Thanks to all of you readers who wrote in your opposition to the appointment of David Chipman as head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.  The head of a Federal regulatory agency should be politically neutral, not a paid activist carrying the flag of one side in one of the nation’s most polarized debates.  Making Chipman the head of the agency that regulates firearms would have been tantamount to putting a faith-healer in charge of the Center for Disease Control. For those who didn’t know, he was (and presumably still is) a paid employee of the vehemently anti-gun Giffords Group.

Chipman had other baggage that disqualified him for leadership in general. Nonetheless, a groundswell of justified indignation from people like you undoubtedly helped enormously.Chipman is not handling it well.  Check this out, from


  1. It was a slap in the face to propose a man who desires the death of an industry, become the head of the agency that regulates that industry.

    Good riddance.

    But while this is certainly a victory, we as gun owners cannot go back to sleep thinking this is the victory. The Administration is openly hostile to gun owners’ rights, and will try to find someone else just as bad, but without the political baggage.

    Stay awake, stay engaged, and be prepared to do it all again in the next few months.

  2. Since that ploy didn’t work, the next step is for the CDC to declare “gun violence” a national health issue and start figuring out ways to cure us of our firearm addiction.

    • They tried that for years. It’s why Congress passed legislation saying the CDC could no longer spend tax dollars on “gun violence research”. Every effort to “research” the issue, no matter what data set they looked at, concluded the same thing: The only way to reduce “gun violence” was to ban all the guns.

      Congress finally stepped in and decided that funding “research” that consistently recommended abridging and/or removing American citizens’ rights — regardless of the data being analyzed — was unacceptable, and passed that statute. The Democrats hate that law, but it’s not like the CDC covered itself in righteous glory on the issue; they earned it.

      (Contrary to what the Democrats and news media — but I repeat myself — say, they aren’t prohibited from engaging in “gun violence research”, just prohibited from spending tax dollars on it.)

      The question is, will the CDC be violating federal law by spending tax dollars on their “guns as a public health issue” stance, or will that campaign be privately funded (which has its own legal and ethical problems)? If the latter, who’s writing the checks?

    • Right you are, D+P. One of these days the CDC will force doctors to insert a question on the “routine” exam form you have to fill out for your annual physical. It will ask if you or any member of your family owns firearms. My beloved father taught me to never lie, but… that US Army WWII Greatest Generation veteran couldn’t have imagined what we are seeing today. Use your best judgment, fellow 2nd Amendment supporters. Beware.

      • DenverJim,

        Several years ago, my physician asked me verbally if I owned guns. I told him the truth, and warned him not to go against the Second Amendment. I believe he is patriotic, and he is still my doctor.

        I believe lying is OK, and even necessary, in war. The enemy must be deceived. Since we are in a cold civil war, in my view, it is OK to lie to the enemy at this time.

        Some people of Faith believe it is NEVER OK to tell a lie. I would point them to Exodus 1:15-22, where we read about two Hebrew midwives, Shiphrah and Puah, who lied to the government, in order to obey the higher authority, God. Also, in Joshua chapter 2 (the whole chapter) and 6:17-25, we read about Rahab the harlot, who lied to the government for the same reason. She could be viewed as a traitor to her own people. This illustrates the principle that when two authorities are in conflict, the correct thing to do is to obey the higher authority.

        If anyone disagrees with me, that is OK. In America, I let you have your freedom, and you let me have mine.

      • on the few and rare occasions when I DO go see the doc, there are always pages of “questionnaires” to fill out.

        I breeze through, correctly ansewring the MEDICAL related questions I ignore the rest and they have never challenged me on any of it.

        If ever forced, I will tick the NO box. MY safety and privacy trump their basless desire to obtain useless information.
        I am FAR more likley to be physicall harmed by someone else’s gun/knife/club/tire iron/bseball bad, vehicle than my own well kept firearm.

        They are on :need to know” basis, and do NOT “need to know” how much iron I own and in what form I might hold it. I am far more likely to be hurt by other forms if iron lying about my yard….I work on vehicles and there are many here in various states of wholeness ranging from running/driving all the way to a few bits left on the ground after cutting them up. Hah, there is even a fair bit lf lead involved.. old batteries (that DEADLY lead and poison acid, oh the horror!!!) and copper. any idea how many miles of copper wire modern cars have in them? I could start an ammunition manufactory with all that…. so what?

  3. It is a victory that Chipman’s nomination was withdrawn. It will be interesting to see who Biden, or his handlers, replacement nomination is. This administration has nominated left-wing zealots, unqualified morons, and swamp-dwelling political hacks for most, if not all, positions.

  4. “Goodbye, Mr. Chipman.” Oh, I get it. Like the movie, “Goodbye, Mr. Chips.”

    We are told that George Soros backs the pro-crime, big city prosecutors. Maybe Chipman failed because Soros didn’t back him. I don’t know. But, I know Soros funds a lot of anti-American groups.

  5. the REAL problem is this Chipmunk is just one of dozens of moles on the field of the Whak-a-Mole game. He is down… for the nonce. He will almost certainy pop back up elsewhere, and eventuall find an “useful idiot” mole-hole to occupy. Meanwhile Dopey Joey has another fifty or so clonal moles he can trot up from the basement for his next attempt to control BATFto HIS liking. We can all rest assured that one will NOT be to OUR liking……t’wouldn’t be right, per Unka Joey.

  6. Mr. Chipman and any of his liberal friends have a standing invitation for a free tour of my sprawling alligator ranch in the Everglades where the residents would very much like to dine with him. I will gladly waive the admission fee for him if he would gain 50 pounds before his visit 🙂

  7. Since the subject of health care related questions on firearms has been raised, on a separate site some years back, a specialist in medical ethics suggested that the best response to those questions was: boundary violation. The subject is not related to your health.

    On news related to Mr. Chipman and the antics of his supporters/fellow travelers, S&W has announced the relocation of their headquarters and some production to Tennessee.

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