A reminder that the Gun Rights Policy Conference is coming up soon.

I strongly urge you, SIGN UP!  It’s online, and won’t cost you a penny.  You’ll hear timely details from the attorneys who’ve brought pro-gun court decisions to their positive outcomes, and from grassroots activists who’ve achieved victories at state and local levels.

The pandemic forces us to, for the second time, go virtual.  Bad news: you don’t get to interact and directly network with hundreds of other 2A activists as happened in our decades of past GRPCs.

Good news: it is now MUCH easier for you to glean the knowledge of the best and the brightest who are in the trenches daily fighting for your right to keep and bear arms, and protect your families. No plane flights or hotel stays required!

I am proud to say that I’ll be a (small) part of it.

It is sponsored by the Second Amendment Foundation and its sister organization, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Speaking as current president of the former, I most strongly encourage you to join us and partake of the inside knowledge that will be shared.

You can sign up here.


  1. A bit off-topic, perhaps, but still related to the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. See this story:


    The American Left never stops trying to punish anyone who does not “bow and scrap” before them. That cannot tolerate even the tiniest amount of defiance.

    That is why some of the January 6th Political Prisoners still languish in jail without bail, without a trial, and without their Constitutional Rights being respected. Their true crime was to defy the American Left.

    It is why they continue to try to “stack the deck” in the upcoming trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. See this story:


    Fortunately, so far, the Judge in the Rittenhouses case does not seem to be “bowing and scraping” to please the Left a la the Judge in the Chauvin Case. We will see if he hold up to the pressure.

    As the first link above shows, it is also why they can’t slack off in trying to punish the McCloskeys.


    If anyone doubts that we are being ruled by a set of tyrants, then they must be deaf. dumb, and blind. The tyrant mindset is as “plain as day” to anyone who is not completely indoctrinated and brainwashed.

    • Wow! Kyle Rittenhouse happened to kill a convicted child molester? No wonder the knee-jerk unscrupulous want to punish Kyle. The pedophiles wherever in positions of authority are bound to do their worst to preserve some existential license to predate, just like the treasury-predating politicians who seem to use street-level criminality as a stalking horse for political, “white-collar” crime. License to commit whatever senseless offense seems to be found anywhere these days, from the FBI on down to Disneyland. Sad to see that F. Lee Bailey passed away in June. May a successor with Bailey’s skill at defending innocent clients appear and defend somebody like Kyle, who had the courage of his convictions and stood up for real justice, as well as to defend himself in the face of “politically correct,” rampant, substantially paranoid, anarchist aggression.

    • Thanks for including those links, TN_MAN. It’s terrible to think the McCloskeys could have their law licenses suspended, even for only six months, because they feared for their lives, and used firearms to defend themselves. Imagine how rough the Left would be on them if they had fired their weapons, even without hitting anyone. THE GUNS WERE USED AS PROPS, AND NO ONE WAS HARMED!

      As is plain for all to see, you can kill seven innocent kids with a drone if you are a Democrat President. Imagine if Trump had been responsible for a mistake like that!

      Hunter Biden gets away with his garbage, and so do Antifa and BLM members who looted, vandalized and burned businesses in many American cities FOR MANY DAYS. But don’t go to the Capitol unarmed after hearing a Trump speech. Don’t go there without a firearm, and without burning the place down, like the Left would have done. Notice how the idiots compare the “insurrection” of January 6th to the kamikaze attacks of September 11th, 2001 and the Civil War. They are too ignorant to remember that on August 24th, 1814 the British set fire to the White House, the Capitol and other government buildings in D.C. The Left probably doesn’t even know when the War of 1812 was.

      Don’t worry about Kyle Rittenhouse. They can’t put him in prison because he might get COVID. They will have to release him, like they release all the other prisoners. (Sarcasm)

      What’s next? Will the Left cancel FoxNews, One America News and NewsMax? Will they come after blogs like this one? For sure, they will steal every election which they consider to be important. Be prepared. I have hope because I know there are so many patriots everywhere. We probably outnumber the Left, even though we are losing the cold Civil War right now.

      History proves that Communism sounds good on paper, but doesn’t work in the real world. Too bad it looks like we will have to learn that lesson again. Ahh, but the smart Communists know that if they are in power, they will live well, like Fidel Castro did. Communism is good if you are in the ruling party. It is so similar to the old monarchies. The few ruling over the many, and living well.

      • Roger:

        Stop stating facts and history, and spouting common sense or you may be deemed an “Enemy of the State” by Crooked Joe and Aunt Kamala. Well maybe not Crooked Joe but his puppetmaster(s) as the senile idiot in chief doesn’t even know his wife from his sister, just like that Omar woman who won’t admit her brother is also her husband.

        Commies are clever experts at public relations. For example, Mao used to mingle with pre-selected members of the masses while surrounded by his plainclothes security team. He would pretend to eat a little bowl of rice and some dried fish in public, then go back to his palatial home where he would feast on steak and lobster with many bottles of imported vintage wine. Ever notice how fat he was living in a country where the masses were nutritionally deprived? The current North Korean dictator is not exactly thin either, dining on numerous dogs, cats, and whatever/whoever he wants. NutriSystems will not make any money off that chubby slob.

  2. Thanks, Mas.

    I signed up as a life member of 2nd A Foundation from the moment MAS took the helm of the ship.

    If you’re frustrated with elections, participate. I’m running for Norwalk CT city council. Have to start somewhere.

    There is great talent in our group. Strap on some nuts and participate.

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