DOWN TO THE WIRE — 16 Comments

  1. I’m more worried about my late grand parents, relatives, friends, folks who I never knew who are dearly departed, voting for the blue wave. We’ll see.

    Stay safe.

  2. Down to the wire. Once again …

    I voted early. I am outside the local polling location waiting having just driven a dear friend & neighbor to vote. (Please reread that as ‘royal PITA Veteran’, lol).

    Vote. Unless you like the sound of “Welcome to the United Cities & Suburbs of America”.

  3. We took our three year old grandson with us to vote this morning and, yes, they gave him an I voted sticker. The funny thing was when we got back to the car, he kept asking my wife when we were going to see the boats. She told him we just voted. After a few minutes of back and forth, I told my wife “he wants to see the boats at the marina going home”.

  4. I did. Conservative/Republican ticket across the board. Unfortunately I live in NYS and as such my vote only serves to cancel out a vote down state.

  5. Personally, I think the lists of who voted should be published. Not who they voted for but just that they did vote. Allows activists on both sides to check how much funny business is going on out there by checking the lists against live & dead people.

  6. In my humble opinion, the voting age in America should be 25. Many 18 year old voters are still in college (high school for Democrats) where they have been indoctrinated by liberal teachers into being obedient Socialists. By the time these brainwashed Democratic zombies reach 25, they should be working and seeing how life really is in the real world instead of the warm and cozy academic environment where their parents pay for everything and taxes are basically unknown to them.

    Unless these “Useful Idiots” are truly imbeciles, they will see the folly of their previous ways and become Republicans by the time they turn 25 and have to work for a living and pay their own bills and taxes. Of course those on welfare or are professional students will continue to be puppets of left wing Socialists and Globalists, and making hallucinogenic substances legal and readily available to keep them perpetually high will only harm our country and society.

  7. The results are starting to become clear. The Republicans will retain and expand control over the Senate. That is very good. It means that President Trump will have an easier time getting his appointments confirmed. Including any new vacancies to the Supreme Court.

    However, the Democrats will take (by a narrow margin) control of the House. Based upon past Democratic patterns, they will weaponize it into a tool to attack President Trump and their other political opponents. Plus we can expect a flood of ‘Very Bad Idea’ legislation including a host of new Firearm Prohibition measures. Fortunately, with control of the Senate and the President’s Veto pen, the worst of these can be shot down.

    Overall, a mixed decision. However, it is about the best that the Republican’s could hope for especially given their disadvantages in the House. Remember that there were a lot of Republican retirements (causing open seats) and a lot of seats in ‘Blue’ districts to defend in this election.

    Mas, I would be interested in your views on this item:

    In Nashville, the voters have approved a “Police Oversight Board”. I voted against this thing but it appears that I was in the minority.

    • With an oversight board, especially one with the sort of folks that article describes as “social justice activists,” you have the risk of a profession being judged by those who not only don’t understand it but might actually have an agenda against it. Time to wait and see in Nashville.

  8. Washington State just passed another draconian gun law raising the age to buying hunting arms, long guns. I was pleasantly surprised to see Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie retain his office for another term being a conservative. He has a tough job ahead of him with a democratic governor and a democratic attorney general to deal with. Here in Idaho we were able to get the Republican Lt. Governor elected to office which means that we should be safe on our firearms laws until the next election which is 2020. Who knows what will happen then!

  9. Well, in New York State the Democrat/Socialists now control all three branches of government. It is clear that there will be more gun control: possibly including bans, expanded background checks for firearm purchases including a search of your social media for hate speech, 10-day waiting periods, background checks for ammo purchases, ammo taxes, and mandatory liability insurance for gun owners (or you automatically lose your handgun permit).

    We can also look forward to socialized medicine- which means a 2-3X increase in state income tax. As a psychologist in part-time private practice, I can expect a significant cut in reimbursement rates. So not only are middle-class folks like me (some of whom work two jobs- like me)- facing significantly higher taxes, we will be making less money, too.

    Time to move- my wife and I have been looking at Florida. It scares me that you folks in Florida came SO close to having a socialist governor. It is also concerning that NY liberals are moving there to escape the high cost of living in NY- and yet they are still voting Democrat in Florida! I have family members doing just that- incredible. Oh, and after last night, ex-cons can now vote- all 1.4 million of them. More Democrat voters?

    Rush Limbaugh believes that many of the 45 Republicans that retired this year were: (a) never-Trumpers or RINOS that did not want anything to do with him; or (b) were frightened off with the incessant liberal media meme of the dreaded “blue wave.” I tend to agree. And with an incumbent re-election rate of 98% there is no way the Democrats would have won the House last night, had so many incumbent Republicans not retired.

    Too bad the Republicans did nothing to advance gun rights during the last two years- nor did they really express an interest in doing so. Seems like a wasted opportunity (e.g., national reciprocity).

    My guess is that the next two years will be a mess- with Democrats looking to investigate everyone in the Trump administration. They will probably also draft articles of impeachment. I look forward to 2020…but the Republicans had better have a game plan especially in the swing states. Trump is working hard, but he cannot do it alone, and the country cannot afford a socialist president.

  10. Florida will soon allow felons who have not committed homicides and sexual batteries and served their sentences, to vote in the next election.

    This is obviously a boon to Democrats as the vast majority of these ex-convicts vote blue. As a former LEO, I have arrested many criminals and while going through their wallets after cuffing them, to look for drugs and razor blades, I often see their voters registration cards and every one of them were marked DEM. I even once found a handcuff key in one suspect’s wallet. I believe most Democrats think like criminals and their brains share common traits. I don’t think Republicans are angels either, but it’s much easier to find an honest conservative than an honest liberal.

    I had thought about letting my dog vote, but he would try to ban mail
    delivery persons and the folks who drive those big brown trucks.

  11. I’m fine with people who have served their sentence, having their rights restored.
    All of them.
    If they’re rehabilitated enough to get their rights back, they should get all their rights back:
    Voting, serving in the military, serving on a jury, possessing firearms, liquor and gaming license, …
    All of them.