1. When using it with the extension for rifles, is there enough room for a 20rd mag with an AR-15? A lot of rifle rests don’t accommodate the magazine space needed for semi-auto sporting rifles and carbines.

  2. Haven’t tried it with one yet, Andy, but I THINK it will. I’ll give it a shot, no pun intended, and let you know.

  3. While this rest looks good,for handgun testing I will stay with my MTM. It folds up in my range bag and that means one less trip, back and forth. Question; why would one want to fire 30 rounds bench rest all at once?

  4. Based on seeing this rest here, and some research, and for $40 via amazon with free shipping, this seemed like a no brainer.

    Mostly injected molded plastic, it’s not too heavy, won’t rust out, and could live in a truck/car without worrying too much about it.

    Overall, it’s not bad, the main two thumb-screws on the adjustment sled even have metal inserts, and a decent pressure fit for the sled, that probably assures a few years of solid use. Can be used for both rifles and pistols. Removal of the storage lid should provide enough depth for AR-15 applications with 20ish round magazines (give or take).

    Only potential use negatives is that the “V”s for the gun are rather hard/stiff, and narrow in the rear. Fixable with some kind of squishy padding for a better seated fit.

    Assembly negative: the front elevation adjustment thumb-screw has a bit of steel galvanized spring inside, with a very cheap E-clip holding it on (which bends easily under pressure)… the galvy spring on mine simply *does not work* and interfers with the gearing, and any attempt to use it, even remove the elevation riser, chewed up the gearing.

    Solution to the above: I had a plastic “cap” that fit over the end of the thumb-screw… so i removed the clip and spring and put the cap on – voila, back to the simple pressure fit they intended. Works, smooth, no interference. a .223 or .308 cartridge sawed off to about 1/4 inch or so, could make a fine cap as well, I imagine.

    The spring will be laughed at for some time 🙂

    So… cheap, good enough, buy one. Better luck on the “spring” than I had…