We’ve all heard that amusingly hypocritical line, “Lay in a big supply before the hoarders get it all!”  Indeed, we shooters all lived through that in 2008 and for a good time after.  People who feared the Obama administration would make good on the new President’s previously declared wishes to ban assault rifles bought up every AR15 and AK47 clone in sight, and ammo was so scarce people were waiting in line to buy the six measly boxes that WalMart allowed per customer.  Some of those folks in line were gun dealers, who took the six boxes back to their own shops to sell for inflated prices.

Whether you call yourself a survivalist, a prepper, or simply self-reliant, it makes sense to “buy it cheap and stack it deep” when it’s something you need, like food or medicine.  At least in terms of ammo, it’s too late to “buy it cheap,” but since I need a continuing supply of ammunition for training and match shooting, I’m stacking it deep right now myself.  The rumor mill whispers of coming shortages, due partly to the strongly-grounded perception that the Obama administration’s anti-gun leanings will come out of the closet once he’s re-elected. There are also certain other market factors.  Foreign countries fearful of the second term President pulling US troops out of their countries are rumored to be ordering small arms ammo in large quantities from US manufacturers, who have a finite production capacity.

Much has been made of Homeland Security’s recent contract with ATK for 450 million rounds of Federal HST 180 grain hollow point ammo, caliber .40 Smith & Wesson.  I don’t see that as a harbinger of martial law and civil war as some do. Being in law enforcement myself, I’ve seen the severe shortages that have plagued even police agencies in the last several years.  The contract is for up to all those millions of cartridges, and may mean nothing more malignant than that a huge government agency wants a contractual guarantee that they’ll be able to get enough to train and qualify their people, even if their actual deliveries never come close to the top level to which that contract holds the manufacturer.

If you’re a reloader, stock up on components, particularly primers.  Keep both components and loaded ammo in a cool, dry place.  If nothing else, if inflation runs rampant and turns hundred dollar bills into toilet paper, ammo is always worthwhile for barter…

What’s you folks’ take on the situation?


  1. “even if their actual deliveries never come close to the top level”

    Mas, have you been hiding under a rock for the last half century? Tell me one time that a government agency failed to max out a contract that they had. I worked for the Feds, and for big corporate America. The whole idea of refusing to order something as the cutoff date arrives was an anathema to them. No matter if its toilet paper or ammo. You always get whatever you can. That means the contract will be maxed out in the THIRD or FOURTH year. Then they will cry and extend it, up the volume etc for additional years.

    Also is there any way we civilians can write off ammo purchases as a business expense on our taxes like you guys do?

  2. While I would be among the last to trust politicians and bureaucrats, I agree that the contract between ATK and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) isn’t a big concern. Consider that DHS includes armed officers in the Secret Service, Customs, Immigration, Border Patrol, TSA (thousands of armed airline pilots), and the Coast Guard. That’s a lot of personnel who need initial and recurrent training as well as duty ammo.

  3. Sage advice Sir, but hopefully any gun owners that lived thru the last shortage learned their lesson already. New shooters should take heed though.

  4. I suppose your need to stock up depends a lot on how much you go through. If one is a person who stocks up for “the dark day” then I would tend to have a supply for use then and a separate supply that is practice use. Obviously not everyone goes through as much ammo as someone involved in competitive shooting but I can’t imagine not having a “basic” supply in the celler although I do know people who own a firearm and who I doubt have even 2 boxes of ammo in the house. Others on the other hand….

  5. Long Island Mike asks,

    “Also is there any way we civilians can write off ammo purchases as a business expense on our taxes like you guys do?”

    Oddly enough, brother Mike, there just might be. It will key on some element of your income deriving from guns and shooting. If you’re a firearms instructor, if you write or blog about guns, if you’re involved in armed security where you work, or if you declare income from winnings in competitive shooting…YES, your expenses related to that (including ammo, training, guns, match fees, relevant study/reading materials, etc.), probably ARE deductible.

    But it’s something you have to discuss with your accountant or CPA, ’cause that’s above my pay grade here…


  6. Interestingly enough I just went to my local dealer today to pick up a couple boxes of 9mm and he told me the same thing. Prices are up and supply is down. 223 is especially short of supply in both ammo and reloading components,

  7. Mas,
    I also sense that tremor in The Force, and not just in that part that deals with ammo supply. I finally acquired my long sought after Kimber last weekend and began shopping for 45 ACP reloading components. I was surprised to see that dies and other pieces and parts were out of stock at many of the large online suppliers. I finally located what I needed but found prices trending upward. I noticed that Ruger production is backlogged and that they have stopped taking orders for some products. At the same time, their stock prices are skyrocketing. The number of NICS checks just this past March are 20% above last year. Prominent pro gun folks and agencies, including the NRA, are suggesting (and possibly provoking) new concern over increasing threats of gun and ammo regulation. You don’t need a calendar to tell that it is an election year. Even though I don’t believe most of the provocateurs, I feel I am being sucked into the resulting panic buying vortex. I will be restocking and stacking reloading components a bit higher and wider than normal this year. I am hoping for a change next year (God, slap me for using those two words).

  8. Primers are already hard to find in my neck of the woods. Bullets are going higher everyday, powder is about the only thing that has not tripled. I have watched ammo prices go up a dollar a week in Walmart. Just a few years ago I remember .22 going for $9 for 550. Now they are $22. Just ordered 1000 rds of 40 brass and I pick up all I can find at the range. I have some stacked up but I will buy more as I can. Ammo is like money, never can have enough.

  9. the walmart i went to in iowa had a 2 box limit. i couldnt find .380 for 16 months. the local dealer was charging $40 for 50 rds of fmj.

  10. Better still don’t vote the guy back in! Who would believe 60 years later our country is gone to hell. All these American lives lost in two World Wars, Vietnam, Middle East. For what?? A Dictatoship! Every generation looses a little freedom. Stack it high but if the DOJ with Holder has his way we will lose the rest of our gun rights.

  11. I’ve spoken with three shop owners in the last week or so, and it seems like most of the buying are first-time buyers. Complete guns (ARs in particular) are in very short supply, but components are still fairly easy to find, so those who wish can still build their own.
    The components also dried up in ’08, but for those with the resources and desire, the means to DIY are still there–for the time being, at least.
    30rd AR mags are getting scarce, but 20rd (my preference, BTW) are still available.
    Last thought: Back in the ’90s, ‘primer control’ was floated as a means of controlling firearms. The idea was quashed, but it showed that there is an awareness of where the choke-point is for firearms-related activity.

  12. Since crime by most statistics is at an all time low, no politician can justifiably can get up in their soapbox and declare that guns need to be restricted even further. Not unless more of these mass shooting gunmen continue to make the press. Otherwise, the whole panic is in my mind very much “2012 End of the World as We Know It” driven. Anyone else around during hmm say… Y2K? I think folks would settle down more if instead of focusing in on their gun/ammo stash they put more into getting to know their neighbors, joining the local Grange, and any other community of sufficiency minded folk that will give them a sense of resiliency. Otherwise, all the more reason to train and lean on my MK III .22 :-p

  13. When I first got my CCW and rotated my ammo/magazines for the first time, I found myself without my choice defensive load for +6 months. I’ve learned my lesson and have a nice reserve stored in dry boxes with desiccants.

    Now whenever, I see my carryload on shelves, I buy it all up. I must admit it’s fun responding to “How many boxes do you want?” with “All of it.”

    I’ll probably grab a bit more ammo but I’m almost at my storage limit. There’s only so much room in my apartment…

  14. Not to worry! Our benevolent Dear Leader will protect use from any harm, so there’s no need for stocking up on such violent means of mass destruction as guns and ammunition. I trust The Messiah completely when he tells us he will defend our Second Admendment rights to possess guns for hunting non-endangered species and extremely radical conservatives, and any other legitimate purposes he and his pro-gun Attorney General consider appropriate. There’s no need to freak out and obtain massive quantities of serious caliber firearms, extra magazines, ammunition, reloading components and equipment, spare parts, cleaning and maintenance supplies, and other gun related accessories.

    Whoops! My mistake! I forgot today’s no longer the first of April.

  15. I think the rush on guns and ammo is likely more caused by the reporting on the impending shortage than by people worried about the next administration or end of the world. It is a self fulfilling prophecy. News reports that guns are getting short in supply, so everyone who was on the fence previously runs out and buys their guns. Ammo scares even easier. Some people can afford to purchase more than 10 X the amount of ammo they usually get to stock up. I’ve been hearing stories of retailers reserving ammo for family and friends, so it never even makes it to the shelves.

    I’m sure many people are a bit concerned about another 4 years of Obama, and the new prepping shows aren’t helping either, but ultimately, I’d be willing to bet that the rush on the market is primarilly caused by reporting about the rush on the market.

  16. As the military is being pulled out of places has always been a good time to buy. You can find hard to get items like tracer or penatrator rounds. Recent statments by high raking government officals have the public left people wondering what is really going on. A declining dollar is producing higher oil prices. Higher fuel prices are causing other prices to rise, sucking money out of the “recovery”. In short the idea of a “zombie uprising” once laughed, at now suddenly seems to make about as much or more sence that our political leadership. Don’t stash it all in one place 😉

  17. Roger: change comes at the barrel of a gun 🙂

    Mas, I agree. Ammo is always in demand no matter what the political or economic situation. Best to stash some while you can. I consider ammo and investment.

  18. I will try not to address anything too specifically here, because the general principles I’m trying to impress should be kept that way: general.

    Let me be the first here to say that I am DISGUSTED by the amount of fear-mongering I have seen from “conservative” political/news sources over the last couple years.

    That’s not to say that some fears/predictions are not justified- certainly many are ultimately proven to be righteous (the Constitution-destroying efforts of Obamacare and Gunrunner being the two most obvious in my mind)- but the fact of the matter is that the signal to noise ratio is something like 1:10 right now.

    Day after I day I find myself deleting some “conservative” warning emails outright just by the way the subject line is written. Anyone else here know what I’m talking about? It’s that type of behavior that we should be avoiding; never-ending, gratuitous, knee-jerk fear-mongering. You’ve surely heard of the term “war profiteers,” right? How does “desperation profiteers” sound?

    My suggestion to people being bombarded by these sources is this: figure out what they’re trying to get from you. If it’s a letter-writing campaign to your representatives or an invitation to attend a community meeting (at no out-of-pocket cost) and discuss grievances, great. If it’s the 45th request for a donation, or a demand that you pay an outrageous fee to add your name to a petition or fax-sending campaign, stop and think. If the source sends you only 50% political information and the other 50% is product/service sales info on the latest public and/or internet fad, stop and think.

    Everyone’s BS filter should have been on “very high” since early 2008 if it wasn’t already…and remember: a filter is useless if you don’t apply it to ALL incoming information. Friends and family sometimes unwittingly pass on fear-mongering garbage too, you know.

    I’d like to sum this up by saying I am no friend of the Obamanation administration- impeachment and prison time would be GENEROUS compared to what I think the majority of them deserve as a result of their actions- but by the same token, “conservative” sources doing incessant squealing about trivial things or building MASSIVE threats out of problems and issues that sometimes don’t even exist…well, they make us out to be a laughing stock to the left as well as among any other rights/liberty supporters who can think clearly and see through the BS being shoveled from EITHER side.

  19. Gander Mountain online has the lowest number of firearms for sale that I can ever recall. As of this morning 56 handguns avaliable for online order. Usually there are 300 to 500 handguns there. You cant find a lower price semi auto rifle anywhere. 223 is getting hard to find as well. No wonder people are stocking up, the GOP is running their second and third string candidates against one of the most ruthless political machine that has ever existed in American history.

  20. Don’t know what it’s like in other parts of this great land but here in Montana it’s a buyers market for both 223 ammo and ARs in general.

    My dealer friends are stocking up for the very same reasons Mas mentioned (hope its ok to cal you Mas), but oddly the biggest change is even our local (but big box-like) sporting goods store is going Class 3. Local competition between class 3 dealers is new territory for us.

    I predict some interesting times ahead both in the general ammo dept. and with class 3 items. Imagine the Sunday newspaper ads filled with ’06 rifles, sales on 9mm ammo from who-knows-where, and plenty of supressors.

  21. When all is said and done and either President Obama or whatever obama-lite candidate the republicans field is elected. We should all try and remember that a lot of the vocal minority dosen’t share our views on firearms and self-defense. Most of these people are happy to shirk their responsibilities and surrender their rights to have others protect, feed, and shelter them. The don’t see the need for me to own a .40 for self defense. Or understand my wish to buy a box of 30-06 for deer hunting. They don’t want to understand how I feel it is my responsibility to defend my family and myself. Even in a semi-rural area my local law enforcement is still 30 miniutes to 1 hour away. And that’s in an emergency when seconds count. I am sorry for the political bend to my post. Mr. Ayoob I have to whole heartedly agree that right now it is best to buy guns and ammo. Even at a box of ammo every payday. Or a couple of boxes of primers and bottles of powder with your tax refund.

  22. I started buying a few new black guns a few years ago, and had no problem except for the exact configuration I wanted, but rationalization allowed me to purchase them any way. Dunham’s has Eagle brand .223 on sale every other month or so, and I bought .308 surplus last fall, not always in stock and the price is climbing as well.
    I recently bought a Tanfoglio in 45 ACP and 22 LR. Pretty good deal for the money. I have gone to Ebay to find dies, and got a 4 die carbide set used. Still looking for a sizer die and top punch. Lee molds are very inexpensive and I will start casting again pretty soon. I have noticed that powder prices are a lot higher than they were a few years ago. Anyone have any recommendation on some of the surplus powder that I see for 45 ACP loads?
    My local Farm and Fleet store got some 380 ACP stuff in while I was there… I bought 100 rounds and so did the guy next to me. At that rate it would be gone in about 10 minutes…

  23. I’m another who doesn’t see anything ominous in the large DHS order due to the number of agencies under their umbrella. I also wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some padding to let them cover state & local agencies if another severe shortage It was nice having occurs.

    That said, I’m overdue to inventory what I have on hand for ammo & mags so I can remedy shortfalls or increase my stockpile as required.

    Back in 2008 I only bought a few bricks of 22 but shot as much as I usually did (which wasn’t anywhere near what I should be due to working too much). It was nice having the stock on hand to help out friends too.

    I’ve had low light concerns floating around the back of my head the last several months, no idea why. I’m good on lights & lanterns so have started looking into tritium sights for my defensive firearms. Since try to look long term I’m also looking at the tools I’d need to safely install them myself.


  24. Since I’m in the ammunition industry…

    yeah, real shortages, 5.56 ammo prices are high enough that it’s not worth it to even stock the cheap stuff, as it’s no longer cheap. Better to just sell the domestic brass-cased stuff, as when you’re choosing between expensive ammo and expensive ammo, it just doesn’t pan out.

    The large DHS order is a non-event.

  25. I’m all for stocking up on ammunition, reloading supplies, and guns, especially semi-auto pistols and rifles in military calibers and scoped rifles that can hit small targets at long range.

    However, don’t forget other needed items also like food and water to last at least several weeks in case of dire situations such as natural disasters, power grid failures, transportation problems, a financial crisis, race riots, terrorist attacks, an EMP strike, etc. Keep a good supply of things you need everyday, such as batteries, toilet paper, flashlights, and maybe a few jerry cans of gasoline with fuel stabilizer added for your car or generator, just in case, and rotate them regularly. Some battery operated, handheld radios in case of a communications breakdown could come in handy too. Plus, don’t forget an alternative type of currency or bartering items, in case of a longer term, excrement-hits-the-fan type emergency as our current fiat money would be practically useless except for use as toilet paper.

    We live in dangerous times and it’s better to be called “paranoid” than be unprepared. Building an extensively stocked, bombproof underground bunker is optional of course. Who knows? Maybe the zombies will be attacking soon and coming to a place near you.

  26. As a friend of mines says.. if things go the way we all think it will.. bullets will be the new ammo and guns will be the new barter.. Ive stocked up on the ammo I need.. I like the 9mm 40S&W 45acp and all.. but Im more of a High Power shooter myself.. My 357 mag.. 7.63×25 and 22 mag have all the ammo I can ever need.. few thousand rounds each.. I have hundreds of 30-06 300 win mag 270 and hundreds of shot shells.. all accumulated throughout the years.. mostly reloaded myself.. but heres the kicker.. how much ammo is too much? When will I ever be able to carry even 1000 rounds of ammo let alone the amount I have.. the average person can only carry about 25lbs of ammo on a single haul.. and thats still a tough job..

  27. You guys have it all misconstrued.. 1) the government does not use Hollow Point ammo for Protection or Target Practice.. 2) DHS is not ordering these rounds to protect civilians, these are round that are purely made to cause irreparable damage and kill.. 3) even if there were 2.2 mil totaled agents in all branches of DHS thats 250 or so Hollow Point Rounds per person.. Why do they need Hollow Points??

    BTW air line pilots and air marshals cant use Hollow points.. they use specialized rounds that do not penetrate the inner shell of a plane

  28. Scratch that.. I thought they switched out from hollow points to frangible.. seems its the other way around..

    Question for Mr Ayoob..

    Mr Ayoob.. What would be the need for an officer to use a 357 sig round traveling at 1500 fps?? The penetration of a bullet traveling that fast is too high in my opinion

  29. Recent shows here have had PLENTY of semiauto tactical rifles – especially of ARs.
    Prices, though, are up considerably on AKs – but ARs are down in price for “no-prestige” brands.
    Ammo availability is fine – with great variety at shows. Availability also fine at Wal-Mart stores here – but variety there poor. Prices up – but same with EVERYTHING made from or with petroleum or with high shipping costs.
    Plenty of handguns – great variety – at shows around here.

  30. Having followed the ammo market for some time, I note that Wally is behind the price curve because they are still selling their last train load purchase and seem to not be profitteering. It is fact that much of their brand name guns and ammo are of inferior quality as often reported. Why? Most stores and online pricing has doubled recently, and some common loadings are 4 x the price of 8 yrs ago on . Facts are that new and used gun availability has almost disappeared, as has ammo components at shows, stores, and online, and suppliers report recent acquisitions sold out in 5 minutes…. Also I reiterate that owning 40 guns and 400 pounds of ammo makes bugging out in minutes difficult. Defending your local perimeter is moot if 20+ thugs come to take your house, and rape your wife and teenage daughters. A better plan is needed. Paranoia? Think Gulf Coast, Watts, Twin Towers, earthquake, asteroid, EMP…. if nothing happens, what have we lost? Most believe the present administration will reign another term and that 21 Dec 2012 will be the “end of civilization as we have known it.” Civil war is imminent? The old BOOMERS have had the best time to have ever lived in the USA. God Bless America!

  31. Add this: “cop classic” K-frame and J-frame revolvers from the glory days of S&W abound – at great prices, well under those for most good new semiauto pistols. These revolvers are easy to shoot well, forgiving of ammo differences.
    SKS rifle no longer a good buy – as it’s pushing AK price range. Days of an SKS “used” for $160 with $40 of good Russian ammo included are long over. Get AK instead.
    AR prices way down due both to generic parts situation, glut of parts – and the demand for piston-type rifles now depressing demand for the older impingement design.

  32. Regardless of why the panic buying is happening (2012 scare, Obama, reporting on same) it is happening. Buy what you need before you need it…but *always* pay cash. It’ll be way too easy to locate the “hoarders” of supplies (and not just ammo) via credit card records.

  33. I have hoarded a huge supply of Coca Cola and marshmallow Peeps of both chick and bunny versions in pink and yellow, so I’m all set for any kind of apocalypse, not to mention Easter.

    In addition to my Ruger 10/22 and a brick of .22 LR ammo, I have a couple of bags of bamboo darts for my Cold Steel blowgun and plenty of yellow tree frog poison and greasy bacon drippings to tip them with, depending on the religious affiliation of my target(s).

    If all else fails, I have a large color photograph of Janet Reno to easily frighten off all but the most hardcore, fanatical barbarian.

  34. As we prepare for home invasions, muggings and terrorists, we should also consider the likely things that will cause our individual demise. Heart disease, complications of diabetes, kidney failure, cancer and auto accidents will figure in many of our departures from this world. We look at all sorts of dangers that will impact our lives, but the most certain one you will see in your mirror. I expect most of us will bring our own end as a result of our lifestyles and a lack of exercise.

    Anyway, for those who fear the shortages, well, the adaptability of humans is one great strength. People will create shortages that will look bad in the near term, especially if people panic. It reminds me of the toilet-paper shortage joke made on TV years ago. It was just a joke, but the panic created real shortages for a few days.

    With this election, I hear the extremes on both sides. I have friends on both extremes and each are so deeply worried about dangers lurking out there. I guess it is just the way we are. We just have to worry.

    One day, we complain about not being able to heat our homes. We find vast amounts of natural gas in the United States. Are we happy about this? No, we are worried that we are creating earthquakes in the mid-west and maybe we need to scale back. People are not dying from many of the things they were of in the past. So now, there are too many old people and the medical system is unable to profitably serve their medical needs.

    The market will continue to fluctuate and we will continue to complain and fear.

    I think the last time we faced these fears and controls about firearms, I was stationed overseas. This time around, the greatest shortages I have seen are financial. Costs are up on food and fuel, my medical copay is increased along with my insurance cost, etc.

  35. WildBoarsUnlimited, I’m not quite sure what your point is, but:

    ” . . . 1) the government does not use Hollow Point ammo for Protection or Target Practice.. ”

    The only online source I’ve found about rounds expended in training by Federal Officers is a document dealing with contract security officers for the FAA: https://faaco.faa.gov/attachments/Section_J_Att_J_10_Firearms_Qual_Std.doc which specifes, for a fifty-round qualification course, “the same type of ammunition that will carried on post ” I *gather* that training with what you carry is pretty much standard these days.

    “2) DHS is not ordering these rounds to protect civilians, these are round that are purely made to cause irreparable damage and kill.. ”

    Errr . . . what is, say, a .45ACP FMJ round is supposed to do?

    The contract is for a *maximum* of 450,000,000 rounds delivered over between one-and-five years. http://online.wsj.com/article/PR-CO-20120312-904181.html It’s not for 450,000,000 rounds in one year.

    As an aside I’m reminded of Frederick Forsyth’s novel ‘The Dogs of War.’ A very good read IMHO. In it there is question raised about a suspiciously small amount of ammo allegedly ordered by the Iranian Police (the novel is set in 1973) the suspiciously small amount of ammo? 100,000 rounds of 9mmP.

  36. If you’re a compeditive shooter, hunter, or large scale recreational plinker, I get why you need to buy a thousand rounds before the price jumps. If you’re going to shoot the ammo anyway, might as well lay it in at a good price while it’s still around. There is a point of diminishing returns though. As has already been noted, you aren’t going to be able to bug out of your home with 20 long guns, 40 hand guns, 25,000 rounds of ammo, replacement parts, reloading components, survival gear, and food stuffs. If you aren’t going to get the training to use your chosen shooting iron and aren’t going to use the ammo, then you’re basically laying it in as an investment.
    I’m all for reasonable precautions. I’m not for encouraging people who have no real need or desire to buy up stocks out of fear. That just drives up my cost to no purpose. I haven’t been able to find .45acp glaser around here in for ever (the suppliers just don’t have it.) If you have a reasonable need, that’s cool. Seriously though, if you don’t than stop bogarting my hobby.

  37. Did we learn anything from the last two big shortages? One is get good and practice with your guns *before* ammo is hard to find. The other big one most people miss? Buy a gun or two in unpopular calibers. Back 4 years ago it was hard to find 9mm, 380, 38, 45, 40, caliber pistol ammo. But guess what? There was plenty of 41, 44, and 45LC still on the shelves. Same for calibers like 25.06, 303 brit, 300 savage 30.30, 22-250 etc. Expensive yes ,and probably too expensive to practice with. But there was still ammo on the shelves just in case. One of the items that fueled the big scares was the legislation that was trying to be pushed to serial number all ammo and register each box to the buyer. This is till being pushed by Bloomberg in New York. The law was drafted to make owning or shooting an un sreil numbered numbered round a felony. So if that is the case, what use is it to horde ammo? You can’t fire it, even to hunt with. You could not fire it at a gun club either. No legal gun club will allow its members to commit felonies on its property. If you went out in the hills to fire it and were caught you were facing years behind bars. If you were pulled over and even had one stray un-numbered 22lr round rolling around under the seat you are going to prison for years. Plus the fact that if you were caught with it they were going to do a SWAT raid on your home to look for more. Then do a asset forfeiture on your home, bank account and contents leaving you and your family destitute unable to fight them in court.. Everything you ever worked for would be gone and you’d be behind bars. So much for hording.

  38. I attend numerous gun shows every year and I really don’t see a shortage of AR’s. Every show I attend seems to have a good supply on hand.

  39. +1 Troy (above). i’m still shooting what’s left of my Y2K stash.
    it’s really sad to see the retail price stickers on the ammo boxes.

  40. I was in Bi-Mart today (a Pacific NorthWest membership general merchandise chain) and asked at the sporting goods counter about ammo availability.

    The guy said they had good supplies of every thing except .223 and 5.56. He said the government is buying up all of those.

    I didn’t think to ask about prices on what they did have in stock but it is probably up like every where else.

  41. Regarding Massad’s advice to re-loaders, I have to add: the federal government makes shipping primers a hassle. That means fewer suppliers, and higher prices. The little, unseen inhibitors dry up supply–and that seems to be the intent.
    I expect ammo supply to “dry up overnight.” Except, we all seem to know it’s coming.

  42. Can someone please produce the evidence of O’Bamas anti gun measures in this administration? Claiming everything he’s ever spoken about liking, is a firm commitment to ban everything next term is absurd.
    If you think every time a politician says ‘I’d like to….’ and expect that to be carried out later; you are in for a lot of dissappointments.
    My Ayoob; like the NRA is touting for the republicans based on exaggeration.

  43. “[Barack Obama and Joe Biden] also support making the expired federal Assault Weapons Ban permanent.”


    Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban


    Some might say “so what?” to a new Assault Weapon Ban. The previous AWB covered magazines with +10 ten capacity. Seeing how broad and general the last AWB was, it seems reasonable to think the next AWB would be just as bad, if not worse.

    Speaking of the previous AWB, Biden helped write that piece of legislation as well. Not to mention Holder’s whole ATF thing that just happened (did anyone see the piece about Holder saying he was willing you brainwash the public to be anti-gun?)…

    If your Vice-President and Attorney General are rabidly anti-gun. Even if we ignore part of your campaign included an AWB AND you mention working on gun control “under the radar”, it’s not too promising.

  44. “Can someone please produce the evidence of O’Bamas anti gun measures in this administration?”

    Obamination is a Communist, and as other Communists and totalitarians such as the Nazi’s have banned private ownership of firearms you can take it to the bank that he will do the same when he thinks the time is right.

    I don’t have the item on hand any more but he was quoted saying to Sarah Brady that he was working on anti firearms issues on the QT.

    I take that to mean the “Fast and Furious” program that was going to be used by the administration to “prove” that firearms needed to have more regulations imposed because the Mexican drug cartels were getting their firearms from U.S. dealers.

  45. First, I have a question I hope to get an answer for:

    I carry an extra mag in my front pocket, sometimes the hollow point in the top round gets packed with pocket lint.

    Is this considered a barrel obstruction?

    If so, is it a high priority worry, er I mean, concern, or is it a low priority concern?

    Second, I notice just about everyone on this website talking about stock piling ammo, as is true on many websites.
    Is it lost on People that those who might wish to boss around you all against your wishes didn’t notice that too?
    Doesn’t an alarm bell go off when bureaucratic organizations are equipped as if they were an army?

    Lastly, ScottieG59 wrote, “So now, there are too many old people and the medical system is unable to profitably serve their medical needs.”

    This is whatchya call a “meme of the Power Elite” … as if this is somehow a failure of the market and not a symptom of goberment meddling?

    If you haven’t spent a few minutes over at The Daily Bell, perhaps you should, and make up your own mind as to what’s what?

    Push will soon come to shove, as it does with all bullies. Submit or resist. At the same time, the ability for them to act like they can “protect” will diminish, so security is in your own hands, same as it ever was.

    Of course it would be far better if everyone wised up and walked away and started something new and better and more peaceable. Wouldn’t that be cool, secession and nullification:

    Secession: The Hope for Humanity

    However; based on things like the lack of reaction the administration has towards certain things, and the intense hostility others such as the New Black Panthers and the Neo-Nazis has, things seem to be coming to a directed boil.

    See: Trayvon Martin and the Cult of Government Supremacy

    Heck, Next Time: … They’ll Just Send In The Drones

    Walter Williams wrote an article once about a neighbor building a cannon and aiming it at his house. How is this is any different considering everything else they’ve done i.e. V.I.P.E.R. checkpoints and the promise to expand them likely using newly purchased bullet resistant sheds with stop and go lights; thieving T.S.A. pervs gone berserk nonstop; the likelihood of being forced to buy health insurance; the possibility of having all older cars being outlawed; the solid reality of farmers having their livestock taken without compensation or due process; searches of innocent individuals everywhere without warrants? And on it goes…

    To think that things aren’t going to come to a head, and a collapse or default of some kind isn’t eminent, seems sort of naive.

    “There is going to be a government default at some point. Tens of millions of these people will lose their jobs.”


    It seems to me the goberment is preparing for the inevitable:

    When Government Safety Nets Break

    “When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall.
    And down will come baby, cradle and all.”


    Anyway, I was just looking for an answer to my lint question. Hope you don’t mind my input and will consider the links.

    After all: We Are All Prisoners Now

    And, whoa: How Things Change Out From Under Us

    All I can say for certain is: Quietly, Quietly, The Revolution Arrives