1. “Last night, on the way to the Policeman’s Ball in the last of the driving rain (yes, policemen do have balls), ”

    Ooooh…that was baaaddd!!!!

  2. Mas,

    Good to hear you “weathered the storm”.Watching news reports it sounds like Fay wasn’t excessively overpowering,but wasn’t in any hurry to leave either.I find it a little odd that people would complain that the Governor is overreacted after Katrina caught everyone by surprise and spawned endless criticism about Government response .Better safe than sorry.
    I like the flat tire analogy.I’m going use to use that in conversations with anti-gunner’s who call me paranoid for owning firearms for protection.

    Dan W.

  3. “(yes, policemen do have balls)”

    That had me rolling on the floor, thanks Mas.

    The preparedness of the governor, and others is nice to see after the Katrina fiasco. I guesss it’s a case of “darned if you do, darned if you don’t.”


  4. It was an “interesting time” here in central and east FL. I too had minimal impact but the flood waters are causing some issues in the low lying areas of the St Johns river as the runoff collects in the rivers.

    Policeman balls…I will say no more!

  5. My sister and her family live near Enterprise, FL, they have significant flooding around her neighborhood. So far her home hasn’t flooded and they still have sewer and water service. My prayers are for all in that area and hurricane Hannah not visit Florida! God Bless