Gonna get personal here…

Finished my 2022 teaching year “tenning out,” with all 18 students in our third-level MAG-120 class giving us the top “ten out of ten” possible rating on their final evaluation. It concluded forty-plus hours of high speed shooting, triple-speed qualifications with handguns, police-type qualifications with rifles and shotguns, and an introduction to fully automatic weapons.  Many hours were spent grappling, and each 120 graduate – the number signifying the minimum total hours that students at that level have spent with us – earned certificates in handgun retention and disarming, and in the use of the Kubotan/Persuader type mini-baton. In the class photo, you can see the dummy handguns used for the belly-to-belly shooting and the elements of disarming the criminal opponent, and keeping HIM from disarming YOU.

The “ten-out” is simply proof that if you do anything for half a century or so, you can get it right. I began teaching weapons and deadly force in 1972, and kept up the continuing learning process the whole time.

I owe the great reviews to MAG’s awesome staff, pictured here with the students.

We teach all over the country (https://massadayoobgroup.com).  Shameless plug there…

This last class of the year completed on December 9, giving the Evil Princess and me a head start on our usual six-week sabbatical from training. This is when we work on new stuff, still get writing done, and prep for trials but still have some time to ourselves that we can share with loved ones.  There will be a trial or two in that six-week window, but nothing we’re not prepared for. This allows us to actually celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Day like normal people. I hope the holiday season has been restful and restorative for all of you.


  1. That was indeed a good way to finish the year. Enjoy the down time. LORD willing we’ll see you all in February.

  2. Mas,

    For the many who have learned from you over the decades, it’s been a heartfelt joy to have you in our lives.

    Countless gun carriers owe their life to you. You’ve kept us out of coffins and jail, from going broke in criminal and civil trials, and helped us be better people, better gun owners, and better protectors of ourselves and those we love.

    The world has been enriched by you. Thanks.

    • And kept us from having to shoot anyone, so we can sleep in our own beds, eat our own food, and avoid paying lawyers for anything expensive.

      THAT is the real gift.

  3. Even those of us who have never attended a class of yours, have learned so much, via your writings and podcasts that you have been on. Wishing you both all the best, with travelling safety, and continued success in your classes and writing.

  4. yeah the handgun retention/disarming grappling did a number on my hands. Hats off to you and the Evil princess, enjoy your time off and lets hope for a better New Year.

    Epstein didn’t kill himself…

  5. Excellent training Mas. I did the MAG40 two years ago and the MAG80 this year. Taking them a year apart helps me internalize the content better since I time to review my notes throughout the year. Everyone takes notes, right?

    Have a relaxing vacation and a happy and fulfilling new year.

  6. Thanks Captain Ayoob for all you do daily to keep us safe. I have been following you since 1978.Read most of your books and published articles and have communicated with you for advice over the years.Since Chuck Taylor my instructor died. I am going to continue my training with you now in 2023. Winfred Dotson Corporate Security Manager.

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