1. Gotta love it. I read yesterday a judge ruled Chicago can’t ban gun stores in the city. Things are really looking up for Illinois.

  2. Someone should let Obama know!lol We need more armed civilians, not fouled up insurance mandates!

  3. Ah there’s good news tonight. Illiniois’ expected first year concealed carry application numbers represent roughly 3% of the state’s population. That is one heck of a surge considering that my state of North Carolina began issuing concealed carry permits in 1995 and has approximately the same or a slightly smaller percent of permittees. Although the state is trying to make the process “reasonably expensive”, I admire the 16 hour minimum training requirement. Carrying a weapon carries with it a most serious responsibility that needs to be well understood. It will be very interesting to watch what happens to the crime rate over the next few years. My bet is that some crime rates will not decrease all that much because the same people will be killing each other. But I will also bet that fewer innocents will be victims.

  4. This is a huge step for the ordinary folks who have always wanted to include a firearm for self protection while working, living, traveling in a high crime area.
    A big thank you is owed to the individuals who fought so hard to get these gun rights for this part of the country.

  5. I live in Illinois and was thrilled at concealed carry finally becoming a reality, but must say I’m really disappointed about the specifics of the new law. You still have to have a FOID, prior training is not recognized nor are other States permits. It’s also pretty expensive and time consuming to go through the process and once you do get it, the prohibited areas where you can’t carry is extremely lengthy and just about anyplace that I personally would want to carry is off limits. See section 65 prohibited areas….
    It’s good progress is being made with gun rights in Illinois, but there is a long way to go and for me it’s just not worth it to get the license at this time. It also wouldn’t surprise me if we don’t see amendments to the bill that would make it more expensive and further restrict where you can carry.

  6. Hopefully they will be able to keep their plan if they like it! The high fees are probably supposed to discourage people from applying. For some that will be an issue!

  7. @Dan – I’d take the opportunity to get your permit and carry, right now while you can. Not only does that increase your personal safety, it adds to the unspoken message that people want more freedom to carry, not less. If you refrain from getting a permit now (because they made it too much of a hassle) then that encourages the anti-gun crowd to enact further restrictions and hassles.

  8. As with Dan above, I’m saving my money for now, and know of a number of others who are doing the same. Having lived with corrupt IL laws all of my life, I expect the list of prohibited places to grow, and the number of folks who will be categorically declined will be lengthy… it’s the Chicago way. To run the numbers just a bit: $60 for fingerprinting, $10 and 3-6 months for the required FOID; $150 for the CCW, and at least $125 for training (if one is a veteran; double that if not). The folks who need the protection the most are in the position of choosing a CCW or family meals. Meanwhile, Robbie Ratsnake gets his “Felon with a Weapon” charged dismissed out-of-hand.

  9. For Dan—Some prior training can be used towards the 16 hrs. Another states permit is good towards 4 hrs. Veterans with the proper DD form will get 8 hrs off the 16 hrs. I had previously completed the NRA pistol training class that was also good for 8 hrs off. The state certified instructors have classes geared towards those that need just a partial class to qualify.

    Any gathering of people that requires a government issued permit is off limits, such as a parade. However, if you have to cross the street during the parade to get to your car, you will be OK! Go figure.

    This is what happens when laws are created by compromise.

  10. Dan – I agree with Matt above – getting your permit/license is NEVER a bad idea. Nothing but good can come from it. Do it as soon as you can!

  11. Roger in NC Says:
    January 9th, 2014

    “…My bet is that some crime rates will not decrease all that much because the same people will be killing each other…” Only once.

  12. I have all my training and then some, all the gear I need and then some. I have out of state permits and now just waiting patiently for my permit !!!!!

    YES it will cost you money to get it, but I do wonder how many people don’t bat an eye to pay premium prices for so many other things. Hell my cable bill is more per month than my permit will cost. Some people have cell phone bills that high as well and yet that is OK.

    For those of you who are waiting to get your permit just do it, I would hate to see what would happen if you needed to throw your cell phone or cable box at someone trying to hurt you or someone in your family.

    Think about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Get the permit now.

    The one thing that will do the most to stop the anti-gun crowd from trying to push through further restrictions or resist loosening them is documentable numbers of people with skin in the game.

    People who take the time and expense to get permits will vote those permits, no politician at any risk of a primary challenge will be willing to piss off card-carrying gun-rights supporters once their numbers are unchallengeable. These yahoos saw what happened in Colorado, if Bloomberg’s millions couldn’t protect those legislators what hope do they have?

    Anti-gun people are not reliable voters, they are willing to give Facebook likes and write insulting letters to the editor about gun rights supporters but they do not vote their transient feelings in any measurable numbers.