1. Gotta check both calendar and check book.

    One of the myths I hear locally, is that the duty to retreat still exists in the home. While not true, (Fortune vs State, 1922; upheld in Dodson vs State, 1930) it keeps coming up from various sources.

    Self defense instructors seem more numerous lately than ticks, and at least some, about a useful.

    • OOPS! Make that Fortune vs Commonwealth, 1922; Dodson vs Commonwealth, 1930. I’ll plead old timers.

      • WR Moore,

        Thanks for bringing up the “duty to retreat.” I checked the laws for New Jersey. We do have a duty to retreat, but that does not apply to the home, UNLESS the homeowner was the aggressor or started the conflict.

        That’s good to know. I think a DUTY to retreat is nuts, but a duty to retreat from the home is REALLY nuts.

  2. I hope you get to meet with Sen.Ted Cruz while in Austin.
    Legislators would greatly benefit by sending a Pro
    2nd Amendment staff member to your training.
    It might help in drafting
    better self defense parameters Nationally.
    In California all we can hope for is to be the best posible
    victim, rendering all to the Gangsters.

    • California is heavily controlled by those who subscribe to Left-Wing ideology. The Left loves victims who are helpless and who will, therefore, be totally dependent upon a Central Government that is under Leftist control.

      The Left continually divides Americans into different classes of victims. This one is a victim of racism. This one a victim of sexism. That one is a victim of poverty. Naturally, it does not bother the Left, at all, for you to be a victim of crime.

      Those who take up firearms in self-defense, those who manufacture the firearms and ammo, those (like Mas) who teach people how to “not be a victim” outrage the American Left. How dare you not want to be a victim? How dare you seek to protect yourself rather than rely upon the Government for your protection? It is such heresy!

  3. Mas,

    You could probably write a book entitled, “Myths of the Use of Deadly Force,” or “Deadly Force Myths.”

    Lets think about the other shooting disciplines for a minute. There are different types of target shooters, hunters and collectors. None of those gun owners really needs to know self-defense laws. Of course they should know them, but they might not bother.

    Those gun owners interested in self-defense really need to know about the law, and how people react during deadly force encounters. This requires reading, and let’s face it, when it comes to self-defense, we basically need to train ourselves to think like lawyers. It also helps to become knowledgeable about, and even active in, politics. The other shooting disciplines don’t require all this knowledge. Someone who just wants to feel safe might not want to do all this studying.

    The path we are on is not easy. It would help if the criminal justice system was really a victim justice system. It would help if crime victims who shoot back were considered to be innocent until proven guilty. The bad guys get all kinds of breaks and sympathy. The good guy must do a near-perfect job, under stress, in the dark. God forbid the good guy should make a mistake, or fire one bullet too many, or miss, or say something which could be used against him in a court of law, all while he is fighting for his life.

  4. Dagnabbit! I wish I had known about the FLA class earlier. In reading the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network’s monthly journal, I became aware of this gem-of-a-class and immediately consulted my business manager for the possibility to being able to attend. It’s possible, but she said other priorities must be considered first. So as it stands there is a 50/50 chance I’ll see you in Austin. Dagnabbit! Wish I had known sooner to plan accordingly.

    Stay safe.

    • *note* as per the course requiring you to research your states case laws, brace yourself. I reached out to some acquaintances who are retired from practicing law but now operate the BAR Review here in Maryland.

      CASE LAW is so ambiguous and contradictory, I need clarity. If the stars align accordingly, I’ll see you in Austin.

      Mas, I just discovered “imperfect self defense” and fear here in Maryland, this would apply to the majority who have “perfect self defense”, but because the Prosecutor has tax paid money to work with, the “imperfect self defense “case could be just another political ploy to discredit we the lawful. Meaning just because you are where you are, at the time you are, is your fault. Dumbfounded!!!

      • Welcome to my world, Larry. For the less ethically inclined members of the bar, spinning of facts is stock in trade.