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  1. 08/10/10
    Mas, Thanks for the msg about Jackie, I look forward to Backwoods Home each month. I also wanted you to know that I’ve been reading your articles in the different gun magazines I subscribe to for about 10 yrs I guess and I’ve read several of your books. I always learn something I can put in my tool box. I see that you and Gail have been up here in my neck of the woods competing. It sure has been a cooker in Carolina this summer and today broke a temp record.
    You’re one of the busiest guys I know, y’all be safe on the road, there sure are some crazies on the highway today!
    Tony Yates
    4385 Indiana Ave.
    Winston-Salem, NC 27105

  2. If only the MSM (and other self-appointed guardians of good taste) would get to know gun-folk, they’d see a down-to-earth, no BS crowd with the occasional nut for flavor. Yes, it’s mostly white (although I’m not). Yes, it’s mostly conservative. Yes, it’s a lot of people who’d rather enjoy a burger and beer than chateaubriand and Chateau Latour. Those are mortal sins in the eyes of the NYT (although a few Sundays ago, they featured a story on Appleseed which was pretty fair — for them!). Ever since I became a “gun nut,” I’ve seen nothing but courtesy and square dealing from other “extremists.” There’s more personal hate and acid from anti-gun, anti-religion, anti-life folks and it’s getting tiring. This may sound corny, but meeting gun enthusiasts has made me more appreciative of America and Americans.

  3. Mas, I think you are sandbagging us. Saying you got your butt kicked and getting bumped to second place doen’t sound too shabby. You call THAT work. Most of us would make a pact with the DEVIL to have a piece of that work.
    Years ago I had an article published in a Gun-Paramilitary Magazine “Eagle”. I doubt they are still around. I spent about 6 months writing it for $200. Plus I did my own photos. I decided then that I would never be able to make a living at it.
    Friends Of NRA Banquets are indeed, fun and sometimes, if you are lucky, you can come away with a nice prize. The fellowship is terrific and even my wife enjoys it. But then, anytime she doesn’t have to cook, is a joyous occasion.

  4. Randolph Ray – So you were “Eagle” magazine’s other reader! -g-

    I do recall the magazine, in fact I still have a couple of their “Military Intelligence Comix” cut out and kept somewhere.

    Sorry gone OT.

    Mas – Well done on second place, and thanks for the heads up about Jackie. I have left my best wishes for her.

  5. For Fruitbat44
    Hi, Yes that was me, the other reader. My article almost made the front cover. It was titled “.50 caliber Righteousness”. the front cover said Browning’s M-2 .50 cal. HMG “Alltime battlefield Broom”. “Duke”Venturino is just now going through his full-auto phase, I went through mine back in “82.

  6. Chris, checked with the guy in charge. He says some stills were taken, but he doesn’t know of any video. He’s gonna check, though. If you don’t hear back from me here, that’ll mean there isn’t any I can get hold of.