1. Sure wish that the Eddie Eagle program had been around in the 1960’s when I was in elementary school. At about 12 years old I was showing my dads guns to my best friend when he pulled the trigger on a .45 caliber pistol. Fortunately the gun was pointed at a big box of clothing. My mother still brings out that bullet from time to time to remind me of how precious life is and just how easily that it can be taken away. I learned a life-ling lesson from that incident and safety has been paramount in my thinking ever since.

    That was a hard lesson to learn and I’m glad that I’m here today to talk about it. Today I’m a lifetime member of the NRA (since 1996) and it’s a shame that some schools are putting political corectness over teaching our kids about gun safety. The next 12 year old might not be as lucky as I was.