FISH ORDEAL – OVER? — No Comments

  1. I live in Puerto Rico and even here we heard about this case. I could not believe that the judge had not allowed the dead man’s violent history to be heard in open court. One would think that the job of the prosecutors is to help prosecute the guilty not jailed the innocent, but that is only the naive in me. Mr. Fish should be given praise for having the courage to go to the police after the incident and report it. I wish him the best and that he somehow finds a little peace in his late years.

  2. Never fails to amaze me that despite the pillar of our legal system that someone is “innocent until proven guilty”, that in the case of self-defense where the victim uses deadly force to repel an attack, that the law seems to change and you are “guilty until you can prove yourself innocent” of defending yourself. Again, the victim becomes the criminal at a personal, emotional and financial costs. Enough said… the rest is “obvious” and another reason why someone like Judge Sotomayor does not belong on the Supreme Court when she lacks the intestinal fortitude to state that someone has the right to defend themselves.

  3. This is great news for all gun owners. The DA should be out on his butt the next election year.

  4. I’d feel a lot better about giving the poor guy money if the website to collect it would just go straight to paypal, instead of collecting my personal information (unnecessarily) first.

  5. Thanks for posting the link to the legal defense fund. I’ll be donating.

  6. Half a million in debt, and they are still not done with him?

    There comes a time when a person has to realize the criminal “justice” system has declared war on you, and there’s no longer any point in meekly working within the system. Time to run up the black flag…

    Government is run by violent criminals. See to understand how this is so. One should try to understand the true nature of the world.

  7. Since the guy is declared innocent, can he sue back and recover the costs from AZ court system?

  8. Unlikely, Fox. He wasn’t declared innocent, just determined not to have received a fair trial, and the prosecutor has announced that he won’t re-try.

  9. Is Goddard trying to galvanize opposition to his political ambitions or want? I don’t understand. I Fish had been willing to do a plea deal, he probably be have been out by now any way.

  10. There’s something incredibly wrong about the fact that it costs a half million dollars to prove yourself not guilty, especially in a case where it seems that the original lawyer did a very poor job of proving his point!