1. That’s a honey of a piece.

    I just started getting into handguns about six months ago, purchased my first in May (a 1911), and then the Smith & Wesson bug bit me. I snagged a magnificent nickeled 28-2 from my local pusher, and it bit me hard. I just picked up a new 21-4 (“new classic”) and can’t wait to get it to the range.

    A 27 is hopefully in the works next…

    There’s just something about the N-frames.

  2. Happy Birthday ! ! ! !

    I just started getting back into first new one is a Taurus 24/7 Pro in .45 to use as a carry pistol.
    My wish list is sooo long I dont know what I want next..But seeing yours I am going to have to check into one.
    Thanks for showing us!

  3. Happy Birthday Mas!
    I’ll raise my glass of Rolling Rock to your health and long life sir.
    (LFI1 W/ Bob Smith Idaho 9/95)
    Rob In AK

  4. Congratulations, Happy Birthday, and I hope this firearm is as much a pleasure for you to shoot as it is pleasing to the eyes

  5. Happy Birthday and CONGRATS!!!

    I’ve been looking for one for you, but haven’t found anybody willing to sell. I’ll stop looking now and concentrate on a couple that I want.

    Congrats again, I’m really happy for you.


  6. Mas,

    Congratulations on turning 30 (again)!!!

    An N-frame and 1911 are a wonderful combination (with a SG and AR, that is).

    George P

  7. I’m new to guns so I don’t have a “grail” yet. Congrats on getting yours.

    Happy birthday!

  8. You sure are a lucky man to have a significant other who is so warm and caring and gets you your “grail” gun. Sounds like a keeper.

  9. Personally I consider my Grail gun to be a S&W model 29 with a 6″ barrel. It can do what ever I need it to do.

  10. Congrats on your find, Mas, and may you have many more birthdays yet to you credit!

    As a long time reader/follower of your work, I have @ least one “holy grail” you may be able to help me locate; hope you don’t mind the inquiry. Originally posted it on, then pointed to TFL, now here, in hopes of contacting you, as you might help me locate the smith I am looking for. Following is a partial copy of the threads I have started on these other forums:

    Many years ago (and this is from memory so details are suspect), IIRC, Massad Ayoob wrote an article in a magazine called(?) The Complete Book Of Magnums (late 80’s early 90’s vintage, I think), about a pistolsmith who was a past Ruger Armorer who had went into business for himself, and did work on the Six series of pistols. I think his name was Chris Peters, and the conversion/work done was called the Lynx. In the article, Mas used this gun in a shooting event (2nd Chance, I believe) Again, memory is suspect, so excuse any errors….

    Way back when, I had the magazine, as well as info his shop sent me, from the address in the article, and the idea of a custom gun was beyond my means/interests, other than pictures, and all that paper is lost. But I never forgot about how highly Mas spoke of this fellow, and how much I liked the looks of the work.Can’t recall the name of his shop, but I think it had “Trapper” or “trappers” in the wording. I have tried internet serches to no avail….

    Any leads, or paper trails, would be appreciated, as I’d heally like to hunt down that article, too.

    Thank you, Sir, in advance for any information you may provide.

  11. Jason, I think the word may have been “Traders” instead of “Trappers.” Maybe Wind River Traders? I’ll have to go back and check. (Trapper Guns, by the way, was another fine gunsmith, Lin Alexiou, up Michigan way. Been out of touch, might still be in business. Hope so.)

    Have also been out of touch with Chris Peters, unfortunately. Few can touch him on slicking up a Ruger. Last I knew he had been gunsmithing at Lewis Arms in Bow, NH, but there was talk of him going back to work for Ruger.

    Let me touch bases with some folks in NH after the holiday, and if I can get an update on Chris for you, I’ll let you know here.

    Best for the holiday weekend,

  12. Thank you for the reply, Sir; very much appreciated!

    (Since you’ve seen this, lease disregaurd my post on THR; was “sent” there by others on the net to pose the question…)

    Any information would be greatly appreciated. Yes, I know of Alexiou, but I know he is not the fellow I am seeking.

    Best wishes to you and your for the holiday as well, and have a good day.


  13. Yo, Jason:

    Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but I just today got hold of Chris Peters. It turns out he got out of private gunsmithing a while ago when Ruger was smart enough to hire him back. He’s not doing private work at this time, but is thinking about perhaps dabbling in it again by next year. If he does, I’ll announce it here when the time comes.

    Thanks for a good excuse to talk with an old friend with whom I’d been out of touch for too long.


  14. Hi Mas:
    I saw a beautiful Ruger 100 for sale. Long story short, I bought it. I researched it and found it to be a GRAIL. It’s a Ruger KGP 141, 4″ target bbl. serial number starts with 171-. Made in 89, I believe. It has LYNX 4 engraved on it. Jeweled trigger and hammer. My question to you is, it has a backward p then a R on it. Is that Chris peters mark? I’m not going to sell this gun. To me, it’s a piece of Art. Thanks Jer

  15. Jer, it sure sounds like a Chris Peters gun. Give him a call — I believe you’ll still find him at Ruger’s Newport, NH plant — and see if he still has records to verify it.