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  1. shot my first unclassified last month and it was a real blast.
    used my stock xdm .40 and about 65 rds.
    most fun I’ve had with my pistol since buying it.
    great group of guys. all offered tips to this novice.
    already found 3 clubs within driving distance.
    i think i’m hooked.

  2. Mass,

    The following website hosts a postal shoot monthly during the summer for .22 rimfire, usually challenging and fun. Host’s isn’t quite the right word, he kind of coordinates and other’s volunteer to come up with the targe (from varmits to flies to golf courses on 8 x 11 targets). Something that the Backwoods Home would find useful to keep their marksmanship sharp ( ). He also competes in .22 rimfire stell challenge matches. Also, on the Marlin Owner’s site the Rimfire forum has the ‘Black Death’ challenge for Rimfire that’s also something to check out and try your skill at. (,8096.0.html
    ). Thanks for writing your blog. See ya in the Woods. Tim

  3. I’m been shooting IDPA for a few years and am a Safety Officer. We stress safety and good competition. A great bunch of folks and always willing to help a new shooter. I never win, but always have a good time.

  4. I went to an IDPA shoot once. It was a valuable experience — gave me a chance to discover my weaknesses and also to see how I stacked up against other shooters.

    The problem is that you have to set aside half a day for a grand total of may 60 seconds and 6 magazines of shooting. I wish they had an “Efficient IDPA” for people who don’t have that kind of time….

  5. David’s comment about the time is generally true. We normally have 5-6 stages and expend 100 rounds or so. But it’s a good change to critique others performance and technique. Think of it as a change to watch good shooters from up close and study their moves.

  6. Mas;

    You had a good point on wanting to see long arms. Why should IDPA let USPSA get the 3-Gun crowd? I would love to see practical long gunning incorporated, maybe in side matches like the BUG catagory.

  7. hi massad,

    i’ve heard alot of news regarding freedom of firearm acts being introduced in places like texas and arizona, and i am wondering what your stance on federal laws regulating class 3 firearms such as the national firearm act and related provisions is?

    Do you think that any Freedom of firearm act that does not adress current class 3 weapon laws is falling short?

  8. Ben, I’d like to see the ban on full auto weapons manufactured after 1986 go away. Given the federal restrictions, it’s obviously a “good guys’ sport”…the finite market of transferable Class III arms has also made it a rich guy’s sport.

  9. Mass,
    I shot with you and Gail at the IDPA Nationals this year. Just wanted to tell everyone what a class act both of you are. It’s folks like you who make IDPA a valuable and enjoyable sport. BTW I was the old geezer that bumped into Gail in the shoot house. Take care.

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