1. I hear you and for me, it’s become difficult to tell sacasim apart from reality. Reality has become so strange.

  2. I never cared for dystopian science fiction as a genre (some well-written exceptions), I am damned sure not enjoying the prequel in real life…

  3. Hey Mass, I have seen reports that gun sales in the last couple of months have been thru the roof. I may have to buy stock in firearms manufacturers if Minneapolis and other big liberal cities actually are stupid enough to get rid of there police forces. Gun sales will absolutely go to the moon. Minneapolis might as well change it’s name to MOGIDISHU if they go thru with this insanity

    • Larry,

      I predict gun manufacturers will not be able to keep up with the demand. Once guns are sold out there will be a demand for crossbows, compound bows, swords and baseball bats.

      • And polearms of all sorts, let’s not forget a true social distancing tool. Think things like bill hooks, halberds, lucerne hammers, partisans, pikes, poleaxes, ranseurs and more would all be appropriate.

      • BaaBaa,

        And medieval mace, not the modern spray! I remember hearing that some Hong Kong protestors really were using archery for a time.

        It’s time for capitalists to offer claymore mines for home defense. If they fired shotgun buckshot, then they should be legal, right? Rich people will soon have robots to protect their homes, I predict. When a wife hears a strange sound at night, husbands will no longer have to search the house. Just send the robot, and watch the video feed on your smart phone. Save it, and use that video as evidence at the trial.

    • Jusst saw the numbers so far for tis year…. if I remember it aright, close to 18 milion or so this year. May was close to five million. an all time mont’s recird. Each month seems to outdo the last, and year onyear increases have been signficant.. 20% and nore above last year’s. The good news is the manufacturers have had no trouble keeping up for most things. The even better news is that there have been record breaking numbers of first time gun owners, too…. many times anythiing seen in the past.

  4. The Leftists have always had a love/hate relationship with the police and other security forces. The Utopian, ideological Left has always hated the regular police because of their worldview. As I have noted many times, the true, ideological leftist believes that human nature is innately GOOD. So, if people are naturally GOOD, then the police are unnecessary. Indeed, they are even counter-productive since they can be used to oppress minorities and impede the “Fight for Social Justice”.

    A true, ideological leftist sees EVIL as always being the result of negative Social Forces. To a Leftist, the origin of EVIL is never the human heart. Rather, it’s origin is various negative social forces such as Capitalism, Racism, Class Division, Sexism, Homophobia, Weapon Proliferation, Drug/Alcohol Abuse, Child Abuse, etc. etc. etc.

    Ideological Leftists truly believe that, if they can only eliminate these negative social forces, then human society can achieve an Utopian Level of Existence.

    Do you know that some American towns and cities tried to eliminate their police forces after passage of the 18th Amendment (Alcohol Prohibition)?

    You see, these people had convinced themselves that Alcohol was the “Demon Rum” and was the root of all our problems with drunkenness and crime. These Leftists believed in the concept of an Alcohol-Free Utopia so much that they were convinced that crime would drop to near zero once Prohibition was the “Law of the Land”. Hence, it was perfectly safe to go ahead and eliminate their local police force given passage of the 18th Amendment and the Volstead Act. Why would you need to spend money on a Police Force when there would be no crime anymore?

    So, the ideological Left has always longed to achieve Utopia and dispense with Police Forces. With this ideological bent toward hatred of the Police, don’t you see how easily modern, ideological leftists can convince themselves that the Police are a hot-bed of racism and that their elimination will be a significant step toward left-wing Utopian Realization?

    The “Love” part comes from the other side of the Left-Wing coin. The totalitarian side of Left-wing ideology. It comes from the people who manipulate left-wing ideology as a means to gain political power. These totalitarians love the police. However, they want it to be the “right kind” of police. The regular police force, that “protects and serves” the people, will not do. No Sir! What they want is a “Secret Police” force. A force that is efficient at spying upon their enemies and ruthless in the suppression of any political opposition.

    Basically, what the USSR had with the KGB and what President Obama tried to create with his FBI/NSA/CIA intelligence services.

    So, if you need a shortcut to understanding how the Left views the police, then here it is:

    Regular Police – Hell No – they have to Go!
    Secret Police – Hell Yes – Never let them Rest!

    • TN_MAN,

      I think it was just last night that Tucker Carlson said the Left will replace our police force with their own police force. Reminded me of Mussolini and Hitler creating their own secret police, as you say.

      • Yup. Just one more of a long train of eerie similarities between what is now happening in our culture and the time of Mussolini and Hitler and other such dirtbags. Methinks the same idealogy that was rampant then is alive and well now.

      • They already owned the Minneapolis and Seattle police. And Berkeley, and Charlottesville, and Portland, and NYC, and… and they make the taxpayers pay for it. Such a deal!

    • TN_MAN, we all know now that liquor was not the bane of humanity so prohibiting it did not solve any of society’s problems. The real source of evil is not fire water, but firearms! If we had gun control back in 1919, World War Two would never have happened or if it did, would have been fought with bows and swords, greatly reducing the number of people killed. Millions of murder victims who died from gunshots would still be alive. JFK, RFK, and MLK may still be around, unless JFK was hit in the head by an arrow launched from the grassy knoll in Dallas. Yes, there can never be peace on Earth until all guns (except those used to protect our elite benevolent rulers) are eliminated.

      • Tom606 – I recognize the sarcasm in your post above. Indeed neither firearms nor fire-water represent the epitome of evil as depicted in the Left’s Canon of Ideology. As I noted, they just cannot help, due to their mindset, from deflecting the blame for evil away from humanity itself and onto some kind of external scapegoat.

        As for fighting with bows, arrows, swords, spears, etc., well, one of the bloodiest battles in history was the Battle of Changping. Since this was fought in 260 BC, I guarantee that no firearms were involved. It resulted in an estimated death toll of over 700,000 killed.

        The Mongols killed millions with their hordes. It is estimated that they killed off about 5% of the worlds entire human population before they were finished. Firearms and black-powder were minor ingredients in this slaughter. Most of the killing was done by sword, lance, bow, arrow, and other such weapons (with a solid dose of starvation and disease thrown in for good measure).

        No, despite what the Leftists preach, banning fire-water and/or firearms will not generate Utopia. I know that such blasphemy is shocking to your average Leftist. I guess that explains why most Leftist-snowflakes have to flee to their “Safe Space” and create an alternate reality. As the man said: “You (average leftist) can’t handle the truth”!

  5. @ Mas – “I used to joke that the entry test question for my class should be, “The show Walking Dead is: (A) a TV fantasy; (B) a training film; (C) a documentary.” If you answer anything but (A) you’re not allowed in.”

    Now Mas! You know full well that the correct answer is (D) All of the Above. 🙂

    • I thought the Walking Dead was one of those so-called reality shows like The Kardashians or Ghost Hunters. The zombies representing the liberal left’s brain dead foot soldiers aka the “Useful Idiots” as described by Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) who wants to devour everything and is always hungry for more stuff to consume, just like Democrats on government funded social programs.

      • Tom606,

        Yes, the “Zombie Apocalypse” turned out to be real! Life imitatimg art.

  6. Each passing day brings new evidence that the Left has lost its mind.

  7. I think the plan might be even worse than simply eliminating the police. These folks aren’t ancap libertarians! And their agenda requires a lot of coercion of the citizenry.

    I think the idea is to replace politically neutral police forces with “woke” police forces that are ideologically pure from the Leftist point of view. Their goal is not a Mad Max society but rather a totalitarian Communist society.

    • “I think the idea is to replace politically neutral police forces with “woke” police forces that are ideologically pure from the Leftist point of view.”

      Some of talked about firing all the current cops, creating a new department, and letting the fired cops and others apply for the new positions.

      It makes some sense. Cops took their jobs on the assumption that they would risk their lives to protect law-abiding citizens — not that they would unnecessarily endanger their lives to guarantee the safety of suspects who might be trying to kill them. You can try to change the rules, but cops made an investment in their careers that foreclosed other options that might have originally been available to them as young men and women. So it seems reasonable to them to wait for sufficient back-up before dealing with anyone who is potentially violent.

      The thought is, “OK, I can’t shoot him just because it appears he might be going for his gun — or mine. But with my back-up he knows that if he does do that he will surely die right now. Because if he shoots me or takes my gun, recorded on our collar-cams, no one can blame my back-up for opening up on him.” But others call waiting for backup “de-policing.”

      By starting everybody over as new hires they can say, “We told you the new rules when you applied for a job in the newly reconstituted department. You are to maintain productivity by taking the risk of going it alone without being quick on the trigger. The lives of dangerous criminals are just as important as your lives.”

      Presumably, the new department will not have a union.

      Perhaps also, an interview question for applicants will be, “Are you willing to kill citizens who didn’t turn in their guns?” If that’s what they do, I hope people will tell the officers of those agencies that they’ll have to look to liberals for their support.

  8. If a city disbanded its police department, would the county sheriff or state police then have jurisdiction?

    • Vin, a county police force (Sheriff) has jurisdiction everywhere within the county. The state police force (usually the highway patrol) has jurisdiction everywhere in the state. There is usually some sort of “understanding” between these forces and local/metro/constable forces so that duplicate policing within those areas is avoided for efficiency sake.

      Therefore, if a community found itself without a community police force for whatever reason, the forces from the larger jurisdictions will step in. In many instances, the state force will have services upon which a small metro force might lack (like criminal investigative services and crime lab services).

      • That’s the theory. The reality is that most county police forces have barely enough officers to patrol rural areas outside the city, and state police forces mainly patrol highways running between counties.
        I live in a small town in a medium-size Texas county, and the police department is bigger than the sheriff’s office. You can count both state police and game wardens on your fingers.
        County and state will “step in,” but don’t hold your breath waiting for a 9-1-1 response.

      • Great point, Larry. That’s the situation for me in upstate NY. Thank God we have a Second Amendment. Recent events now, more than ever, make it very clear why we need to continue fighting to protect it.

    • The point is that the left does not want to do away with the police. They want to replace the police with a private police force that does what the controlling power at the time instructs them to do. The first step of that is to render local law enforcement ineffective so crime will rise. Then they can bring forth the “state” police force as an answer to the rampant crime.

      When you forcibly take rights away from people the people fight back, even the left. If you instill fear in the correct amounts the people will not only give their rights up voluntarily they will actively ask government to take their rights to feel safer.

  9. Hello all. I would respectfully point out that althought the latest calls to defund police come from the left, the notion of fewer police, or even defunding, is not necessarily only a leftist idea. The late Will Griggs, prolific libertarian blogger (now archived at, wrote extensively about police overreach and abuse. If you really look at the stats, by far the most common offenses are for drugs, with violent crime at the low end of the scale. One can make a reasoned argument that current staffing levels are unnecessary.

    • Drugs ultimately lead to violence, either by people on drugs, or by people needing money to buy drugs.

      • Oh, you mean like alcohol? How about a less infantile, knee-jerk bumper sticker slogan next time? The pathetic screeching and whining about ditching a few badges losers clad in polyester costumes of the State Is if nothing, rather amusing. There is no need for triply redundant layers of law enforcers and the entrenched bureaucracy that comes with it. If you really believe that your Government Masters are going to entirely do away with their cadre of armed enforcers and not replace them with something merely re-hashed and re-named, then you’re as dumb as the blog to which this post was linked.

      • First time here, Nonplussed? Trolls are always amusing. So what is it you’d prefer: a single-entity National Police, or vigilantes and warlords instead?

  10. Apologize for being off-topic, but I don’t know how to contact you any other way. In a series of photos for Personal Defense World .com (Greg Ellifritz linked to it) you are wearing a cover vest – what is the brand name of that vest?

  11. Every time I watch the news anymore it cost me money because I end up buying more ammo. We’ll eventually have to fight our way out of the mess our country is in. I am fortunate at my job that I am encouraged but not required to carry concealed and the past few weeks in addition to my EDC I have been throwing the AR in my truck just in case. The idea of cutting funding to the police or the military, of which pays my salary just blows my mind.

  12. If the police are disbanded, who will protect Antifa from Mad Max, Paul Kersey and John Rambo?

  13. Sounds like a plan! Who do I call to remove the body after I shoot the criminal trying to enter my house?

    • Used to you just called the funeral home and they picked them up. Of course there were stories of “marginally alive” people winding up on the embalming table.

    • Jeffrey, just dial 311 and the city sanitation services will promptly send a truck to your location. If they’re busy, request animal control instead.

    • According to Hollywood, if you live in the New York City area, you can call up the same cleaning service that John Wick uses. They are a “full service” outfit!

      Just be sure to have the gold coins available to pay the man! 🙂

      P.S. – I suppose that, if they disband the police force, you won’t have to worry about “Jimmy the Cop” dropping by to check out the noise complaint.

      • John Wick was foolish to bury all his weapons under concrete which took him a long time to recover. He should have a couple of pistols and a long gun hidden but readily available just in case, especially considering his previous profession. If Wick was a true macho dude, he would carry Browning designed 1911 pistols in .45 ACP caliber. Of course, with his unique shooting style, he may be better off using a pair of Ruger 57 pistols, each packing 20 rounds of low recoiling ammo, perfect for close range, multiple head shots. Zombies, stay away from Wick!

  14. I say let them defund the police department. We’ll call it a social experiment. The city council can see first hand as well as the rest of the country what having zero law enforcement in the community actually does. Then we can all see how they react and what their plan will be to the mayhem that came about

  15. Want see to the future of America? Look to Zimbabwe and South Africa. But I do think it’s a splendid idea to defund the police and I’ll go one further- abolish the police. But first take away all security for those politicians, Hollyweird jokers ,professors,rock stars, and elites that espouse this craziness. Sorry no private security, no bodyguards. You live in the jungle like the rest of us.

  16. Most of us out west and elsewhere I suppose could adjust to a Mad Max environment but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Police reform will happen where needed but only 20% support getting rid of departments. Viet Nam had a national police force as now advocated by the left for here. Brother, turn someone over to them and you’d likely never see them again.

  17. “What do you mean, there’s no one coming…. I called 911, and no one is there to help me?” Imagine that on a large scale…

  18. If the progressive/socialists dont win the next election, there will be another attempted coup de etat. If the D’s with the Senate, it’s over. Trump is only slowing down the inevitable socialist state. Prepare yourselves.

    • John L Mattre,

      Demographics prove you right. Trump may be the last Republican President. The Democrats have most of government, especially mayors, academia, the media, Hollywood, blacks, Jews, Muslims, immigrants from everywhere but Cuba, single women, LGBTQs, drug addicts, many CEOs (surprisingly), Silicon Vally technocrats, unions, some of our military, city dwellers and many young voters in their camp. If I am correct, the Republicans are made up of mostly white men and married white women, maybe Christians and rural people, too. Remember that in 2016 Trump just barely beat Hillary, and she won the popular vote.

  19. During the Cold War the U.S. had a policy of intervening to try and prevent any new country from going communist. But that policy allowed others to pin on us any responsibility for any deviation from Utopia produced by the governments we propped up. And trying to suppress communist insurgencies quickly became a game of Whack-A-Mole. New attempts just kept popping up.

    It turns out, when we let the Venezuelan government of Chavez have its way, that was the better strategy. Other countries of South America don’t need us to tell them communism is bad if they can see with their own eyes what is in store.

    So, rather than trying to fight these new police policies everywhere, perhaps we should stand by while a few cities such as Minneapolis try their ideas. Or, as Stephen Kruiser puts it:

  20. Remember when the Phoenix PD went on strike in about 1985. The crime rate went down because the criminals had no rights against armed citizenry. Now I think the new “brown shirts” would take over. Not good!

  21. The best solution may be to give people exactly what they ask for then let them deal with it–as long as it happens a long way away.

  22. I hate to say it but I fear that the Democrats, the American Left and their academia/Hollywood/ media/BLM/Antifa radicals have already gone too far down the road of revolution to turn back now. Sooner or later, they will keep pushing until outright rebellion breaks out. By this, I mean that the Blue States will rise up in revolt.

    A likely trigger will be if President Trump wins a second term.

    Once this happens, the soft and tolerant approach (employed up until now) will become, itself, intolerable. President Trump and the Federal Government will be required, by the Constitution, to take action.

    U.S. Constitution – Article IV – Section 4:

    “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.”

    California, and some other Blue States, are already (as a practical matter) lacking Republican Forms of Government. California is run by a non-Republican single-Party system. When they reach open rebellion, the President will have no choice but to invoke The Insurrection Act of 1807 and put the rebellion down. I am sad to say it will mean a lot of bloodshed and, ultimately, require the trial, imprisonment and/or execution of the Leftist Ringleaders.

    I greatly fear that the Leftist ideology has grown too strong and has too deep of roots to just be pruned back. It will have to be torn out by the roots with a strong hand.

    I do greatly fear that serious bloodshed is in our future. Certainly the advice to be prepared with food, weapons and ammo is good. Protect yourself and your family. Dark days are ahead.

    • President Trump will have a strong right hand made up of organized sheepdogs to appropriately and effectively support and protect him in his second term. The Left and their media cannot fool everyone all the time.

    • I don’t mind taking on radical residents from the People’s Democratic Republic of California. They only have 10 rounds or less of ammunition in their magazine button AR-15s and I have box magazines and drums holding up to 90 cartridges. For static defense, I would get a semi-auto Browning 1919 with several 250 round cans of belted .308 ammo. After the smoke clears, take the bodies to my alligator farm in the Everglades and I will pay two bits for each of them.

  23. The reason the Left wants to defund the police is they have no control over the rank and file. Most officers are conservative NRA Life Members.

  24. Doing away with the police force is only step one in a ten step plan to control the US.

    Step two will be to use a privatized police force to disarm the cities. We can’t have citizens take the law into their own hands and guns cause violence so we will have to remove them….with violence by private security with guns.

    If you think there was a run on guns and ammo during the pandemic wait and see what happens during the plandemic.

    Noah had the ark built before the rain started to fall. The sky sure is looking cloudy….

    • It is certainly not the Right that has lost its mind. The American Left badly needs to look in a mirror!

      I turned on the news today. Nothing but wall to wall coverage of the multi-part, multi-state funeral of George Floyd. The Left is milking his death for all its worth.

      I thought of other funerals exploited by the Left. The death of Paul Wellstone in 2002. See this link:

      The death of John McCain. The Left milked it too. See this link:

      Then, there have been all of the mass murders that they have exploited. Newtown, Parkland, etc. The Democrats/Left loves to “Dance in the Blood” of such martyred murder victims.

      Then the killings of unarmed black Americans. Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, George Floyd, etc. They seized upon and exploited their DEATHS too!

      The American Left loves DEATH. They love propaganda-worthy cases that they can exploit for political gain. They love victims that fit their narratives. They follow the words of Stalin who said “One death is a tragedy, a million deaths a statistic”. They continually search for that “One Tragic Death” that is worth milking for MAXIMUM PROPAGANDA VALUE! Meanwhile, they are quite willing to ignore a million deaths, like the crime victims in Chicago, that have no propaganda value. Those are dismissed as “just statistics”.

      Indeed, their whole movement is based upon DEATH. They offer a daily sacrifice of unborn children to their ideology. They ARE NOT Pro-Choice. They are PRO-DEATH.

      Look how HAPPY they were when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the World. It brought what they most want! A FLOOD of DEATH in which the Democrats and the American Left REJOICED! Thousands were dying! Their Governors let it into the Retirement Homes so as to rack up even more DEATH among the sick and elderly. They REVELED in this new outpouring of DEATH!

      Their vision of the future is an apocalyptic one where Climate Change and Global Warming destroys the entire World. They worship DEATH in a manner similar to a Voodoo Priestess when cutting the throat of a chicken to let the blood pour out. Like a Satanist offering a blood sacrifice on the altar to his Master.

      As I watched their celebration of DEATH at George Floyd’s funeral today, it suddenly became SO CLEAR to me. The Democrats are no longer a Political Party. The American Left has no desire, none at all, to debate policy or to work for the good of the American People.

      No! They have become a DEATH CULT. A DEATH Religion that shares more with Voodoo or Satanism than with politics.

      In a previous blog, I mentioned, with their suppression of church worship during this pandemic, that they were becoming servants of Satan. After watching them worship DEATH today at the funeral of George Floyd, I am now more CERTAIN of IT than ever!

      • TN_MAN:

        The very fact that the Floyd family allowed the despicable racist Al Sharpton to speak at George’s memorial and funeral shows you what kind of people they really are, despite their false claims for wanting social and racial justice.

        On a lighter note, it’s possible that liberals do have connections with Satan. Remember how invincible Ted Kennedy was? He survives a car crash off a bridge that killed his pregnant girlfriend, a light plane he was riding in is hit by lightning and doesn’t crash, he swims in shark infested waters around his compound near Martha’s Vineyard without getting bitten, etc. Then there Ruth Bader Ginsberg who’s over 100 years old, or at least looks it. She comes down with all sorts of serious medical conditions, yet remains alive. I don’t doubt Ruth and Ted among other liberals, have signed documents in blood which is in Satan’s extensive portfolio, which probably includes many contracts with Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Cuomo, Sanders(Bernie, not Harlan)and of course HillBilly.

      • Tom606,

        What you wrote about Ted Kennedy avoiding death reminded me of the fact that only Hitler could kill Hitler. He survived many battles in WWI, and I think he survived 40 assassination attempts.

        I also found it interesting that it took 6 years for the Allies to get Hitler, but it took us 9 years to get Bin Laden, even though we had satellites helping us. Sometimes low-tech is better than high-tech.

  25. Community policing will take the place of the metropoltan police force. Communities will have local citizens doing the “policing,” and groups like the crips, the bluds and ms-13 will take over the “protection” of neighborhoods. Their response time will be far better to home invasions, crimes against persons and crimes against property because when those crimes happen… they will be right on the scene as it is happenng. No need to call 911, no waiting, no annoying sirens, just some really loud ‘rap’ with the bass turned way up.

    • Chicago was safer when Al Capone was running the place. Unlike the current mayor of Chicago, Scarface would not have allowed rioters and looters to run wild in that city and disrupt his businesses. Liberal terrorists in the windy city would be promptly taken for a ride, massacred, or get cement shoes.

  26. Ha ha ha, walking dead! I used to love the show but it got tooo dramatic-hollywoods.

    Yep, but… zombies have no race, as far as I know, and headshots are the “intention to kill.” Although, the only way to down a zombie is a headshot, so using this as a training video would be improper/mens rea.

    A documentary?, Well that depends on whose side you are on. Are the zombies TRUMP SUPPORTERS or the mask wearing anti-fa and general public? You decide.

    I’m going to peacefully protest everywhere I go so i don’t have to wear a mask or practice social distancing. Insane!

  27. Law professor Glen Reynolds (Instapundit) has said “ultimately police aren’t there to protect citizens from criminals, so much as to protect criminals from informal law enforcement at the hands of citizens.” If the police were actually “de-funded”, would they be replaced by “vigilance committees”?

  28. The heck with worrying about violent crime, with no Law, why stop at stop lights, stop signs, obey dpeed limits or yield to pedestrians?
    Or just fill a grocery cart and, skip the check out line and

    Why would any business remain in that town?

  29. When the Police are defunded…

    911 Caller: Help !! My house is being broken into.
    911 Operator: Stay calm, we are sending our thoughts and prayers.

    Just what is needed…. More anarchy in the country….

  30. With 20 years in Corrections, and having seen the decay of our liberty I feel the police are a failed Progressive idea, in actuality all the Progressive ideas have failed us. I am fine with an ELECTED Sheriff, but city police forces are not anything I can support, and I have been vocal about it for about 15 years now. We need Liberty, the goofy “Mad MAx” argument does not serve well, the current way the police act is more mad max like than the law and order crows aiting at home being programmed by television than the pre-police period was.

  31. Richard McNamara,

    My guess is that a country without police would be run by warlords, which are basically the leaders of gangs. Wasn’t Mohamed Farah Aideed a warlord in Somalia back in 1992? Isn’t Afghanistan run by warlords, as well as some African coumtries? ISIS could have been called the Shariah police. Aren’t Central American drug lords the real government leaders in their countries? The official governmemt leaders are afraid of them, and have less money. I imagine if cities disbanded police, they would be run by the Mafia, Al Capone and Godfather-types, Bloods, Crips, and MS-13.

    So, the real result may be there will always be people doing the work of police, but there will be no courts, judges, prosecutors or defense attorneys. The new police will simply carry out the pronouncements of the godfather. The godfathers will be the judges, and there will be no appeals. So the police function remains, while the courts disappear. Justice will be swift and economical.

    • @ Roger Willco – “I imagine if cities disbanded police, they would be run by the Mafia, Al Capone and Godfather-types, Bloods, Crips, and MS-13.”

      I disagree. The USA cannot be compared to any other country around the World in the way that you suggest above.

      You are correct that, in other countries, the warlords, gangs, revolutionaries and crooks take charge when Governments fail. The reason for this is that the regular people are largely disarmed in those countries. Nevertheless, the above groups will manage to still get their hands on weapons. With those weapons in their hands, and with the people largely disarmed, they can seize control. They will have a near monopoly on the use of force and, as Chairman Mao observed: “Political Power flows from the Barrel of a Gun”.

      The USA differs because of one single reason. We have the 2nd Amendment. In America, the People are armed. America is the only country, on Earth, where there are more firearms than people in circulation.

      Therefore, the crooks, thugs and warlords will not have superior firepower as they do in those other countries. They may try to seize control at first but, as soon as they start trying to crush the People under their Iron Boot, the People will say “To Hell with This”!

      No, Doug in Durham (in his comment above), has the correct analysis for what will happen in America. The People will form “Vigilance Committees”, arm themselves with guns and ropes and then start running down the crooks and thugs. When they catch them, then they will be hanged from any light pole, tree or bridge that is handy. You will likely see a flood of reverse illegal aliens as the crooks and thugs run for the Mexican Border in order to save their skins.

      I know that, if you turn on your TV and listen to the Anti-American Media, it looks like the Leftists, Marxist and anarchists are unstoppable. Never forget, however, that the American People have an “Ace in the Hole” that cannot be defeated by any external force or any internal totalitarian group. It is called the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Ultimately, the American People CAN NEVER BE ENSLAVED by any Marxist, Leftist, Identity Politics Hustler, Crook or Warlord as long as they have arms and ammunition in their hands!

      • TN_MAN,

        Thanks. I agree with you but I imagine some “Vigilance Committees” being larger and more powerful than others, and dominating them. If I am wrong, (let’s hope so) then those vigilance committees would all be made up of like-minded patriots. They would not fight each other, but would co-operate in the extermination of “varmints.” If this happy condition came to be, then those committees may actually do a better job of providing law and order than our current system. No more letting criminals out of prison to further their criminal careers. No expensive prisons. Such a system would provide better security than the current system, and it would either cost less or cost nothing. Basically the citizens would provide their own security, so no need to collect taxes to do it.

        I think such a scenario could be possible outside of cities, but I have a hard time believing good people could dominate the cities.

        In 1775 like-minded patriots got together and created a system which worked very well. Could such a thing happen again?

    • Roger:

      Al Capone ran Chicago much better than the Windy City’s current mayor. Scarface would not tolerate rioters and looters terrorizing the residents of Chicago who are customers for his many popular products. Al’s guys, armed with 1921/1928 Thompsons, 1911 pistols, and Winchester M12 and M97 shotguns would quickly dispose of any criminal rivals and the lucky fishes in Lake Michigan near the Chicago waterfront will dine well.

      • Tom606,

        I live 50 miles from NYC. Years ago, I was told that in mob-dominated neighborhoods of NYC, there was less crime. Like you said, the mobsters didn’t want small-time crooks interfering with mob-owned businesses which relied on “your so-called honest citizen” to patronize mob products like gambling, drugs and prostitutes. The phrase in quotes is from Joey the Hitman.

  32. The police are racist… Only the Police should have guns… Defund the police!! It’s about creating Anarchy. TheN order out of Chaos. This has so many spiritual overtones to get into… It all a part of the classic struggle for good and evil. Do not forget that this (Re)started in the city where the Democrats national convention is supposed to be held…
    D) foreshadowing of future events

  33. Abolish the police and you will get Vigilance Committees. Then they will overstep and you will get the Regulators. Much better to have Peelian police controlled by representative government but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards, given the divisions. When are we going to recognize that this can’t be fixed and just do the National Divorce.