So, I’m doing my first audio book.  Took two days to record it, of the three days it was budgeted for; figure an eight or so hour listen. 

I always knew I had a good face for radio; we’ll see if I have a good voice for radio.

Many thanks to Trammell Starks in Atlanta who did the recording. He is a solid professional at what he does. 

Since it was my first time, I’m glad he was gentle.

It’s the new updated second edition of my 2014 book, “Deadly Force.”  The print version, they’re already taking pre-orders for, in hopes that they’ll be out in time for Christmas.  Go to


  1. I hope your audio book does well. Momma always told me “ I have a face for radio” as well. However my commodious voice ruined my chances of being on radio. However a stint in the Marine Corps as well as Firearms Instructor has been awesome for me

  2. Mas, as someone who works as an admin of a phone and voicemail system, trust me, you have an excellent voice for audio. I found the paperback version, but will the audio version of your book be offered at a later date?

  3. Congratulations! You have what is perhaps the most instantly recognizable voice in the industry. Hear a syllable or two and there’s no mistaken that Mas Ayoob is at the end of that tone. I hope this is only the beginning of a long line of productions. Can’t think of a better way to spend some travel time than by listening and learning from your singular expertise.

  4. I hope Gail can get you hooked up with Audible, my go to source for audiobooks. That will put the power of Amazon behind it, in a very good listening format. Listening to books has become my new form of entertainment. I’ll be happy to purchase the Deadly Force audiobook as soon as it’s available

  5. Maybe for a follow up audio book you could read “The Truth about Self Protection”.
    The print on my copy is so tiny I need really bright light and extra magnification 🔎 to read it.

  6. This is great for those of us that spend time on the road. Everyone on your feed knows your expertise and those that have taken class with you know your command of the classroom. This is a great addition to all you do. Getting on Audible would expand your audience and maybe take their hard left bias a little to the right (correct side?)

  7. Mas,

    You have a fabulous voice for anything except a Betty Boop impression. Hey, I don’t know, maybe you can do Betty Boop’s voice with your falsetto.

    Seriously, if I wrote a book, my first choice for the voiceover would be Russell Brand, because I like his accent. My second choice would be you. If Hollywood ever makes a re-make of “The Ten Commandments,” your voice would be perfect for the words spoken by God. That deep bass is perfect for portraying the voice of God.

    When I was younger, I wrote some songs, and spent some time and money in recording studios. They are wonderful, creative places. I thank Thomas Edison, Les Paul (a.k.a. Lester Polsfuss) and whoever else had a hand in inventing the modern recording studio.

  8. Hey, having sat thru a MAG-20 I’ll definitely appreciate the bathroom breaks on my own schedule for this! Of course I’ll be missing Mas’s cat jokes…

  9. I’ve been narrating for 10 years now, and I would say, based on hearing you on some podcasts, you’ll do just fine. I’ll definitely buy the book. I love audiobooks because I don’t have to find time to read them.


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