FINISHING UP — 16 Comments

  1. Awesome! They say a picture is worth a thousand words— I think that’s understating it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I envy those of you in the gun culture, was not my family tradition despite many losses during WW2 in Europe. You’d think people would learn from history. The saying is “what we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history.” My son owns a few weapons but is not an enthusiast. You do what you can.

  3. Glad to hear the pin shoot was enjoyed by many shooters, old and new.

    I attended back in ’80, ’81, ’82, and either ’87 or ’88 and snagged only a single gun in 1982, but had a great time hanging out with some of the best shooters in the world. I would have liked to attend this year, but financial and other obstacles prevented it. Maybe next year.

    Mas: Would you share Rich Davis’ e-mail address with me or inform him of mine so he could contact me if he wants? I would really like to hear from him after so many years. Maybe he still remembers who I am. Thanks.

  4. Tom, I’m sending your email along today to Rich’s son Matt, and their administrative assistant Diane Kuharek. I hope to see you at the next event.

  5. Mas,
    It was like old home week (heavy on the old, for some of us). I have talked to family and friends about this match for many years and was blessed to be able to take and compete with my daughter and some friends at this years pin shoot. All three of the newbies I brought up are already planning next years match strategy. I hope I have created a monster……. It was awesome seeing you, and also so many of my friends from years past. It literally has not been the same without a yearly gathering of fellow enthusiast at this great event. We are all looking forward to next years match. I hope it is held the second week of June as in years past and does not conflict with Fathers day……
    take care Mas,

  6. Mas,

    Off topic question, but now that the jury verdict is in, what are your thoughts on the Philando Castille Shooting?

  7. Eddie, that was a sad case all around. We had all seen the girlfriend’s iPhone vid, now we’ve all had a chance to see the dashcam vid; wish there had been a bodycam vid showing it from the officer’s perspective.

  8. 2 fatal attacks from black bears have been reported in Alaska over the past few days. Very disappointing to me, I was hoping for no such deaths this year. Such gruesome events for the victims, and sad for their friends and relatives. The chronicled (Herrero), greater predatory nature of black bears in Alaska is definitely in evidence. I am skeptical of any purported history of fatal bear attacks. That any victim “did nothing wrong” is unfortunately very unlikely. Furthermore, making a stopping shot on a bear is generally an issue of using sights properly, employing an adequate cartridge, and knowledgeable shot placement. I would avoid using any kind of flip-up sight, because Murphy’s Law will inevitably flip the sight down, and a wounded bear will be the result.

  9. FYI: Gunsmith Ned Christiansen has posted several short video clips from the match. These include runs with his comped Guncrafter Model 1 in .50 GI, as well as some featuring Patrick Sweeney.

  10. Wow. Well, I couldn’t make it, but am glad others could. Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all of us. Fun stuff.

  11. This is awesome!

    I much appreciate and have enjoyed your coverage of the return of The Pin Shoot, Mas. Especially so as I was unable to attend this time; hopefully, in the future I’ll be able to do it up in person.

    Cheers also to Daniel E. Watters for the link!

  12. It is off topic but the SCOTUS refused to accept and hear the Peruta case today. This lets the ridiculous CA 9th Circuit decision stand. The SCOTUS seems to be scared to death of the 2A so they react by sticking their heads in the sand and hoping that it will all just “go away”. They fear that, if they give a 2A case a serious hearing, then they will be forced to admit that the 2A means what it says. The Leftist members of the court are scared to death to do that!

    However, Justices Thomas and Gorsuch were not scared. They issued a dissent that is well worth reading. It is on the SCOTUS web site here: