GOP VEEP? — No Comments

  1. Quick Joey, you have become the resident Obama apologist here, and I have no problem with that. Did you notice that I didn’t edit out YOUR posts because I happened to disagree with them?

    I see this spot as an open forum on the Backwoods Home Blogs. In thousands of posts, I have only very rarely decided not to approve a reader’s comment. I’ve approved posts from the New Black Panther Party to sources to the right of Genghis Khan. There were a few posts I deleted from racists with N-words, for example. There was one death threat. There have been a very few people I’ve had to ban from here because they were foaming at the mouth batshit crazy.

    If you have a beef with something a reader posted, take it up with the reader, here. If you have a beef with something I said, take it up with me, here.

    Simple, really…isn’t it?

  2. Mr Ayoob
    As I said it’s your advice that made me write. You said that when someone is in trouble with the police they start looking around for people to inform on. “Those fellows at my gun club; someone said it’s about time O’Bama got shot (ie he said it himself) and no one disagreed.
    So you don’t think being associated with these frankly loony comments is dangerous?

  3. Joey, you get the award for the weakest argument I’ve seen in a while.

    In approving posts I don’t personally agree with, I’m no more “associated with” the poster and his position, than you are, commenting on same.

    Diverse opinions are welcome here. Trolling coupled with specious reasoning, not so much…


  4. Even though Ron Paul is the best man by far, the Military/Industrial/Security Complex would never let him anywhere near the Oval Office. They simply have too much to lose.

  5. Well, Fred, it doesn’t matter if they let him near the oval office, it appears he is taking over the whole party from the ground up.

    Things are changing, just ask all the old, state level, party big-wigs who were in control but are now out on their keysters.

    The internet is not an episode, it is a process. It is unfolding now.

  6. One thought for a GOP Veep that hasn’t been very loud, but I’ve heard in a few circles as being a good option: Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina. He’s a strong, solid conservative with very few controversies about him who’s been a quiet, effective senator that could potentially deliver battleground / ’08 blue state to Romney.

  7. Mas,
    Neither Romney, nor Paul have 1144 delegates. However, it is coming to pass that people understand the delegate process afresh while Paul supporters are taking the majority of delegates in recent elections. The delegate momentum is so far in Paul’s column, that Romney had to send a release claiming victory.
    Romney said the following while signing a gun ban (as Gov of Mass): “These guns are not made for recreation or self-defense. They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people.” Obama passed a bill allowing concealed carry in national parks. I can make a case that Obama has been better than Romney on the 2nd.
    That being said, people realize that Obamney is not desirable in any way and are finding Paul a positive alternative.
    Please review the following before throwing in the towel: &

  8. @Mas

    “Marco Rubio is looking awfully good from this end.”

    He is in favor of treating patients as if they are criminals if they dare to use the medicine that is proven to work for them, and if they produce their own, he is favor of treating them like very dangerous violent criminals. I imagine he is also in favor of treating farmers who grow the best crop possible to restore their land as if they were violent dangerous criminals.

    Anyone who persecutes sick people for medicine and farmers for crops is looking awfully awful from this end. Anyone who lacks the judgment, intelligence, intellectual curiosity and honesty, and other fundamental characteristics necessary to distinguish between right and wrong is wholly unfit to hold any position of power. A prison cell for conspiring to violate the rights of citizens under the color of authority of law would be far more fitting for Mr. Rubio than an office in DC.

    Rubio is also a populist, or in less polite terms, a political whore. There isn’t any terrible idea he’ll oppose if it’s popular.

    “And he seems to be in the right place on issues of gun owners’ civil rights.”

    Emphasis on “seems to be”. There any many possible realities in which the media and then the public turn against gun rights, ie someone assassinates Obama, say with a Florida concealed carry gun. Then Rubio will flip and turn against you.

    “Who’s your choice for the position, and why?”

    No one. I do not wish to choose a master as I do not wish to have a master. I’m not going to endorse a career criminal to rule over me.