My friend Clayton Cramer is one of the all-time great historians in the Second Amendment sector.  

I urge you to read his commentary, here.


    • Mark,

      It all depends on the pregnant person’s personal choice for that day. Each day, the pregnant person can choose to be male, female or any one of 85 different genders.

      Isn’t having all these freedoms wonderful? We really need to thank the Democrats for liberating us from the oppressive white male patriarchy, which has made life in America so unbearable most of the people living here today. Look at the vast numbers of victims of white supremacy, who are fleeing this country today. They are voting with their feet to escape this hellhole nation.

  1. DOJ pretty much has to oppose the ruling for a great many reasons, many having to do with prior court decisions. [It’s OK to bankrupt those who produce legal products for specious reasons, but not the Federal Government.]

    OTOH, there’s either an outstanding example of idiocy or skullduggery in the 2021 UCR. For decades the classes of firearms used in homicides were handgun, rifle, shotgun and any other weapon. They’ve now added further classes of “automatic” versions of the previous types. Given the reported results it did seem that many (maybe one) reporting agency bothered to go beyond the usual handgun, rifle, shotgun classification.

    I couldn’t access the definitions sections. One expects they meant “semi-automatic”, but if they were going to the trouble of reorganizing the firearm types, they should have used correct labels. The current system is ripe for misrepresentation. While it’s common to refer to handguns as “revolvers” or “automatics and repeating shotguns as “pumps” or “automatics”, automatic rifles are machine guns.

    I know there’s an old saying about not being too quick to attribute something to evil intent that’s likely the result of stupidity. While this might just be the result of some one not all that familiar with firearm technicalities, it seems just a tad too convenient to be entirely accidental.

  2. ERK! I should have proof read more carefully. Second paragraph should indicate that most reporting agencies (except maybe one) DID NOT separate out the “automatics”. Please change.

  3. It’s not about crime, violence prevention, saving the lives of children, or reducing mass shootings. Background checks along with all the rest are excuses for the Marxists to slowly chip away at the right to keep and bear. The excuses don’t have to actually be based on fact. As long as they sound sort of true.

    It’s pointless to argue that gun control won’t work on what they claim to be concerned about, because they don’t care of what they claim to be concerned about. The just want gun control.

  4. Every single gun law, background check, permit, ban and registration are unconstitutional and illegal infringements on our natural inalienable right to keep and bear arms, which is above all laws. The people who enforce those unconstitutional and illegal infringements are the domestic enemies and standing army our founding fathers warned us about.

  5. I like the author’s query at the end, “are they stupid or just telling the truth?”
    Well, considering that the DOJ has devolved so badly that “Justice” shouldn’t even be a part of their name. It’s no longer (hasn’t been for at least 20 years) a “justice system”, it’s a legal system that really has little to do with true “justice”.
    The answer to his question is THEY’RE STUPID.

  6. “Background checks are essential elements of common-sense gun laws and absolutely necessary to end the scourge of gun violence except when it’s the government who makes a small, insignificant mistake and gets sued.”

  7. quote: ”
    Justice Department has argued that a background check on the shooter may not have stopped the shooting, and argued that the Air Force could not have known that the shooter had the potential to commit such a crime.”

    on DOJ point one….full data to NICS would certainly have prevented HIM fromgetting that rifle FROM AN FFL. but as the recent one man Brit invasion into Texas proved, anyone can get a firearm IF they are sufficiently motivated. Now HAD the killer’s data been complete, NICS would have returned a DENY code. An alert FFL may then have reported the attempt to buy and denial. That COULD have prevented it all together.
    Had he not tried b=to buy from an FFL, other options aboud, both in the acquisitin of his preferred tool, and in implementing other tools as options. He seemed determined and did not care much whether he got off with it all. There are a number of ways he could have “taken care of business”without the use of a firearm.
    Now, to DOJ’s point two… no excuse. The man had been convicted for felony battery and attempted murder. his Wife and infant Son being the victims. DOJ had all the information they needed to realise “the shooter had the potential to commit such a crime”. He’d tried it before. No real indication he’d not try it again.

    Their mandaated background checks prevent far more innocents from buying guns they are lawfully entitled to buy than prevent them from falling into the hands of evil people who should not have them.

  8. The Left is desperate to disarm the American population. It is the one area where their program of “Total Political Power” has been a failure.

    So, the anti-gunners will play any angle, to promote firearms prohibition, that their Think Tanks can dream up. They are throwing everything against the wall and will eagerly grab on to anything that sticks. That is how we got so-called assault weapons bans. The assault weapon narrative stuck!

    For a long time, they have pushed age limits to purchase firearms. These have generally been pointed at youth shooters. They want to strangle the “Gun Culture” in the cradle by preventing young people from learning about the shooting sports.

    Now they are attacking the other end of the age curve. See this news article:

    They are now trying to put an age limit on buying firearms that limits senior citizens.

    How about that, Mas? Did you know that, despite your lifetime of experience in the fields of firearm’s training and law-enforcement, the Left is now saying that you are too old to be trusted to buy a new firearm. Can’t have guns in the hands of the Old Timers like yourself. You might have a “Senior Moment” and mishandle such a dangerous device! 🙂

    Heck, if they set the age at 60+, that will throw me into the pot as well.

    Oh Yeah, the gun-grabbers will float any possible idea to promote so-called “Gun Safety”. After all, their idea of a safe gun is one that is unobtainable by the general public. Total, universal disarmament of everyone, except their bodyguards and political enforcers, is their ultimate goal. They will never settle for anything less.

      • It is ironic, isn’t it? The gun-grabbers can point to their glorious leader to make their point! They could argue that anyone who flubs his teleprompter lines and, forgets the day-of-the-week or looks around and asks after dead people, should not own a shotgun due to dementia.

        Of course, the counterargument to that is that such a person should also not be President of the United States.

        Of course, Biden does not need his shotgun or any other arms. He has a flock of “handlers” around him, at all times, to watch over him and to try to keep him out of trouble. Since some of these handlers are heavily armed and skilled in bodyguard duties, it is absolutely best not to place anything in Biden’s hands that might shoot or explode.

        I expect that they don’t put anything in Biden’s hands more dangerous than a bowl of ice cream or his teleprompter. Come to think of it, even the teleprompter is often too dangerous to be placed in Biden’s hands!

        If a Republic had made a proposal suggesting that the Rights of Senior Citizens should be compromised because the old can’t be trusted, the Anti-American Media would scream age-discrimination from the roof tops. Heck, they would scream it from the mountain tops.

        However, they won’t say a word because this is being proposed by the Left. The media becomes “Cujo the rabid attack dog” when addressing Republican proposals. However, when something is proposed by a democrat, they become “Missy the Super Sweet Lap Dog”. Are all of their propagandists bi-polar? It sure looks that way from the outside.

  9. It is off topic but here is the Statement of Probable Cause, against Alec Baldwin, for the Rust Shooting.

    The readers of this blog may want to study it. It contains some information that is new. At least, to me.

    It basically lays out the reckless behaviors, of Alec Baldwin, that led the Office of the Prosecution to charge Alec Baldwin with Involuntary Manslaughter.

  10. Mas:
    I have always wondered what the results would be if one of those guys biden invited out back to fight. Would have just slugged the stupid old bastard. Thats how “we used to” settle such threats out here in the west.
    Just bought several if your books & signed on here. Fantastic reading. 20 year CCW in CO.

  11. Always remember that in the real witch hunts back in the day, that the Inquisition found self-confessed witches absurdly dishonest and therefore innocent, and freed them. Not so the really innocent victims of torture like us. “The more things change, the more things stay the same.” Also, the recent appearances of giant balloons equipped with large antennae are reminiscent of the old Trojan horse, as well as Pandora’s Box. I am preparing for a necessary, appropriate, and legally justifiable shot from my domicile at one of these beauties nevertheless, on the grounds of self-defense and Castle Doctrine. Anybody know a good pro-bono attorney?

    • The recent pass-over by a high-tech foreign “balloon” may have been like a baseball pitcher starting out a batter with a slow change-up that is well out of reach. Will the next pitch be a sudden strike from a supersonic EMP-bearing his missile? Maybe the balloon itself was a sleeper capable of EMP? Recent revelations of our failure to anticipate something as basic as the Japanese Navy using deceptive radio traffic to successfully conceal the position of their Pearl Harbor bombardment fleet ought to forever put everybody on their toes regarding counterintelligence.

      • I am glad that our military shot down the mystery Chinese “balloon,” and that nobody else had to do it. I was clear out of three-stage Flying Telephone Poles (SAMs) from my gun safe, for one thing, although I at least had the will to launch. Nothing works as well as encouraging Buffalo Bob to light a fire under Howdy Doody. Next time let’s head the mystery guests off at the pass, though. An ever good policy is “Remember Pearl Harbor!”

    • Strategic Steve,

      I was hoping a civilian with a pilot’s license would fly up to the balloon in his Piper Cub (or whatever you call a small aeroplane these days). The pilot would have a friend with a slug-filled shotgun or a rifle along for the flight. The two heroes would fly close to the balloon and the shootist would put enough holes in it to force a descent.

      I guess my wish could not come true because the balloon stayed up too high for little airplanes to fly.

      I hope we don’t get used to seeing Chinese balloons above. Then, one day, we see one balloon up there, but it has a nuclear bomb in it, to be exploded over the middle of America. Then it will be good-bye 2023, hello 1850.

      On August 6th, 1945 the people of Hiroshima, Japan looked up and saw The Enola Gay flying overhead. They thought, “Oh good, it’s just one plane.”

  12. Reading the Probable Cause document is very interesting. I feel somewhat sorry for Reed. She didn’t have the age, experience or gumption to realize that being unemployed beats being tried. If her attorney was sitting in on her depositions, she might want a new one.

    OTOH, it appears Mr. Baldwin is toast so far as civil suit is concerned. On the criminal side, a dedicated prosecutor should be able to successfully assert that his conduct went (IMHO) way beyond simple negligence. Wonder if NM recognizes depraved indifference?

    • “…it appears Mr. Baldwin is toast so far as civil suit is concerned.”

      I am not so sure of that. I understand that Baldwin’s contract, for the Rust Movie. included a clause designed to shield Baldwin from liability. The Rust Movie Production Company may actually be the ones who are “toast” rather than Baldwin himself. See this link:

      If Baldwin wins against the criminal complaints (or pleas them down to a “wrist slap”) and his contract protections hold up, then it is entirely possible that Baldwin will dance away “Scot Free” from this Rust Shooting incident.

      It is possible that, in the end, his only liability will be for his attorney’s fees, and I would not put it past Baldwin to set up a public donation fund to offset those before it is over.

      It may be that Old Baldwin can dodge liability just as skillfully as Neo could dodge bullets in the Matrix! 🙂

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