1. It is ironic that I am being asked to attend a sponsored event of an organization that protects the very people that believe I should not own a gun. Do not get me wrong, I am sure there is valuable information that can be learned here. Unfortunately for me I will never be able to afford their services like you implied earlier. Hollywood stars and the like are for the most part very liberal, and they do not live in my world. Neither do dignitaries and politicians.This seminar offers me a cheaper access to ESI sponsored expertise. The offer is appreciated, but after hotel, food, airfare, seminar cost etc. I could be looking at at one to two grand. Cheap is in the eyes of the beholder, especially in this economy. Thanks nonetheless.

  2. Sounds great, wish I could make it. that’s the stuff we need to know to stay safe. Stay safe, Mas

  3. “Mark” makes an excellent point. Mas.

    Too many people in today’s economy are trying to pay the rent and put food on the table. The idea of attending a seminar in Las Vegas with all the attendant costs (as noted by Mark) is a fantasy for most of us.

    Perhaps you have been living in that rarefied atmosphere as a well-paid consultant for too long to realize there is a huge strata of our society that is just getting by these days.

    Coming up with smaller, local, cheaper options for the rest of us would be much appreciated.

  4. Mark is spot on Mas. No thanks… Why, if we could even afford it, would we support orgs. that protect those that wish to deprive us. Frankly, I am amazed that you will be presenting here. And you know what? For all the low ‘tuition’ leaders, there are plenty of places in the country that would NOT restrict those who are licenced to carry, to do so, especially for a seminar of this kind. Nah…for a 33 year SWAT cop, there are better venues for those who wish to protect themselves…Best, Jack

  5. How much is your safety worth? If Mas says it is a deal believe him. I have attended one of his classes and this is a very good price.

  6. Guys, I hear ya. I only learned a few days ago that the host hotel does not allow firearms. That’s why I made a point of explaining it up front here in the blog.

    By that time, I had already promised Bob Duggan (one of the top defensive tactics instructors around, at least one of whose techniques I’ve been teaching for decades) that I would accept his invitation to speak at this seminar.

    My understanding is that it’s a “host hotel” thing, not a “guy who created the seminar” thing. Bob Duggan knows that I speak to armed citizens, and advocate for them, and I suspect that’s why he told me about the host hotel policy a few days ago, so I could share that with you folks.

    “Total disclosure,” and all that.

  7. Times are indeed rough. I finished my four year degree and can’t get a job in that field. But with a little resourcefulness, you’d be surprised at what you can budget.

    Some people might call me crazy for it but I skip on DirectTV/Cable and whatnot. Saves a good fortune right there. To tell the truth, my fiance and I skip out on a lot of “entertainment” like TV and going to the movies.

    Back to the point, when my fiance and I found out there would be some top notch training coming to our area, we started budgeting like mad to afford it and we did it.

    One bit of advice though, food can easily add up on vacation/training. It wasn’t great but we packed most of our food.

    In regards to the ESI Conference, it looks very interesting but I think I’m going to be passing it up this year. Just did some training recently so funds are a bit low.

    The hotel barring firearms is pretty lame but it seems like that’s Vegas for you. I think the last SHOT show that was in Vegas was also no firearms as well…kind of funny and ironic to me.

    Out of curiosity Mas, is the court material you’re presenting there kind of like the MAG-20 court material?

  8. Mas:

    I just got back from Caesars Palace (no apostrophe) last week and management had no problem with my little LCP for the four nights I was there…of course, I didn’t tell ’em about it, either!


  9. Tim, my presentation will be in a similar vein, but geared to protection of others, and to differing circumstances. For instance, a bodyguard’s job is to get the principal out of danger after he’s attacked, which means he’s more likely to HAVE to leave the scene…normally, as you know, a very bad idea.

  10. Training is affordable.

    Look for local training first. If you are fortunate there is world class training in your neck of the woods, but if not there is likely some training. If you are a casual plinker and hunter than you can get something from the local LE Trainer who runs civilian classes or some such. IDPA/USPSA isnt a bad place to learn weapons handling skills, please lets not talk about tactics.

    After that, keep your eyes open, at least once or twice a year a very good training event likely comes within your reach in a mobile training team format. EAG, Magpul, TFTT, Suarez International, *ahem* Massad Ayoob Group and many others run in this format. Bam, transportation and chow costs are gone, just tuition and maybe ammo.

    After that there is travel. Drive instead of fly, not all training is on the opposite coast. This reduces cost greatly. Considering camping instead of a hotel, cook instead of eat out. Brown bag it during the training. Brown bag it on the drive to and from. There are many ways to save money on incidentals to travel and lodging.

    Finally, save your money and pay for it. We all have different economic situations but most of us can afford SOME training. If you get to a certain level of proficiency in some things you will find it very hard to advance without expert instruction. If you want it bad enough you would be amazed what you can afford.

    Keep it up Mas. The column is always interesting.

  11. You know I had that thought in the back of my head, does a bodyguard sticks around for authorities or gets his principal out of the danger zone. And yup, leaving the scene is a very bad idea. Obviously, if there is some kind of overwhelming danger you would want to consider leaving, but it’s surprising that there still are a number of “instructors” that give horrible Phase 2 advice (if they give any at all).

    Anyway, thanks for the response and the info about ESI. I never even heard of ESI until now, let alone know they were in my state. Might just see about taking a class or two with them in the future (if civilians are allowed… which I think they are…). One last quick question, have you read ESI’s “Bible” and is there anything that might benefit an armed citizen?

    Thanks again