In these troubled times, a major concern is being unwittingly caught up in riots.  I recently did a video on that as a public service for Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network. ACLDN (, where I’ve served on the advisory board for a dozen or so years.

Budget yourself almost an hour to watch. Founded by Marty Hayes, who did the video with me, ACLDN was the first of the post-incident support groups for armed citizens forced to defend themselves.

You can find it here.


  1. Thank you! I travel on the outskirts of Baltimore and well, here in Maryland ya never can tell when some white, college, rich liberal kids decide to impede traffic cuz they can. The deeper you get into the city, the demographics change and well, they want to impede traffic too.

    Often I have visualized, mistakenly getting into a situation that requires assessment and action.

    From training with Massad Ayoob and others, “The totality of the circumstances will determine guilt or innocence.” *think:Kyle Rittenhouse-armed response vs Reginald Denny-unarmed response.

    Thank you Mas and Marty, much appreciated.

  2. I’ve been an ACLDN member for a few years now and pray that I never need their help. They do provide great training through their DVDs and Mas’ book “Deadly Force”. Members also get a discount at Firearms Academy of Seattle which pays for about a third of the member dues. Training is pretty much a requirement for those of us up to using deadly force for self defense. It’s just as necessary as the firearm itself. Thank you Mas!

  3. All good information, consistent with Massad’s and others’ books and instruction. IMO the prime thing to do is never let your situational awareness fail you. Avoidance is much better than having to react suddenly to a serious problem, regardless of its nature.

  4. I’m a peaceful guy, so carry a suitcase of cheap beer, a carton of cigarettes, and a bucket of KFC in my car in case I’m confronted by violent rioters and BLM (not Bureau of Land Management) terrorists, I can bribe them to let me be on my way with this good stuff 😉 It’s cheaper than shooting one or more of them and having to spend huge bucks on lawyers and be stuck in court for countless hours for the heinous crime of defending myself and my family.

    • I prefer to move in places where I’ll never meet up with those types. Avoid, avoid, avoid, avoid, avoid.

  5. An information packed video that includes a lot of tips that I hope that I will never have to use. However, as they say “Hope is not a Plan”. It is always better to some idea as to the best way to react rather than just be taken by surprise.

    It is hard to prepare for these situations. It is hard to have the “Perfect Plan” in place, ready to go, since each will be different. Nevertheless, an imperfect plan is better than to just be the “Deer in the Headlights”. I remember what General George S. Patton said (and I quote):

    “A good plan, executed today, is better than the perfect plan executed next week.”

    In these kind of situations, time is critical and you need to be prepared to react quickly. This means giving some forethought to your actions since you won’t have a lot of time to think things out when you are in the middle of a mob.

    • Likely the flashing lights will serve without honking if you can patiently enlist the help of some leaders in the demonstration to help clear the way for you. One would not expect the way to quickly begin to clear, but you may obtain a wave action of clearing to occur in front of you. Shooting a few bear bangers in the air might be a viable alternative as an attention-getter, if you are not in Maricopa County, AZ, where making a loud noise is a misdemeanor. Also, make sure that if you are going to eat beans, that you have them every day.
      I am tired of hearing of indiscriminate shootings of babies and little old ladies by violent screwballs. Really, more citizens need to be trained and armed like security. I liked being in Mexico, where the gas station guards dressed in civvies but carried .30 carbines, and looked protectively lethal.

  6. One situation you didn’t cover was that of the small business owner in a riot zone. Looting and burning will almost certainly destroy his business. If he is well prepared and lucky, he may have enough insurance and a comprehensive inventory so that his insurance settlement will enable him to start over in a safer location. For many, that’s not going to happen. On the other hand, spraying looters with birdshot is likely to get him charged with aggravated assault if not murder. What can he do?

  7. Excellent video. Thanks for putting it together. (I have just documented my watching of this video if I need to show prior knowledge).


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