With all the exhaustive focus on the national election these past months, it’s easy to overlook the local fronts. That would be a mistake, because it’s at the grassroots levels that we’re winning most of the battles.

As we smile warmly at our victories in the Supreme Court of the United States, we need to remember that Heller v. District of Columbia and McDonald v. City of Chicago began their journeys to caselaw in the lower courts.  Several good examples of that are underway now.

The ability to responsibly carry a loaded and concealed handgun in public has saved the lives of many, many ordinary citizens.  The inability to do so has, in turn, led to heart-breaking tragedies: horrendous murders that could have been stopped if only the competent people present had been allowed to be legally armed.  Consider the famous cases of Nikki Goeser and Susanna Gratia-Hupp.

The Second Amendment Foundation is involved, often with other gun groups, in enhancing public and personal safety by ending unfair laws and policies which limit concealed carry to the rich, famous, and politically connected.  One such challenge in the news these days focuses on New York City.

And another focuses on the State of New Jersey.

More information can be found at www.saf.org.

Stay in the fight, folks, and join and support those who are fighting for you. The right to keep and bear arms isn’t just about freedom. For some, it will literally be the difference between life and death.


  1. The dues are minor, $15/year or $150 life at this time. If you’re worried about such things, the dues and contributions are tax deductible. Many of us drop the yearly dues weekly on stuff we can’t even remember.

    • Forgot to add, if your state has some similar organization, join up and/or give. If you live in Virginia, the Virginia Citizens Defense League does quite a bit to battle against those who would infringe/deny rights. Dues are similarly modest and, unfortunately, so is the membership total. Not surprisingly, the bulk of them are in northern (occupied) Virginia.

  2. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but we also need to remember that lower courts across the U.S. have ignored SCOTUS’ rulings in Heller and MacDonald, upholding the same kinds of state and local infringements that those two cases found unconstitutional.

    President Trump has quietly appointed hundreds of federal judges and the Senate has quietly confirmed them — “quietly” not in the sense of wrong-doing, but rather that the media wasn’t willing to cover it as a story — which if they hold to conservative and/or Constitutional values, is a seismic shift in the federal courts.

    But county and state court judges are appointed or elected within the counties and states, and far too many have decided that SCOTUS has no teeth and they can do whatever they want, knowing their subjects must start the years- or decades-long appeals process all over again, and may not be heard by SCOTUS the second time around.

    So yes, pay attention to the federal political processes, but don’t ignore your state and local campaigns. The U.S. Presidential and Congressional races are worth watching, but the locals are the ones who can drastically — and immediately — hurt your rights and freedoms.

    Act accordingly.

    • The Federal Election Commission (FEC) website says to contact the FBI if you would like to report election fraud. Like, tell Reynard that the vixen is in the chicken coup? Still wondering if the CIA won’t be as much involved, to investigate possible offshore tampering with U.S. vote counts. If we cannot have recounts free of foreign-related software issues, we should have new, hand-in domestic elections in the contested states. Political banking via Northern Ireland needs to be investigated regarding any possible financial history with international underground networks there. A reliably sinister, prominent American Democrat has been operating from N’orn Ireland lately. Some Swiss banks can help provide clues.

  3. Looking forward to seeing new tactics fighting the good fight with you at the wheel, old friend! Now that my NRA Life’s paid off, just took out a SAF Life Membership to throw a little support in for the fights to come.

  4. We should fight in the courts to get a “Mother may I?” card or the holy grail . . . Constitutional Carry. If that doesn’t work, maybe we could get cops and/or prosecutors and judges to not enforce the prohibition against concealed carry in the anti-Second Amendment states. Drug laws are often not enforced, and cops have discretion when it comes to things like speeding tickets. So, why not have discretion if someone gets caught following the higher law found in the Supreme Law of the land (bearing arms), rather than anti-2A state laws? In other words, why not do what is right instead of what is legal?

    Yes, I am a dreamer, and the best course of action may be for patriots to simply move to free states, as they have been doing for years.

  5. It is also important to fight to see that each State has a firearm preemption law in place. Preferably, one with some “teeth” in it. These laws really help to prevent anti-gun politicians from enacting local city ordinances and turning each State into a “patchwork” of contradictory regulations designed, solely, to entrap honest gun-owners. These local regulations are always passed as a “cure” for “gun violence” but, in fact, they are designed to “cure” gun ownership!

    Typical left-wing approach. Use deceit and misdirection to pass “regulations” to advance their agenda. Leftists truly love “Big Government” and the “layered regulations” that come with it. The more regulations, the more control.

    To bypass the Republicans in Congress, you can expect a Harris/Biden Administration to use the BATFE to try to “regulate” gun-ownership to death! All in the name of controlling so-called “Gun Violence”, of course.

    Got to get rid of all those violent guns out there in “fly-over” country! That is a major area of concern to the Leftist mind. They know that fewer guns means more control FOR THEM!

    • SO GLAD all my guns are not the violent type. They are all extremely wel behaved. The biggest problem is that sometimes my request to hit a certain identified point “out there” is not heeded as well and quickly as I would like. but that is an issue with ME, not with the gun itself.

      Other than that all my firearms are extremely well behaved. Not a violent one in the lot of them.

  6. SCOTUS recently ruled that peaceful, law-abiding protesters and demonstrators cannot be held responsible for the actions of the violent few looters and arsonists in the group. Gun control is holding peaceful, law-abiding gun owners responsible for the actions of a few violent shooters. A very close parallel.

    • SCOTUS can rule however they want. In theory, it binds lower courts’ actions, which must follow that ruling.

      In practice, however, lower courts still do whatever they want, SCOTUS precedent notwithstanding. SCOTUS’ docket is packed enough that it’s enormously unlikely they’ll re-hear an issue they’ve already decided, even to smack down lower courts’ openly defiant judgments.

      Just look how some state-level and appeals circuit courts have ignored Heller and MacDonald, not to mention what U.S. v. Miller actually says about guns useful for militia service.

    • Your problem is that you are trying to apply logic and reason to the American Left. Left-Wing ideology is built upon emotion not reason. Therefore, logical contradictions do not touch them.

      Neither do charges of hypocrisy. The leftists see themselves as the “elites” of society. Therefore they, routinely, exempt themselves from the rules that they seek to impose on others. For example:

      1) They have no problems with imposing harsh “lock-down” and “mask wearing” rules upon the masses while going to diner parties or hair salons (without masks or any other restrictions) themselves.

      2) They have no problems with disarming the average citizen, via unreasonable firearm prohibition laws and regulations, while being continually protected by a squad of armed security guards themselves.

      3) They are fine with letting illegal aliens flood into the country (so that they can use them for political and labor purposes). Any crime or employment problems that result do not concern them since their Government positions are secure and they live in gated communities themselves.

      4) They gladly impose harsh prison sentences upon their political opponents and upon the common people but hand “get out of jail free” cards to themselves and their cronies.

      5) They proclaim their love of “Free Speech” (for themselves) while doing everything in their power to de-platform, dox, shame and suppress the speech of their political opponents.

      6) They decry racism and sexism continually while (simultaneously) exploiting and using minorities for political power and engaging in sexual predation of women and children themselves.

      I could add a couple of hundred items to the above list but the point is made. They leftists will gladly support the SCOTUS ruling to hold left-wing “peaceful protestors” blameless while (simultaneously) blaming peaceful gun-owners, firearm manufacturers and the NRA for every suicide and firearms-related criminal act that occurs in this country.

      There is no room for logic and reason on the Left. Their cup is already filled to the brim by emotion, victimhood and moral outrage. Most of all, their cup is filled to overflowing by an all-consuming desire for POWER. The totalitarian POWER to make all the rules, control all the doors, to dictate all speech and thought. To have absolute power and control over the people. That is the quintessential left-wing “Wet Dream”.

      Unfortunately, their “Dream” becomes more real with each passing day.

      • Friend TN_MAN, let “Carpe diem” be the non-left motto, and let us enjoy being who we are. We have had some victories, and surely will have more. We often seem to become what we pretend to be, so let us determine to be winners. Let us also do something daily to preserve our Constitution. Aside, three deterrents to Covid-19: A drop or two oil of oregano (better tincture thereof) in water, 1,000mg Vitamin C, and a D-3. Anyone not allergic should try these things. Working for me.

      • @ Strategic Steve – While I am deeply concerned about the rise of left-wing ideology and socialism, in this country and around the World, I do not counsel despair. It might sound like I am when I describe all the flaws and logical inconsistences in left-wing ideology, as I do above.

        No, my current mental attitude is best described by the music in this YouTube video:


        This is a trailer for the TV series “Power”. Don’t pay any attention to the images in this trailer. They are not my point. Rather, listen to the music and, especially, listen to the words of the included song. Those words (perfectly) capture my mindset at the moment.

        As for Covid-19, well, I have the Vitamin C and D-3 covered. However, I substitute Zinc for the oil of oregano. So far, this is also working for me.

  7. TN_MAN:

    You have to stop stating facts and being logical, otherwise you may become an “Enemy of The State” in the upcoming Harris regime and Aunt Kamala will reserve a bed at one of her many gulags for you 🙁

    • Tom606 & TN_MAN,

      This time it’s different. The American Left will not adopt the brutal tactics their Communist forbears used in other countries. They will lead us to the true workers’ paradise Karl Marx intended. With their amazing intellects, gifts, talents and enlightened educations they are poised to lead the human race into a new golden age. We just experienced the Summer of Love in America’s cities. The Elites will bring us into the Age of Love. Just wait. You’ll see.

      (Oh, and if it doesn’t work as planned, that will be because the greedy white Americans refused to spend enough money to bring about this new utopia.)

      • Roger, your wise words are so inspiring that I can hardly wait to experience the wonders of the New World Order as hinted by Bush 41 in one of his speeches. Concerning the Age of Love (Aquarius?) I look forward to spending it with a super hot babe who looks like Hillary, or even better, Janet Reno 😀

        However, I’m not crazy about spending 10 trillion dollars for the Green New Deal when we can save some money and just pay Al Gore maybe 100 billion bucks to solve global warming. If we ask him nicely, Al may even give us the solution to eliminate climate change for free, just as he generously donated the internet at no cost to humanity.

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