of Kenosha with his idiotic statement and unwillingness to promptly activate the National Guard. Kenosha is not a large city and in no way has a police force able to handle large numbers of violent rioters. All of these left-wing Democratic elected officials have chosen to support anarchists and rioters over their residents and business owners. The primary duty of mayors, governors, etc… should be to protect their citizens and maintain order. Instead they encourage the mob and do all they can to disarm law abiding citizens. If we had any remnant of a free press they would have to answer for their failures. If this activity continues to escalate we face having running gun battles in the streets and the danger of accepting a totalitarian regime to put an end to it.

  22. My sympathy goes out to the 17-year old. He had no idea of what to do when he was standing in a group of hot heads with an exposed gun. Simply standing with an open carry does not indicate that the carrier is in control. I wonder what situational training he had. Another question … why would someone attack a person holding a firearm? A skateboard is not much defense against a firearm. Stupid people attack others, either knowing or not knowing what the victim has. There is a good case for self defense, in that the 17-year old was probably terrified when he was attacked. If he had not had a weapon, his brain might have been injured, leading to paralysis or even death.

  23. Haven’t seen anyone else on the inter webs point this out. But it appears that Blake may have in fact owned a karambit. You can see it in a photo of him in a tan vest (front view) – the ring grip typical of a karambit is secured inside the front of the vest. This photo was apparently shared by his girlfriend/fiancée with media:

    Coincidence? Strange that no one has posted this anywhere that I can see.

  24. I support law and order and our LEO’s. Law enforcement is quite aware that although 13% of the population, the feral black underclass commits over 50% of crimes.

    It is open season on white people, and has been, for some time. The media chooses NOT to report it, as it does not match their lying narrative. BLM, Antifa, and similar Marxist/communist groups are perpetrating hate and discord.

    The latest white victims were Charles Wall and Laura Ashley Jackson, who were gunned down in Georgetown SC on August 24, 2020 by a black male perpetrator who hit their car from behind. So for whatever reason, (pent up rage perhaps from all the media driven Kenosha outrage?), he chose to murder 2 people and seriously injured a 3rd. No riots, no protests, very little, if any, media coverage. SAY THEIR NAMES!

    I am posting this list from Patriot Nurse’s utube comments. A history of black on white crimes, most we never were aware of. NO MEDIA COVERAGE, NO OUTRAGE, NO RIOTS.

    1991-Jessica Keen in Ohio
    1995-Tracie McBride in Tx
    1999-stephanie nieman in Ok
    2003-Melissa Autry in Ky
    2004-Andrea Nance in Ohio
    2005- megan Holden in Tx
    2006-Imette St. Guillen in NYC
    2007- Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom in Tn
    2007-pregnant Jessica Davis in Ohio
    2007-Kayla Fanaei in Al
    2008-Eve Carson in NC
    2008-Lauren Burke in Al
    2008-Anne Pressly in Arkansas
    2008-Jessica Hawk in La (Louisiana)
    2009-Morgan Harrington in Va
    2009-David Metzler and Heidi Childs in Va
    2009-Brittanee Drexel in SC
    2011-pregnant Brittany Eldridge in Tn
    2012-autumn Pasquale in NJ
    2013- Alex Apps, Charleston SC
    2013- 13 month old Antonio Santiago, Brunswick GA shot while in his stroller, b/c his mother refused to give robber her purse
    2013- Andrea Kruger- Omaha, NE
    2013- Colleen Ritzer, a 24 y/o teacher in Danvers , Massachusetts raped and murdered by 14 y/o student
    2014-Hannah Graham in Va
    2014-Margaret Daniels in NC
    2014-Jessica Chambers in Ms
    2015-Heather Maples in Tn
    2016-Katrina Vetrano in NYC
    2017-Kelsey Tennent in Ok
    2018-lauren mccluskey in Ut.
    2019-Tessa Majors in NYC
    2020-Jessica Whitaker in In.
    2020- Cannon Hinnant , NC
    2020- Veronica Baker in NC
    2020- father/step daughter in SC (Charles Wall/ Laura A, Jackson, Georgetown SC)
    ALL white, ALL murdered by blacks, NO riots, NO looting, NO towns burning, NO protesters. SAY THEIR NAMES!

    It is time to get your CWP and carry while you can.

    • @ Jan – “It is time to get your CWP and carry while you can.”

      I am already way ahead of you! I saw how the wind was blowing back in the Summer of 2008 as Obama was campaigning for his first term. As a result, I took the following actions:

      (1) In late June of 2008, I signed up, took and passed the course prescribed for concealed carry in my State.
      (2) In early July, I submitted the paperwork, fingerprints and fees to apply for a concealed carry permit.
      (3) Given the “Obama Effect”. a lot of other people were doing the same. The demand for carry permits was so high that there was a backlog. Mine was not issued until early October 2008. In my State, there is a three (3) month deadline for the issuing agency to complete the process. They got back to me “just under” the deadline.
      (4) At this same time, I began to gradually expand my firearms collection and to increase my stockpile of ammunition. I also got back into reloading and started to expand my supply of reloading supplies and dies.
      (5) I also made sure to take a number of firearms training classes, with Mas and with other instructors, so that I would have the skills, situational awareness and legal knowledge to use my firearms effectively.
      (6) And I joined a local gun club and range so that I have a place to regularly practice and sight-in my firearms.
      (7) Finally, as other readers of this blog can attest, I began to regularly follow Mas’ blog, here at, and to comment myself on the matters of interest raise by Mas and other commentators.

      Now here in 2020, after 12 years of “stocking up”, I have an ample supply of arms and ammunition. I have also been careful to keep my concealed carry permit renewed. So, when these “runs” on guns and ammo occur and cause shortages, I can just smile because I am all set.

      Indeed, when it comes to arms and ammunition, the old saying applies: “The Lord helps those who help themselves!”

      As for your recommendation to “carry while you can”, I assure you that I would just as soon as step outside my home without my pants on as to do so without my carry firearm! 🙂

      • TN_MAN:

        I got you beat. I’ve been stocking up on ammunition and reloading supplies since the 1990’s when the despicable HillBilly Clinton occupied the White House. With extra money earned from working as many off duty jobs as I could get, I bought ammo and components whenever they were on sale and always got powder in 8 lb cannisters or at least 4 lb containers, and combined powder and primer orders to save on HazMat fees. I was lucky back then as I had several friends who had FFLs and they helped me acquire guns at lower cost. I’m a few years older than you, but not too many, and being a more paranoid type, am always prepared for the worst while hoping for the best. I now have more guns, ammo, and reloading supplies than I will ever use under normal conditions, so the current shortages do not affect me at all.

        My advice to all is, don’t advertise that you have firearms and survival supplies. Make sure any no one other than family and close, trusted friends know you have guns and extra food/supplies. Cover up any of that stuff in your garage if the door is open and don’t be seen carrying rifles and targets to and from your vehicle, which should not have any gun related decals or stickers on it. Avoid wearing clothing and hats with images or names of firearms on them. I also do not step outside my house unarmed and whenever I leave my property, I have at least two pistols/revolvers on my person at all times, except when I walk into the post office or some other restricted areas. I stay away from all public buildings and schools if possible, and since I don’t drink, have no reason to visit bars either.

        My personal philosophy is to be like the disguised maritime raiders of WWI and WWII. Those ships appeared to be ordinary freighters, but were faster and armed with medium sized naval cannons, numerous lighter guns, torpedoes, mines, and even aircraft concealed behind/under movable panels and fake structures or crates on the deck.

      • @ Tom606 – “My personal philosophy is to be like the disguised maritime raiders of WWI and WWII.”

        Yes, the so-called “Q-Ships” used by various navies during the early half of the 20th Century. While I admit that the “Q-Ship” concept was innovative (on paper), it was actually not very effective in practice. See this article in Wikipedia on the history of the Q-Ships:

        As this article makes clear, they were actually not very effective (with one or two exceptions) and (those that survived) were generally withdrawn from decoy duty and re-purposed as armed escorts by the end of WW II.

        Nevertheless, I get your point. If one is targeted by criminals, it is a tactical advantage to be able to surprise your attacker with an armed response. That is why I always carry concealed myself although, by the laws of my State, my Handgun Carry Permit gives me the option to “Open Carry” if i so desire. I DO NOT so desire.

        I would rather have the advantages of (A) not upsetting a hoplophobe, (B) minimize the risk of a disarm attempt, and (C) have the advantage of surprising an opponent with an armed response. These advantages are enhanced by concealed carry. In contrast, these advantages are largely lost or, at least, reduced under open carry.

      • TN_MAN:

        The German raiders of WWI and WWII were the most successful, the Wolf in WWI and the Atlantis, Ship 16 (22 ships of 145,697 tons) and Pinguin, Ship 33 (28 ships of 136,551 tons) in WWII. For their modest size and cost, those ships destroyed more vessels than any others except for submarines. The Wolf also made the longest combat voyage of any warship until it was overtaken later by the Atlantis during WWII.

        I totally agree with you that carrying a gun openly is an invitation to disaster. Any criminal committing a crime will shoot you first and any bad guy looking to obtain a firearm will simply sneak up from behind and hit you in the head with a rock before taking it. Much better to give them a nasty surprise when they confront you with a knife or club.

  25. Here is an article that discusses some legal aspects of the violence in Kenosha.

    Mas, I would be interested in your views of the legal points raised in this article since you are an acknowledged expert in this area. If the seventeen year old man had compromised his “mantle of innocence” by coming to the scene while carrying a long-gun, in violation of the law, does he regain his innocence when he demonstrates, by running away, that he is trying to avoid these fights, thereby re-gaining the legal ability to claim self-defense despite it being (perhaps) previously compromised?

    • TN_Man,

      Great question- very thoughtful as usual.

      Mas- very glad you had planned to address this. So many fast-breaking events that could affect any one of us armed citizens. Those of us in blue states/municipalities need to be especially well-informed.

      I look forward to your next post.

  26. This reminds me of a scene from Joseph Wambaugh’s The New Centurions, when Kilvinski, the old cop, is breaking in a rookie: ‘If you go into a bar and they show their fists, use your stick. if they show a knife, pull out your gun. Cancel the stick.’

    I’ve heard a lot of silliness from people, like one talk show host regarding that last shooting, who said the police ‘should have let him get in the car and just block it off until SWAT could come and talk him down.’
    Sort of like the Rodney King days, when a woman argued to me ‘they should have just sat on him until he calmed down.’
    Or people who complained ‘that this man was shot in front of his children.’ I’m reminded of a very nasty video some years ago of a policewoman who made a traffic stop of a black man, and who beat her and stomped her without mercy…in front of his children.
    As for Rittenhouse, more power to him, and he showed good skill in shooting, trying to leave, and afterwards going to the police to turn himself in, hands raised…and they ignored him. A good strategy, for all the good it will do him.
    We hear ‘if they had just complied with police…’ but what is happening is there are two entirely different views of law, authority, and rules. To many on the left and the criminal element, their law is the only law, and ‘our’ (white) laws are persecution, so they don’t need to be obeyed. I don’t really see any compromise, and this is all emotional fallout from the Obama years. He gave the mob a taste of power, and now it’s round two. In a larger sense, this is the tip of the iceberg from fifty years of declining standards of order. A revolution is needed, but one to remove city and state officials who won’t maintain ‘white’ law. I don’t see us voting our way out of this, and really, people in these blue state cities should get out.

  27. Wondering if after parents confer a majority (as of 18 years of age) on their 16-or-older child, as one understands can be done in at least one state, to what degree the majority applies out-of-state and nationally, as if the child were actually 18. Odd that someone can be tried for an alleged crime as an adult at 17 years of age, and can enter the military (with endorsement), but might not be considered adult enough to carry a firearm until 18. Under the umbrella of an adult majority, one would consider firearms carry generally legal at an actual age of 16 or 17 years. Might take a definitive statement by another state exactly how conferred majority is recognized? Maybe majority conferment could be applied retroactively to the 16th birthday? Carry and ownership of handguns vs. long guns likely somewhat separate issues?

    • You’d need to check with an attorney who practices juvenile law in the given state, Steve, to be absolutely sure.

  28. An attorney acting for Kyle Rittenhouse has release a statement for his client which tells his side of the events that occurred in Kenosha leading to the deaths of two persons and the wounding of a third. Here is a link to this statement:

    As one would expect, it paints a clear case for Mr. Rittenhouse having acted in self-defense. So, the case for the Defense is already taking shape.

  29. Don’t both narritives (the innocent good Samaritan and the knife-wielding threat) require similar leaps in logic? The freeze frame is of such quality that the object could be a knife, or keys, but to draw that conclusion you’d have to first pick your narritive. “Well, the police found a knife in the car” ok, but was it a more typical straight or folding knife or the curve knife we think we see? If the knife was folding, was it found deployed or stowed? Notice the knife is in his left hand. Is he left handed? Has anyone (subscribing to the armed threat narritive) attempted to ascertain any of this, or is the appearance of a dark, ambiguous, object in a black man’s hand validation of a death sentence? Not saying it’s one way or the other, just asking rational questions that aren’t being asked by someone who “isn’t pushing an agenda”.

    • Good questions, Tim. It is useful to know that those close enough to see what was in his hand were yelling to him, “Drop the knife!”

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