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  1. “Buy back” is their propaganda terminology. What they mean is “forced sale.” And they’ll determine what you’re going to “sell” them, and how much, if any, they pay for it.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. No question they want to totally disarm, and then start the busing program to herd all the Constitutional-ist’s into gun-free zones for a reward for giving up so easily.

  3. I don’t understand how the government can buy “back” private property that it never owned in the first place.

  4. The mindset of crazy leftists, such as O’Rourke here, has always leaned toward prohibition of behaviors that they deem “harmful”. This flows out of left-wing ideology which is based upon a “blank slate” view of humanity. In other words, they view human beings a malleable clay that is shaped entirely by external social and environmental forces. Leftists, therefore, are strong believers in “social engineering” by means of big governments programs to tune and shape society. It is the exact same mindset that powered the alcohol prohibition movement of a century ago.

    The old-time prohibitionists were not content until they passed the 18th Amendment which made their ideology constitutional. In the exact same vein, modern day left-wing firearm prohibitionists will never be content until they have passed an amendment that repeals the 2nd Amendment and that makes their firearm-prohibition ideology constitutional. If, politically, they cannot amass the power to get such an amendment approved (which will be very difficult given pro-2A sentiment in the USA), then their next best option will be to obtain a controlling majority of left-wing Justices, on the Supreme Court, to “re-interpret” the 2nd Amendment in such a way that it becomes a “Dead Letter” of the law and loses all legal force.

    The terms “Gun control” or “Firearms Safety Legislation” are misnomers. With the American Left, the goal has always been (and will always be) Firearms Prohibition. Firearms Prohibition not only is supported by the tenets of their “blank slate” ideology but it also supports their dream of centralizing all power in Big Government institutions. Power can never be fully centralized in Big Government until the American population has been disarmed. That is the key action to convert the American People from independent citizens into controllable subjects. The American Left understands this (fully) which is why Firearms Prohibition is, and will always be, a top agenda item on their “wish list”.

    I was also amused that O’Rourke claims to have attended a Gun Show where the people told him EXACTLY what he wanted to hear. This narrative reminds me of Cory Booker’s imaginary friend “T-Bone” who also had a habit of telling Mr. Booker EXACTLY what he wanted to hear.

    Also similar, of course, to Jimmy Stewart’s invisible rabbit-friend “Harvey”. Personally, I don’t believe in O’Rourke’s Anti-2A gun-dealer anymore then I believe in Booker’s “T-Bone” or Jimmy’s “Harvey”. They are all the products of a sick and fevered imagination! 🙂

    • let them “repeal” the Second Article of Ammendment. Last I know, that right to arms we all have is our birthright, given us by the same God who gives us life.. He is also wise and kind enough to give us means and the will to protect that life.
      Let them “repeal” that thing they hate…. it will change nothing for most folks. WE know what that right is, why we have it, and whence it came. No hunk of squished dead trees (or even dead sheep) will change the meaning or significance of that, or any other part, of the Bill of Rights. WE know if that one falls, the rest are have already slipped their moorings and will be going away very soon. Our forbears left a place like that long ago, came here to make a home they could live in and not have others tell them how they should live. Methinks they who would return is to the status of serfs and slaves should go back to where they came from, maybe they like the way they do things there better…. go join them who already are doing what you want. j

    • Actually, they’re not crazy . They’re remarkably sane.

      Just read the writings of Herbert Marcuse, the father of modern, progressive theory. Disarming the majority is one step toward removing their power and influence, and replacing them with politically correct replacements.

      Marcuse should be on the lips of every conservative media outlet in the US.

      • @ Mark Campbell – “Actually, they’re not crazy . They’re remarkably sane.”

        I do not agree. At least, not for the “True Believers” on the radical Left. I will admit that there are some cold, calculating, power-hungry Leftist leaders who, in their hearts, are cynical about leftist doctrine but who exploit it, anyway, as a path to obtain maximum wealth and power. These folks may be remarkably sane while also being remarkably power-hungry and evil.

        However, the “True Believers” in left-wing ideology are not sane. Their ideology forms a world-view (a distortion lens, if you will) that colors everything they see and every thought in their minds. These people become so wrapped up in their ideology that they lose touch with reality. They enter a left-wing fantasy world created by their belief system.

        By definition, an individual who’s mind is so warped that they lose touch with reality is insane. In the common language, they are “crazy”.

        Some examples: It is my understanding that some of these leftists are so convinced that the world is going to end (within the next decade or two) due to climate change that they are suffering mental stress and depression. There is even a branch of psychology that is being developed to treat people with this mental illness.

        Also, there are still people who fervently believe that the so-called “Steele dossier” is factual and true despite the reams of evidence showing that it is, and has always been, political-opposition smear material. Indeed, anyone who reads the document (as I have) with a critical eye rather than a left-wing bias and hatred for President Trump, can spot that it is full of nonsense items at the first reading. To believe in this dossier is to believe in a fantasy. It is not reality.

        Sorry, but I stick by my previous statement. While some of these leftists are just cynical power-grabbers, a lot of them are “Crazy”. Left-wing fantasy has replaced reality for many on the radical left.

      • TN_MAN,

        Another example of insanity would be the unscientific belief in multiple sexes or genders. My guess is the cold, calculating Communists just want to use this belief to weaken the primary building block of society, the family. Weak people need government, so it fits their plan. Some Leftists probably just don’t want to offend people who are suffering from gender dysphoria, so they play along, saying they believe in multiple genders. To deny plain facts of science is crazy.

  5. Interesting to compare London with New York City, because their population numbers are so close. London has 8.136 million people, and NYC has 8.623 million people, according to Google.

    Of course, we can expect the murder rate in London to go down once the unarmed Bobbies are done confiscating all the assault knives in the population. Yeah, that will work. People are peaceful as long as they don’t have evil weapons at hand to tempt them into committing murder.

    Beto’s remarks offended me, but I was even more offended by the loud applause he got for them……… TEXAS!!! Must be transplants, not native-born Texans.

    Trump Derangement Syndrome driving the Left batty. I love it! I love how Trump has damaged the media’s reputation. Informed people have known they were fake news since the 1960s, now everyone knows it. It would be great to see Leftist news outlets go out-of-business. Uh-oh. I better be careful. I’m getting my hopes up, and that can only mean I’m headed for disappointment in the future.

    • re: Roger: “I was even more offended by the loud applause he got for them……… TEXAS!!! Must be transplants, not native-born Texans.”

      I was also dismayed by the crowd’s reaction – but parts of Houston and Dallas and most of Austin are very blue areas. Note these are areas where leftists have infiltrated local educational systems and city/county governments. And if by transplants you mean both liberals from other states and also illegals from south of the border, I think you are correct.

      And I liked Briscoe Cain’s response to Beto’s rant – basically, “molon labe”, which of course set off all the libs that Briscoe was making a death threat – the wussy Beta even called on the FBI to investigate! What a twit!

      • It’s common for leftist politicians (well, their staffs…) to hire “prompters”; paid shills who will clap, cheer, or boo at appropriate points. A predictable portion of the schmucks will follow along once the prompters start.

        Back in the ’60s and ’70s it was common to pay people to attend; it got the crowd numbers up in the newspaper and television reports. Either they’re not doing it any more, or they’re not paying enough to make it worth listening to the tripe that passes for speechmaking nowadays.

    • I forgot to mention that Beto’s remarks place him in odd company. The Founding Fathers would not approve of Beto’s remarks, but Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot and many lesser losers/fanatics/killers would agree with Beto. Beto (Robert Francis) does not have an American spirit, and does not belong here. Well, there are 194 other nations to which he can emigrate.

      I am rooting for the Chinese in Hong Kong. I’m sure Beto is rooting for the Red Chinese on the mainland. One of the reasons Beto feels safe without a gun is because our police do a great job of keeping law and order in our society. It makes those of us who live in relatively “safe” neighborhoods complacent. We take safety for granted.

  6. Ol’ Beto repeated his spiel on a Fox News interview, complete with frothing mouth hysteria. This may be enough to get some independents really, really nervous and reluctant to elect out and out fascists.

    One of the things that has begun to really bother me is that apparently, no news outlet is challenging any of the obvious fabrications the various politicos present as “facts”.

  7. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

    You have two choices in 2020: You either vote for Trump or you vote for socialism and all that diseased, malignant political philosophy brings along.

  8. Larry Correia wrote about the utter impossibility of carrying out firearm confiscation in this country, just from the sheer numbers involved. Sensible people know that. As the Democrats posture and pose on the issue, they reveal all their other arguments as merely posture and prose.

    • Widespread confiscation is impossible, but a ban would drive all of the remaining guns underground. No more target practice at public ranges, high tension practice at extremely private ranges because the owner never would know when some upstanding Citizen would send a drone over to record the criminal possession, no more accessories industry, and most of all, every owner would know that keeping one’s head down and not drawing attention from the politicals and their spies would be a Very Wise Thing. Shut up, don’t rock the boat, and oh, by the way, Citizen, what kind of rifle do you have which requires you to buy .223 ammo?

      Over a generation that would have an enormous effect.

      • by the way, Citizen, what kind of rifle do you have which requires you to buy .223 ammo

        Why whatever do you mean? My CZ bolt action varmint rifle is what uses that particular cartridge….. whyever do you ask? That gun was not on the list o types you wanted me to “sell” to your minions……

      • @ Penrod – “and oh, by the way, Citizen, what kind of rifle do you have which requires you to buy .223 ammo?”

        The Leftists would never use the word “Citizen”. Citizens are the last thing in the world that they want to see roaming free in the USA.

        Leftists would use terms like “deplorable” or “gun-nut” or “criminal” to address gun-owners.

        Of course, once they have implemented their Marxists ideology, we will likely all be calling each other “Comrade”.

  9. I still remember when we owned a small gun shop in Minneapolis in the late 60’s that the push was to outlaw handguns. At that time The NRA helped us keep their claws away from our guns. The idea that they only want military pattern semi auto rifles is absurd. They want them all.

  10. It’s best to take political candidates’ wild claims with a huge grain of salt. If elected, very few of them have the slightest intention of keeping their promises.

    Beto O’Rourke is, even to many Democratic voters, an empty suit, an opportunistic fellow lacking any progressive ideas, and a creature who eagerly hoovers up dirty money from Corporate America.

    • I can’t help but think there is a much larger goal by much larger fish than the current lot of candidates, on both sides. It’s impossible for me to wrap my mind around the reasoning and the short term effects behind disarming the law abiding population.

  11. “Social Engineering” is always easier if the populace is disarmed. Hitler knew this and implemented his total gun control (ban) in Germany in the 1930s before starting his “Social Engineering”.

  12. In my opinion few – if any – of the Democratic candidates personally give a rat’s back end about gun control, for or against. Their ignorance of the subject proves it. Their platform – therefore their support $$$ – requires them to take that position. Big money is how they get elected and a few big money people want other people’s weapons taken away. We all know who they are. You don’t get elected to a major government position by being independent unless (like D.T.) you have enough money to buy the votes (or are running against someone who is disliked a lot more).

  13. Don’t underestimate O’Rourke, whatever else you do. He reminds me of Robert Kennedy, he has the same youthful exuberance and the same attraction for dissatisfied young and naive voters. He knows confiscation won’t work–yet, but he can float the idea now.

  14. I think if voters would only pay attention to what candidates have actually accomplished, versus what they lie about potentially maybe doing in the future, the rational choices become extremely limited. Beto was aptly described as a “man child” on my favorite network today and that hit the spot for me. I hope the Dems continue riding the dead horse named “Confiscation”. They will deserve the unintended outcome.

  15. There is ONLY one reason to restrict ownership and use of arms, and that is to permit someone to do something to you that they could not do if you were armed.

    The only relationship between gun control and crime is in making you a criminal so they can disarm you in a way that the public is willing to justify in their feeble little minds.

  16. The concept of “forced sale” has already been explored and succeeded with the endorsement of the Chief Justice of SCOTUS via Obamacare. Just as politicians enacted the forced purchase of Obamacare (and it still basically exists) which is unconstitutional, CJ Roberts declared it to be a tax and thus somehow constitutional. They will figure a way to pass this unconstitutionally and there will be CJ Roberts waiting to claim its somehow actually just a tax and thus somehow constitutional. That’s why the founders put this amendment in and made it clear. Seeing the yelling, posturing and threatening of these irrational power grabbers while citizens remain armed scares this old soldier as to what further encroachments they plan should they disarm us.

  17. Well, here is some good news that is sure to give the firearm-prohibitionists some heartburn. A recent (2018) small arms global estimate has been completed. Here is a link to a briefing paper (summary) of the results:

    According to the estimated figures from this paper, there are just over 1 billion small arms in the world. Note that this is limited to “Small Arms”, used by a single person (handguns, shotguns, rifles, etc.), and does not include crew-served weapons, heavy guns, tanks, aircraft or other such military arms. Their overall ownership breaks down as follows:

    Civilian Controlled Arms = 857 million
    Law Enforcement Arms = 22.7 million
    Military Small Arms = 133 million
    Grand Total (Sum of above Figures) = 1.013 billion

    The country owning the most civilian small arms is (wait for it!) the USA. (Thanks to the Founding Fathers and the 2nd Amendment!)

    USA Civilian Small Arms = 393.3 million

    In other words, the Citizens of the USA (all by themselves) control about 46% of all civilian small arms IN THE WORLD. In fact, the USA is the only nation where privately-owned small arms outnumber the citizens. It works out to be about 1.2 firearms per person in the USA. (Frankly, I am above average since I own more than 1.2 firearms. 🙂 )

    So, what conclusion can we draw from these figures? Just that the gun-grabbers can go pound sand. The Genie is already out-of-the-bottle as far as the USA is concerned. There are far, far, far, far, far too many firearms “loose in the wild” for their fevered dreams of confiscation to ever work!

    • TN_MAN,

      Thanks for posting those facts. I guessed that Switzerland would also qualify as a nation with more guns than citizens, but I googled it and found out that you are right, “…the USA is the only nation where privately-owned small arms outnumber the citizens.”

      Also, modern guns are low-tech by today’s standards. All the action-types that we use today were developed by 1895. Guns could always be fabricated by talented individuals, but now with 3-D printing, it would be even easier to make homemade guns. So, just imagine a black market of gun manufacturers in a nation where the government can’t even keep illegal drugs out of prisons!

      • @ Roger Willco – “I guessed that Switzerland would also qualify as a nation with more guns than citizens…”

        No. Switzerland is not even in the top 10. Heck, Canada has more guns, per person, than Switzerland. The figures, from the above report, are 0.347 firearms per person for Canada versus 0.276 for Switzerland. The number two position is actually taken by Yemen (???) with 0.528 firearms per person. Which is less than 1/2 the rate of the USA at 1.205 per person.

        So, if firearms ownership is a measure of the liberty of its citizens, then the USA is (far and away) the Nation with the most liberty. Which is EXACTLY what is driving the leftists foam-at-the-mouth insane.

        It explains their wild desire to disarm us ASAP!

        That is the Left for you. Instead of thinking about how to increase liberty for the rest of the world, they want to drag the USA down (in terms of freedom and in terms of economic power) to match the rest of the world.

        From their point-of-view, it is OBSCENE that a RACIST, SEXIST, HOMOPHOBIC nation of climate-change criminals, like the USA, has so much Freedom and Wealth! That’s not FAIR and they mean to TRANSFORM America so as to FIX that RIGHT NOW!

        President Obama got that ball rolling and they mean to kick President Trump aside so that they can FINISH the WORK that Obama STARTED. They will stop at nothing to accomplish that goal.

  18. Likewise, during a recent presidential debate Elizabeth Warren said:

    “My view on this is, we’re going to — it’s not going to be one and done on this. We’re going to do it, and we’re going to have to do it again, and we’re going to have to come back some more until we cut the number of gun deaths in this country significantly.”

    In other words, the argument that we have to compromise with the gun control crowd to save ourselves in the long run is just plain wrong. The Democrats will not honor any compromise that is made.

    When honest people enter into a compromise, they consider the matter to be settled. But these are not honest people.

  19. I have a concern that I just thought of recently. We all mobilize and contact our elected officials whenever this BS pops up, and have had success in the past. If they do pass these draconian laws, and then try to enforce them, haven’t we given them our names and addresses and therefore formed a registration list of where firearms can be found?

    • Tom Stuart,

      I live in NJ (yes, I know I am a loser). All gun purchasers have state-issued Firearm’s ID cards. So, they know that we are gun owners, but they probably (?) don’t know how many guns we have. NICS records are supposed to be destroyed after three months. Are they really being destroyed? I hope so.

      Armed conflict still seems remote in America, but less so than before. The Left and Right certainly are angry with each other. Is the Liberty Tree thirsty? When I think of the young Americans who were drafted to fight for France in WWI, and the young Americans who were drafted to fight for France and The Philippines in WWII, then to fight for South Korea and South Vietnam, I would be ashamed of myself if I did not fight and die for our Constitution/way of life right here at home. There are very few things worth fighting for, but the right to self-defense/Second Amendment is one of those few things.

      If America loses liberty, the world will enter a new Dark Age. In fact, I believe every field of learning is in a Dark Age now except for technology, and anything related to technology.

      Imagine the power of a dictator with modern weapons and modern surveillance systems. Well, we see that today in China. The whole world could be like China someday.