Greg Ellifritz, recently retired from a distinguished career in law enforcement in Ohio, is now available to teach open-enrollment (i.e., “civilian”) classes around the nation.

I’ve found his training to be absolutely top-notch, and it is internationally recognized as such. If you can’t train with him, you can learn from him at his excellent blog,  LOTS of good stuff there.

Greg recently listed what he thought were his most useful articles for this past year. You can find the links to those articles at:

You’ll also find his training calendar at his blog. Greg, by the way, is also a perennial instructor at the outstanding Rangemaster Tactical Conference hosted annually by Tom and Lynn Givens. Info on that is available at


  1. Excellent stuff. I guess he is being censored by the tech oligarchs. Use his website rather than trying to do it on your phone.

  2. Mas – thanks for highlighting Greg’s work. I’ve been reading Greg’s articles for years, and his Weekly Knowledge Dump is a terrific resource for keeping up with relevant information. I trained with him for the first time at the recent Pat Rogers Memorial Revolver Roundup in Dallas and found him to be knowledgeable, friendly and able to communicate well. I hope to train more with him before long.

  3. Greg’s article on bombs is certainly timely, regarding the Christmas RV bomb that blew up in Nashville. For reference, in North Africa in WWII a concussion reflected off an Army tank from a “500-pound” (more likely a 200-kilogram) German aerial bomb from an ME-109 is on record of KILLING 4 GI’s in a jeep at a measured FIVE HUNDRED FEET from the blast. This is from the 34th Infantry Division historical record, as well as from a GI who was on the scene and survived mostly because he was shielded by the nearby tank. His eardrums were broken and he felt that he had a heart attack (probably concussion-triggered?). He and his foxhole buddy were only 25 yards from the detonating bomb. A reminder to safely get miles away from an alert site if you can, and the necessity of optimal defilade if you can’t.

  4. Greg is by far, one of the best communicators in the business. Been reading him for several months and always can’t wait for the next Weekend Knowledge Dump. I wish he was on the West Coast. Would love to take a class from him. I would be happy to become a Patreon member but can’t get the computer to accept me.

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