Concerned about the economy? Me, too.  Less than totally thrilled with the results of the last election? Well, I can relate to that as well…


But, hey.  There’s a reason our country and our society make this a positive, giving time of the year, so let’s get with the Christmas spirit, already!  Don’t be a grumpy old cat, or even a Grumpy Cat™.





I discovered Grumpy Cat™ on the informative, not-exactly-PG-rated SIG Forum, in a thread those in fealty to felines will relate with at


Whether you’re a Gun Person with a wish list, or buying for other gun owners, check out the Zombie  Quick Draw  handgun case.  Now, if you’re familiar with my writing, you know I’m not too hot for the zombie bullshit that is so pervasive now.  (If you’re not familiar with my thoughts on that, you can check them out here, in the current issue of GUNS magazine.  .)


Fortunately, this really cool gun case doesn’t actually say “Zombie” on it anywhere. It does hold half a dozen handguns, and some spare magazines, in a sturdy, handy rolling piece of luggage. Most of us who go to the pistol range go with more than blaster.  I got one of these cases for my sweetie, who goes to Glock matches (and some other shooting tournaments) with a whole “box o’ Glocks,” and she just loves it.  Hint, hint, Christmas gift buyers… “It’s worth every penny, and in line price-wise with my Pelican cases,” my Evil Princess avers, and you can order it from:


Now, if someone on your gift list should be a Smith & Wesson aficionado, you can order the sort of thing my late, lamented mentor Bill Jordan was associated with naming,  a “pemmican book”: It’s thin, but it’s meaty and has lots of nourishment in it.  What I’m talking about is “My Life Journey With Smith & Wesson” by Dwayne Charron, who retired as director of research and development from S&W after decades with the company.  Charron piloted some fascinating guns from “what if” to full production: the exquisite Model 41 .22 target pistol, the little Model 61 Escort pocket size .22, and the Model 76 submachine gun that was successfully cloned from the Swedish K, along with many more.  The book is $19.95 plus $3.00 shipping, and $29.95 with shipping free if you’re lucky enough to get one of the few remaining copies signed by the author. You can order from I learned about it from Lee Jarrett, who runs the excellent, useful shooter’s forum  (Thanks, Lee!) I’d have a copy of the cover to scan and show you…but so many of my friends wanted to read it, it’s not here now…L.


And if your giftee is too dour to appreciate the above, maybe you should just get ‘em a Grumpy Cat™  T-shirt from



  1. That Glock case looks so damn handsome, I bet it would’ve made my DI giggle and blush. What’s a common retail price for one of those Mas?

  2. Mas, you’ll never look as grumpy as I do. I think the white hair makes a big difference.

    Nevertheless, here’s hoping you have a great Christmas. You old coot.

  3. God God Mas, I’ve been reading that SIG forum for 20 minutes and I’m only 10 pages in. There are still 50 pages to go!

    As for the grumpy Mas photo, that’s what he looks like when he has to pay out $5 bills to people that score higher than him in the MAG-40 qualifier.

  4. Hi Mas:

    I just received my January 2013 issue of the Blue Press put out by Dillon Precision and in the letters section, both the writer and Dillon employee who responded disparaged your looks. As a guy who was barely beaten out by Brad Pitt and George Clooney for the title of Sexiest Man Alive in the past, you should go to Booneville, AR and Scottsdale, AZ, and punch out those dudes. Or, you can just sic some ravenous zombies on them.

    That ‘generic grumpy cat’ photo should bring out lots of luscious Follywood cuties and hot super models to give your Evil Princess some competition.

  5. And most especially don’t be grumpy when the Illinois carry ban was struck down….

    …and the 7th Circuit cited to a most interesting author:

    “A person who carries a gun in public but is not well trained in the use of firearms is a menace to himself and others. See Massad
    Ayoob, “The Subtleties of Safe Firearms Handling,” Backwoods Home Magazine, Jan./Feb. 2007” (at p. 16.)

  6. Yeah, caught that in the decision this morning. Good decision, but it will be interesting to see how the legislators in Springfield react.

    Tom, I thought the thing in Blue Press was hilarious. If gals in Booneville look like me, I don’t want to go there…:-)

  7. The Smith model 61Escort is kind of unique as the recoil spring is mounted on top of the barrel, which pushes the barrel lower in the hand. I believe it was made for only a few years. I have one in nickle finish that I inherited after my father passed. My nephew had stolen it from my dad’s dresser drawer and got caught with it at his high school. Needless to say the excrement hit the fan within the family circle. When I got it the firing pin was broke. I figure those kids kept dry firing it. A call to S&W showed that all the parts had been sold to Numrich. Luckily they still had firing pins and I bought several.

  8. Damn, I just got my first zombie target of a woman and a cell phone. Posted it next to my Dillon Calender, quite a contrast. (The zombie target was a freebee) l think the public will be amused.


  9. Maybe the cat would smile if he knew that the U.S. Seventh Circuit of Appeals found the State of Illinois ban on CCW unconstitutional. The judgement was based on the U.S. Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Second Amendment. The Seventh Court gave Illinois pols 180 days to pass legislation.
    In any case, this ‘cat’ is smiling!