Dillinger Lessons — No Comments

  1. I am sorry to hear that you suggest John McCain…..I would have normally voted for him too, until I found out that he belongs to the Council on Foreign Relations, so do Obama, Both Clintons, Senior Bush and VP Cheney…..the goal of the CFR is one world government…….this is no longer about being a good democrat or good republican….it’s about being a good American….it’s about survival. A house divided cannot stand…..the last three administrations have worked together to tear at our Bill of Rights, and Constitution…..they worked together to deceive the American people with the Nafta Trade Agreement where are all the jobs, before the ink was dried on that agreement, jobs were sucked out of this country….and now Pres. Bush is pushing for the NAFTA Super Highway, putting truckers out of jobs….when will they take your job, or perhaps they already have… much is going on, that we do not hear on the daily news…….Many of the Media outlets are either bought up by or owned by those who are sympathetic towards CFR goals…. The word on the web is write in Dr. Ron Paul if he doesn’t switch to a third party…..check out these websites to see what is going on in this country. Guns are a main issue but other rights are being attacked at the same time….property rights, seed and water battles…who will monopolize them…..control food and water and people will lay down their guns so their kids won’t starve…. The CFR has been busy the last three adminsitrations…..they have friends in high places…media bows to their call, we hear little of the important issues …the media trys to distract Americans with Britney, entertainment and other unimportant items…..John McCain is not the answer believe me….check it out for yourselves….it may look like they are at odds with each other but they are not..they each pander to their groups…..the plan is implimented no matter which one is in office…..let us not continue to be asleep…..tell your friends, for our kids sake if for nothing else. God help us !