In his 99 years, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, fought for his country with distinction in World War II.  Thanks to for reminding us that Philip said, “A gun is no more dangerous than a cricket bat in the hands of a madman.”

RIP sir.


  1. Say what you will about the British royals, the one thing I have always admired is their military service to their country. From Henry in the blood and mud at Agincourt to Harry in his Apache gunship, they have fought. You used to be able to say the same about our leaders but not now.

  2. During wartime, British upper classes have always suffered disproportionately high casualties. People in their social position took it for granted that they had an obligation to join up and lead from the front.

  3. The Prince’s comments to the BBC:

    “In a BBC interview aired late Wednesday, Philip challenged attempts led by the parents of Dunblane victims to extend some of the world’s toughest gun laws into a total ban of handguns; .22-caliber target pistols stored at gun clubs are still legal.

    Philip said he sympathized with the people of Dunblane, but “I’m not altogether convinced that it’s the best system to somehow shift the blame onto a very large and peaceable part of the community.”

    There was “no evidence,” Philip said, that gun enthusiasts were any more dangerous than people who swing golf clubs, tennis racquets or cricket bats. “I mean, if a cricketer, for instance, suddenly decided to go into a school and batter a lot of people to death with a cricket bat–which he could do very easily–I mean, are you going to ban cricket bats?” he asked.”

    This particular quote is more to the point:

    “I’m not altogether convinced that it’s the best system to somehow shift the blame onto a very large and peaceable part of the community.”

    Whether it is guns, errant police officers, or whatever, the kneejerk reaction today is to curb the rights and freedoms of everyone because of the acts of a few. That leads to the road to tyranny.

  4. The elder Bush, George H. W., lead from the front. Joe Kennedy’s oldest son was killed in WWII. Had he lived, he might well have been president instead of his younger brother, JFK. But that was many years ago. In this country at least, noblesse oblige seems to be dead. What a shame.

    • a 3x convicted felon used an AR to murder 26 peole at church one Sunday monring in Texas. The next door neighbour fired one round from his own AR and ended the massacre.

      WHY do not the American press (not to mention our Pawl a TISH uns ever mention that factoid?

  5. Philip was said to take at least one rifle with him aboard ship on his first Commonwealth tour. Could have been any type. Wondering if it was an SLR in 7.62 NATO. He had also sailed in extreme harm’s way vs. the WWII German Navy.

      • The first Commonwealth tour was in 1953 and the UK adopted the L1A1 in 1954, so a good chance Philip did have a .303 SMLE. A good double rifle in an African caliber would have been good for the South Africa visit.

      • Could also have been the same rifle chambered in the 7.62 NATO and dubbed the Ishapore. I happen to have stum=bled across an orphaned one in a pawnshop. I did not run away fast enough.

    • Being a member of the British royalty, Prince Phil may have packed a best quality Holland & Holland Royal Grade double rifle in .500 Nitro Express, just in case a rogue circus elephant in the ship’s cargo hold escapes and goes on the rampage.

    • Friend Sean, a significant British effort after WW II to choose a 7mm self-loader fell by the way. Douglas MacArthur, seasoned WWI combat veteran, was said to insist on a .30 caliber round roughly equivalent to the standard military .30-06. Now we seem to be planning to adopt 6.8 RPC, pretty close to the 7mm idea.

  6. Check out this absolutely superb Land Rover Defender hearse built to Prince Philip’s precise specifications. What a fine way to go out in low key but well defined style! I really look forward to watching Prince Philip’s funeral that is scheduled to commence at 9:00 Eastern Time on Saturday, April 17, 2021. 🇬🇧

    Royal Navy motto: “Si vis pacem, para bellum” (Latin) “If you wish for peace, prepare for war”

    “Prince Philip: Bespoke Land Rover hearse designed by Duke of Edinburgh revealed ahead of funeral”

    • Personally I’d prefer the venerable and classis LndRover Series II A 109 with Tropical Top and fitted with the Rover 2.25 litre Diesel RHD a given.

  7. The totalitarian ruling class is pushing hard, right now, to disarm the American People. They are dancing in the blood of multiple mass murders and they have loosed the dogs of their “bought and paid for” ruling-class media. The propaganda campaign is in full swing.

    If we are not careful, we will soon follow the path of the United Kingdom and be at the point where even air-guns and kitchen knives are regulated. Like the British, we may find ourselves as “Subjects to the Crown (Government)” rather than as “Free Citizens”.

    Which, of course, is the exact outcome that our current despicable “Ruling Class” desires. They want to be the “Nobles” and they want us to be the “peasants”.

    Or, even more accurately, they want to be the “Shepherds” and they want us to be the “Sheep”. That way, they can “fleece” us at will!

    • Let us defund the defenders of the police and put the money back into our security. Serving timely, appropriate consequences to criminal politicians and their lawless cronies in the city streets is necessary to prevent wholesale social chaos. Every criminal ought to be exposed for their willful lack of “equal” individual responsibility.

  8. Let us defund the DEFUNDERS of the police, not the defenders. Spellcheck may be infiltrated?

    • why I never use spellcheck. both are real words, but SC is too supid to scan for content OR intent.
      Glad you caught that. I wondered what you really meant…..

  9. It is not only the standard “we must disarm all American Citizens to end gun violence and create a peaceful paradise on Earth” narrative that we are seeing splashed across the media. They are also sticking with their “we must defund the police because they are all racist murderers” narrative too. See this example:

    These stories are all filled with lies and half-truths. For example, this quote from the above story:

    “…and Anthony Thompson Jr., 17, a Black teenager in Knoxville, Tennessee, killed by the police April 12 in a high school bathroom after reports that a student had brought a gun onto campus.”

    This half-truth makes it sound like someone filed a false report about a “black teenager with a gun” and that the racist Knoxville Police Department seized this opportunity to take target practice at a black teenager.

    Well, to use Paul Harvey’s tagline, here is the rest of the story: The report was not false. The teenager did, in fact, have a gun and when confronted by police (which occurred in a bathroom) this teenager pulled his gun and fired it at the police. The police officer who returned fire was acting in defense of himself and others. That information did not make it into the story. Why not? Because it would spoil the “racist police murderers” narrative that the lying media want to present.

    How brain dead do you have to be to simultaneously want to (a) disarm the American Citizens of their most effective self-defense weapons, (b) defund and demoralize the police and (c) eliminate bail so that the criminals can be back on the streets ASAP.

    What are the names of these bills that the Left wants to pass? Are they “The Criminal Full Employment Act”? Or maybe the “American Citizen Victimization Act of 2021”?

    If we had “truth in advertising” applied to the bills that the Leftists want to pass, then that is what they would be named!

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