If you seek a role model for women, a role model who is brilliant and beautiful, feminine and lethal, you need look no farther than Graciela Casillas.  She’s the only one to win the title of World Champion Woman in both boxing and karate (bantamweight class). She is also a retired college professor.

Bare-handed fighting, knife or stick or gun, Graciela is living proof of what women can accomplish in the various worlds of human conflict. She has lectured female executives and professionals on attitude, as well as professional fighters in the ring and countless students who simply wanted to be able to protect themselves. She is a third-level graduate of my own classes, and when I hosted her to teach her curriculum I had her stay a while extra to personally train my daughters, who absolutely loved learning from her.

I’ve seen this slender woman send 250-pound male body builders reeling with a punch through an airbag, and seen her put a hulking professional football player on the floor in an instant, tapping out like Thumper the Rabbit to make the pain stop. 

I am writing this to strongly suggest you read her excellent book “The Lioness Within: A Woman’s Self-Defense Survival Guide.”  Graciela takes the reader not just into techniques and tactics, but into the psychology, the mind-set of winning a hostile encounter whether the arena is physical or mental.  It is available on Kindle or in paperback.  

Strongly recommended for every female in your life, this book is a testament to the fact that women don’t have to sacrifice grace and femininity to be highly competent in self-defense.


  1. Put her in the ring with some of those transgender girly men who want to compete with with real women.

    • THIS RIGHT HERE takes the cake!!!!! That would be SO fun to watch.
      Personal preference, but I refuse to refer to such wierd creatures as “men”. I Prefer t use the accurate neutral biological term “male”. These creatures are not worthy to be called “men”.

    • I studied with Mas, John Farnam, Russ Lary, and local instructors in NH in rifle and handgun. I would never vote for a Democrat. I have a college degree from one of the high end schools, and strongly support the second amendment. I run my own business, and donate a lot to charities and non-profits.

      I’m also MTF trans.

      Your comments are ignorant, intolerant, and bigoted. They’re not worthy of you guys who are probably outstanding in so many other ways.

      Before you go insulting people, maybe you should get to know a few of us before you pass judgement. You wouldn’t make those kinds of comments about women, blacks, Arabs or Asians. If it’s not OK for them, it’s not OK for people like me.

  2. My money is on Aunt Kamala in a fight. She could even beat Joe “The Big Guy” Biden, who easily defeated the former champion Donald “MAGA” Trump in a rigged election.

  3. Quite an intriguing figure in a remarkable lady. She inspires growth in learning to trust women in general, as well as promoting extra good manners and empathy, or else!. She can obviously knock the average man’s block off with a punch or a kick from the ground, for example. Not that an annoying man’s head would necessarily be her primary target. My first impulse is to begin to look beyond her martial competence towards other exemplary facets that are implied.

  4. If an electro-magnetic pulse, or an economic collapse, reduced our civilization to a struggle between lawless tribes, I would expect women to be the last line of defense against marauders, once their menfolk had been slain. This reminds me of two women who killed soldiers in the Old Testament. You can read about the first one in Judges chapter 4, and the second in Judges chapter 9 verses 50—-54.

    My guess is that God uses women (and baldness) to humble men. The more skills a person has, the more useful to others, and the more self-reliant they are. Everyone should study self-defense and first aid.

    • Roger:

      If the SHTF really bad and most of the world’s population is wiped out, my lovely bride Bertha would be one of the last surviving creatures, along with her bigger sisters Helga and Olga. At 6’8″ and 375 lbs, she can easily take out any human and is rape-proof, or at least no sane guy has ever dared to try, or wanted to, especially after they see her well used fangs and claws.

      Besides firearms which needs ammunition, one should have a good supply of edged weapons also, like swords, axes, spears, and bows with plenty of arrows. Don’t forget the medical supplies and know how to use them.

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