President Joe Biden, I‘m told, recently said that the mid-term elections which are upon us are the most important of our lifetimes.  Who am I to dispute a sitting President?

They call people like me one-issue voters. No, we are litmus test voters.  We take an issue we know both sides of very well, and use the candidate’s position on it to rate their judgment on other issues we trust them and their advisors to decide correctly for us.

When a politician says they want to disarm potential victims to reduce the death toll of murderous criminals, they’ve told me they’re either too stupid or too venal to be trusted to make good decisions on behalf of the citizenry.

The polls are telling us that election campaigns are running awfully close in critical races around the country. This means that individual votes are particularly important.

Those who contemptuously spell “vote” with an asterisk and encourage others to throw away their right to do so strike me as spoilers, more the problem than the solution.

What say you?


  1. It seems that all elections are “the most important of our lifetimes” but this one is really important. If the Leftist Democrats retain their control of the House and Senate they will consider it a referendum to accelerate their destruction of the core values of our country. You can tell by their never ending stream of shenanigans and dirty tricks that they know the majority of citizens don’t favor what they are doing but they continue anyway. The next dirty fights will be the 2024 presidential race and the need to pry loose the old RINOs from the halls of power and replace them with elected representatives who actually care about their constituents.

  2. The late, great Mike Ryko once did an election time column with the comment: “In most places, if you move or die, you lose the right to vote. But not in Chicago”. While it was a nifty comment on the reputation for corruption that’s been with the city for ages, there’s a ring of truth to it. At least in many major cities controlled by a certain political faction. Once upon a time, I did outer ring security for some major city politicos. Most educational learning what their minions were up to. Hard not be get cynical about the process sometimes. Before the 2020 election a lawsuit forced the County to remove 69,000 people from the voting rolls.

    Jokes about the graveyard vote aside, what really concerns me is the absentee/mail in ballots. I once watched a guy leave the registrars office with 2 boxes of absentee ballots. Allegedly going to assisted living sites. I still wonder how many folks with dementia or in comas “voted”-then and now- with some help.

    Despite my gripes, get your butts to the polls, but PLEASE think before you vote.

  3. TINVOWOOT! Until there is someone to vote FOR I will abstain. If you believe there is a difference, then you should load your firearms with blanks. Both are just as effective.

    • Consider voting AGAINST… please don’t let the absence of “perfect” get in the way of “better than we have now”.

    • I’d say there’s a pretty big difference between Desantis and Crist. And Rubio and Demmings. There are many other examples but I’m a Florida resident and those two in particular matter a lot to me. I’ve already voted early and in person. Standing right next to Sheriff Bob (come take our firearms class and be a better shooter so we don’t have to put em in my jail) Johnson BTW who is not up for re-election this go round but is another example of an election that will matter.

    • whenever there are two options, both of which you could not support, or only one option, one you cannot stand, click the WRITE INI option and put YOUR OWN NAME in. That way the rotten candidate will get one vote against. Not enough to make a big difference, but hey, in any field of candidates there is likely at least ONE worthy of your approval, even if its only for local dog catcher.

      • “Write in” candidates appear to be a local thing. It doesn’t exist in my state. For that matter, only candidates from “recognized (by the state) political parties” are allowed to be on the ballot at all.

    • Mickey Homan,

      I agree. There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This. However, I still vote. Why? A high school band director, and veteran, told me that a lot of soldiers died for our rights. If I did not vote, my conscience would bother me.

      I have heard, “Voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil.” My reply is, “Yes, but less evil is better than more evil.” Here’s a hypothetical situation. I would never vote for Hillary Clinton. However, if she were running against Joe Stalin, then, in that case, I would vote for Hillary Clinton.

      I have bad news and good news.

      The bad news is, that since the DemonRats cheated and stole the 2020 Presidential election, I expect them to do the same now during the mid-term elections.

      The good news is, my predictions are almost always wrong.

    • Friend Mickey, I, too, was once an idealist about voting. I either abstained, or I voted libertarian, or just independent. I admit that I was wrong not to be less active. I now choose to vote for the lesser of two evils between the major parties of choice. I feel that not voting at all would actually be a choice of helping the worst candidates win. I do prefer to vote in actual attendance, and not by mail.

    • I already voted. Besides because too many of my relatives, and I, served to throw it away, even if you don’t think a vote for national candidates makes a difference, there are down-ballot candidates or initiatives to vote for or against.

      Our local state representatives asks, “What is the most important elected office?” His answer is, “Member of the local school board.”

    • The late author Robert Heinlein on voting:
      “If you are part of a society that votes, then do so. There may be no candidates and no measures you want to vote for … but there are certain to be ones you want to vote against. In case of doubt, vote against. By this rule you will rarely go wrong.”

  4. The Left does NOT have history on their side. I recently learned that whisky distillers were the original bootleggers in Scotland toward the latter 18th and early 19th centuries. When The Glenlivet decided to be the first to cooperate with the government and agree to taxation in return for legitimacy, the other distillers were furious enough to threaten bodily harm to the Glenlivet distillers. The GOVERNMENT provided them with arms to defend themselves against attack. If that isn’t solid historical precedent for the right to keep and bear arms I don’t know what is.

    Time to pull the curtain on progressive politicians before they incur even more damage to our freedoms.

  5. I am currently listening to the Audiobook “Rigged”. It is supposedly fiction, but it sounds an awful lot like what may have happened in our last Presidential election. As long as we have the ability to vote we should use it. Maybe it will count or maybe not. If we don’t use it it will count for those whose ideals we oppose.

    • There is no “may have happened” when referring to fraud in 2020. There was very little of anything but fraud!

  6. I wish they would “clean up” the voter registers. Currently some 3.5 million more people are registered to vote in the U.S. than there are live America’s adult citizens.

    there were a bit more than 158 million registered voters in the 2020 presidential election, according to the U.S. Elections Project. 155 million votes were tallied. That is a 98% “turnout rate”. Historical “normal is roughly 60 to 65%.

  7. I hate to agree with Mr Homan, but I’m getting damn tired of voting against someone rather than for someone I can believe in. This has been the case since Ronald Regan. In Texas we are forced to vote for the RINO incumbent governor Abbot who bowed to the Fauci Covid shutdown or a left wing cross dressing anti gun fanatic. I doubt even God can save this nation.

    • That is the nature of a two party system. It is often a vote against someone, or for the lesser of two evils. If you refuse to vote that way, you are, by default, voting for the worse candidate in this current environment.

      As was already said, don’t let perfection be the enemy that allows the evil to persist. Doing nothing allows the evil to grow.

  8. The only real “One Issue Voters” I’ve seen in this election cycle are people who would otherwise vote Republican but believe the one issue of “a woman’s right to choose” is more important than all else. These voters need to follow their vote to a logical conclusion. Say enough pro-choice candidates are elected to pass something like Sen. Lindsay Graham’s suggestion: a law authorizing an abortion in the case of rape or health of the mother. The law goes into effect and someone gets an abortion in Texas, Georgia, Florida, . . . and is immediately arrested and charged. After trials and appeals, the case gets to the same Supreme Court that overturned Roe. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am, the new law is ruled unconstitutional and overturned. We need a constitutional amendment defining the issue of when life begins is left to the states to decide.

    • IANAL, but I know a bunch. They say Roe was unconstitutional because it was NOT a law passed by Congress. A liberal Supreme Court invented a “right” and wrote it into the law of the land, which Dobbs held is beyond their authority.

      If Congress got its act together and passed an abortion law, for or against, it would be Constitutional unless it violated a different right.

  9. America 2020, Brazil 2022. algorithms and AI graphs show how votes are either matched or switched.

    somewhere in the Bill of Rights or Constitution it is implied without the opposing party voting en-masse, the outcome of the election can be challenged and decided by the people.

    voting has become sort of like a religion, too much faith in a system that has flaws and contradictions. i’ll cast my ballot but only because MY little princess will insist i do so, but as for my faith? America 2020, Brazil won’t get us outta this. sad.

  10. I am retired military. An entire generation fought, bled and died for my right to vote, and I will not cheapen their sacrifice by refusing to vote!

  11. There are two ways to view the upcoming Midterm Elections:

    The first approach is the logical, rational one. Historically, in America, the Party-in-Power tends to lose seats, in both the U.S. House and Senate, during midterm elections. How many they lose varies based upon their recent job performance. So, using this historical measure, we can say that:

    1) The Democrat Party is the Party-in-power since they have controlled the Executive branch and both Houses of the Legislative branch of Government for the last two years.

    2) They have done a terrible job. The Stock Market has lost more than 20% of its value. Inflation has tripled. The southern border is out-of-control. Illegal aliens and illegal drugs are flooding over it. Misery is up. Suicide is up. Drug overdose deaths are at a maximum. Crime is out-of-control. We suffered a humiliating defeat in Afghanistan and handed billions of dollars of military equipment over to terrorists. Now, we are now being bogged down in a new, useless war in Ukraine. Our leaders do nothing, but spew lies to the American Public about our problems and their lack of effective action to address them.

    So, by historical norms, the Democrat Party should lose numerous seats in this upcoming election. One would expect the Republican Party to gain control of both the U.S. House and the Senate, albeit, with a slim margin in the Senate.

    However, humans are not really all that logical or rational. Many people lean toward a mystical view of the world. So, to support the desire for a mystical view, I will offer this alternate view of the Midterm Elections.

    Genesis 1:14 – And God said, ‘Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years:’

    The Midterm Election Is set for November 8th.

    The moon (Luna) is the symbol for all lunatics. Hence, the phase of the moon represents the Power of the Democrat Party (The Loony Left). The moon will wax full on November 8th, representing the full power of the Democrat Party.

    However, early on the morning of November 8th, there will be a total lunar eclipse. During this eclipse, the moon will turn Red as Blood (a blood moon – this color is caused by Rayleigh Scattering in the Earth’s atmosphere and is noticeable during a total lunar eclipse).

    Joel 2:31-32 – The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord come. And it shall come to pass that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered:

    Thus, these signs tell us that the power of the Party of the Lunatics, the Democrats, shall be eclipsed on Election Day. The Lord has delivered his Sign in the form of a full Blood Moon which represents the destruction of their power even as it waxes full.

    So, for those that wish for a mystical view of the upcoming election, the Oracle TN_MAN has provided it. 😊

    So, I echo the plea of Mas. Get out and VOTE! Do God’s Will and help to cast down the power of the Party of the Lunatics!

    • TN_MAN,

      Yesterday I bought a whole chicken at the grocery store. I examined its liver and gizzard, and came to the same mystical conclusion you did!

      • @ Roger Willco – As I have stepped into the role of oracle, I see that you have stepped into the role of a haruspex.

        Indeed, examining the entrails of a sacrificial animal is a time-honored method of divining the future. It is a method that dates back, at least, to the Babylonians. For example:

        Ezekiel 21:21 – For the king of Babylon stood at the parting of the way, at the head of the two ways, to use divination: he made his arrows bright, he consulted with images, he looked in the liver.

        While I appreciate the confirmation of a haruspex, such as yourself, I must still place more faith in Biblical Prophecy than in such Pagan rituals! 🙂

        No offense for your divination skills!

    • Yes, and did we not have a solar eclipse, too, not long ago? No opportunity like the present has obtained for getting on the Truth bandwagon. I see that a familiar Alter-Ego POTUS puppeteer of a wooden puppet-POTUS is appearing in Arizona today to put on a show for the current national political party of power. People need to remember that Howdy Doody had a puppet master who pulled strings to make the puppet dance. Nothing that Howdy said or did was original to Howdy. Howdy was fundamentally a dependent robot. And approval from the audience was controlled with signs that said “Applause.” Sort of like the well-greased Media Mob of our present day, eh? Let us vote to shrug off dubious puppets, their questionable puppeteers, and insane “remedies” that, if anything, actually create crisis.

  12. THIS——-> “They call people like me one-issue voters. No, we are litmus test voters. We take an issue we know both sides of very well, and use the candidate’s position on it to rate their judgment on other issues we trust them and their advisors to decide correctly for us.

    When a politician says they want to disarm potential victims to reduce the death toll of murderous criminals, they’ve told me they’re either too stupid or too venal to be trusted to make good decisions on behalf of the citizenry.”

    Wonderful analogy!!! I will use the above from now on whenever I am accused of placing too much emphasis in the importance of our Second Amendment Rights. Not only is the Second Amendment extremely important but you are absolutely right – when a politician has a boneheaded opinion regarding the Second Amendment, they can be trusted to have a boneheaded opinion about all the other important issues as well.

  13. I did not serve in the Army to see this country go down in flames. My wife used to not vote and every time she started to bitch about something with the government I told her to shut up. I also let her know that if she did not vote she had no reason to complain and no voice. She finally got the message and votes every time. Iowa is trying to get the 2nd amendment in our state constitution so we have an additional reason to vote. So get out and vote. We don’t want to repeat the history that Appleseed has taught with the strikes of the match.

    • That has been my response to people complaining, as well. “Did you vote?” If not, they have no room to gripe.

      I’m a conservative voter in a Deep Blue state (as in, Democrat governor, Democrat super-majority in both legislative chambers). I know that most election cycles my voice is going to be steamrolled, and the state is on a railroad track of Leftist/Marxist agenda items. Even so, I still vote, if nothing else so I retain the right to complain.

      (In recent years, though, the Left has gone too far, and this time the Right has a real, non-zero chance at turning some legislative seats AND the governor’s office. We’ll just have to see if the conservative GOTV efforts are enough to overcome the Left’s GOTV campaign, along with the “margin of fraud” AND the margin of error.)

  14. “They call people like me one-issue voters. No, we are litmus test voters.” I’ve always felt this way…. There are idiots on both sides of the fence and not everyone on the right is good on 2nd Amendment issues, but it seems like over 80% of the time, the right ideas align with my values, most notably, gun rights. My wife is a true Independent and I’m proud of her for seeing some good in both sides. Being a “litmus test voter” I don’t ever see me voting for anyone on the left, but I respect other’s right vote as they please.

  15. I certainly understand the frustration of having your only voice overruled and overridden by your neighbors. It’s no fun being the minority party, year after year and election after election.

    That said, vote. Every time. Do not miss any elections if you can help it.

    If we choose to not exercise our rights — especially if a plurality or majority of us choose to not exercise them — it becomes that much easier to take them from us.

    Think of going armed in California. Carry permits were hard to get, and as fewer and fewer people had them and more people failed to see the value in being armed, updated regulations made them even harder to get. California had unlicensed open (albeit unloaded) carry until fairly recently; very few people exercised that right, and so there was very little outcry when the government deemed it unnecessary and removed it.

    Exercise your rights, or don’t be surprised when one day they’re gone.

  16. Besides the national implications in this election, we here in Oregon need to turn out and vote against measure 114 that will enact one of the strictest gun laws in the country upon the citizens of our state! It’s a magazine ban, establishes a permit to purchase system with provisions that allow unlimited time for the police to perform the back ground check and the requirement to pass an “approved” safety class, establishes a gun registration system and more all rolled into one.
    Every vote counts!

    • Adding on about Mz. 114: Prospective gun owners would be required to pass an “approved” safety class administered by law enforcement, but the measure includes no statutory requirement for any class to be “approved” or for law enforcement to offer said class, and (more importantly, IMO) secures no funding to provide it.

      IOW, if a local police department or sheriff’s office wanted to completely shut down future gun ownership in their district, all they have to do is … nothing. If a local police department or sheriff’s office DOES support the rights of their citizens to keep and bear arms, it will come out of their budgets.

      (That is, until another legislative bill or ballot measure is proposed to “fix” this “oversight”, and the Left finally gets to raise or remove the statutory limit on how much the Oregon State Police can charge to run the NICS check. Oh, it’ll be “to cover administrative costs and provide gun safety classes”, of course. Currently by law OSP can charge $10 per background check — at which time they also record the buyer’s information and the make/model and serial # of the gun. The Left refuses to call this “registration” and claims Oregon has no gun registry, but they’ve been itching to raise that fee to $27 [or more] for years.)

  17. Just a little historical note. Last election cycle, one of the Virginia House of Delegates contests ended in a tie. By state law, the election was decided by a coin flip. So, don’t think your vote-or abstention-might not make a difference or that the difference doesn’t matter.

    • WR Moore,

      Every American needs to remember, or be taught about, the Presidential Election of 2000. Before that, I had heard of a few, small, local elections being very close. In 2000, the biggest election we have was very close. Never thought that would happen, but it did. The voting occurred on November 7th, 2000. The Supreme Court ruled the recount to be over on December 12th. So, for at least a month, we didn’t know who the next President would be.

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