The last entry in this space addressed making sure we had ammo that was going to work.

Of course, the other half of that is firearms we are sure are going to work.

Which means cleaning. Lubrication. Springs replaced at appropriate intervals, and all of that.

Those who are mechanically inclined enjoy that sort of thing.  Those of us who aren’t…don’t.

I addressed that recently in my monthly column in Guns magazine.


  1. My policy is to clean and lubricate my firearms after I shoot them. It does not matter if I shoot hundreds of rounds, as in a training class, or just a partial box of ammo at the range for practice. If I dirty it, then I clean and lubricate it once I get back home.

    I won’t say that I love cleaning guns, but I don’t hate it either. Firearms interest me so I am OK with breaking them down and cleaning them.

    With practice, it generally does not take too long to do. Many of the new semi-automatic pistols are designed to be super-easy to field strip for basic cleaning. I have actually timed myself to see how fast I can field strip some of them.

    The easiest is my FNX-40. I can field strip it in 10 seconds flat. I can reassemble it in 25 seconds. The old-style firearms are, typically, slower. It takes me about 60 seconds to field strip my 1911 clone (with full length guide rod). I can reassemble it in about 130 seconds.

    In my experience, it takes at least twice as long to put a firearm back together as it does to take it apart. That seems to be a general rule that governs many aspects of life. Just ask people who have gone through a divorce! 🙂

    This is off-topic, but what do the readers of this blog make of this breaking news?

    If this criminal was not robbing the bank, then what was his idea? Suicide by cop?

    Perhaps more details will come out soon to provide an explanation. Most of the time, the Anti-American Media gets details wrong as they breathlessly rush to get the story out there.

    You know their motto. If it bleeds, it leads!

    • TN_MAN,

      Very odd story. Look how much time passes, also. I am afraid to comment on motive, because nothing I’m thinking of makes sense. I would want to hear from the police, and people who knew the perpetrator. We definitely need to hear his history. Maybe the cops should do their own reporting. Allowing the media to report news is pretty pathetic these days.

    • @ Roger Willco – Yes, this story gets stranger and stranger. See this update:

      Why shoot him as he exits the bank (if this update is not false!)? It sounds like he had already released his hostages unharmed. Will the media turn this into another “hands up – don’t shoot” narrative?

      I think that the police may be making a mistake by sitting on this story. It makes it look like they are covering something up. IMHO, they ought to take Mas’ advice, hold a press conference and get ahead of the story.

  2. I’ve mostly had handguns with fixed barrel (HK P7, Heritage Stealth — like Wilson ADP, Bersa in 22 LR) and Kahr, which seem to be not so touchy.

    About twenty years ago I began using Sentry Solutions dry lube exclusively. It seems to me that if all the lube is completely dry, there is nothing to prevent the ash and unburned powder from just falling out, perhaps helped by a nylon brush. The only malfunction I experienced that required cleaning to fix was when too much ash got lodged in the striker assembly (possibly because not all the original oil had been removed).

    Every few years I would just open the gun, brush it out, and apply more dry lube.

    Any ideas why this approach is not more popular? Is it that a gun used for heavy training requires more protection from wear?

  3. In the winter when the range is closed, I find myself cleaning guns that don’t need it just for the chance to fondle them for a while.

  4. Decades ago, I was introduced to a product called Dri-Slide. It’s a dry film lubricant suspended in an evaporative carrier. Goes on wet, dries to a lube that doesn’t attract/hold things like powder flakes/grains, sand, etc and sheds water.

    It used to be widely available, the last batch I bought (a case) I got from an industrial supplier. They do have a website ( I’m not sure if the stuff available in high end bike shops is the same stuff.

  5. I see that a bear killed a Soldier yesterday on Joint Base Elmendorf/ Richardson. Said Soldier was reported part of a small group when the attack occurred. Too likely the group was just unprepared. Full details are not yet forthcoming. Would be good to know if the victim were male or female, and whether anyone in the group was adequately equipped to stop a bear. Once I was on a bus to Fort Richardson, talking to a Soldier mess sergeant who had recently been assigned there. I asked what kind of defense he was provided with vs. bear. Bear, he asked with a shiver, there are bears here? Obviously an uninformed mess sergeant’s worst nightmare. For Pete’s sake let’s make sure our troops are ALWAYS adequately armed. Training camps need spherical security as much as anybody else.

    • Former Canadian Ranger here. When we were on exercises (northern areas) we always had our service rifles ready and with us, plus never went out alone no matter what we were doing. Elsewhere, the Danish Sirius patrols are armed with 10mm Glock 20s for a reason. It’s too bad Canada doesn’t see fit to safeguard the troops in the same way.

      • I know that Yukon depends heavily on its Rangers for tracking down missing people or anybody else in the bush. The Rangers’ tracking ability the best possible and nobody is as capable as they are at quickly maintaining the peace if necessary. I hope that their small but extremely dedicated force is being equipped with the best military tools available in order to deal with developing threats.

    • Strategic Steve,

      From John Farnam I have learned that our military doesn’t like armed troops. They are afraid of negligent discharges, which will end a commander’s career faster than a jihadist shooting unarmed soldiers in a stateside fort like Fort Hood. Today, I would not even be surprised if there are “woke” military members who would have been more upset if the bear was killed instead of the soldier.

      Now, I don’t know all the facts. The attack occurred on the Fort’s property, right? I do know Alaskans have Constitutional Carry. Is it possible that the troops can carry guns off post, but not on post? That would not surprise me.

      • Roger Willco, likely GIs are still required to keep personal firearms on base with the military armory. The US Forest Service and Alaska Conservation authorities would be good for the military to consult regarding weapons for predator control beyond pepper spray.

    • Hmph. If I were in the military and stationed where bear are common, I rather expect I’d be taking some steps to invite one of them to a barbeque with some of my fellows. Bear is mighty tasty. Far better than most military chow. (some of which is most definitely misnamed)

  6. The military always had a way of “encouraging” the rank and file to clean our weapons. I can’t imagine anything worse than needing to fire a weapon and having feeding problems due to gummy action, bad feed, rust, or whatever. We got to discuss how to treat weapons about two months ago and everyone seemed to agree with gentle handling and fair treatment of their personal firearms. I tried a new gun oil called Dr. Jim’s, I don’t know if anyone else has seen or tried this oil yet, so far no complaints. A bit pricey.

  7. The Marine Corps taught all of us at the range in recruit training (boot camp} to clean our weapons as soon as we leave the range. I even learned that as a Scout.

  8. I have always enjoyed disassembling & cleaning guns, mine & anyone else that would let me. Learned in the Army to clean, inspect & lube our weapons before anything else. Even though I know that you don’t need to in many cases I still do it. I have lightened up a lot on barrel cleaning over the years. I try to clean & lube carry guns & inspect carry ammo at least once a month.

    • ” Learned in the Army to clean, inspect & lube our weapons before anything else.”

      How else do you acquire the perfume of Hoppes #9 to attract members of the opposite sex?

  9. I clean my carry handguns and defensive long guns immediately after getting back from the range, but my fun guns can wait a day or two unless they have a blued finish or are very expensive/collectible. I completely tear down my 1911 primary carry piece for cleaning and check each part for wear every time I shoot it. All my other handguns and rifles are just field stripped for normal cleaning but I do take them apart completely every 3-4 times I fire them.

    With modern smokeless powder and non-corrosive primers, there’s no rush to clean firearms unless they get wet or are exposed to something which would cause rust. Of course if one has the time after coming home from a long day at the range, it’s best to clean the guns as soon as possible.

  10. “Those who are mechanically inclined enjoy that sort of thing. Those of us who aren’t…don’t.”

    So that’s why you married the evil princess.

    I never understood marrying for money, but marrying for an armorer’s certification makes some sense.

  11. The main reason for the “mandate” of thoroughly cleaning guns immediately after a shooting session was due to the historical use of corrosive primer compounds and black powder, both of which can cause serious barrel pitting. Modern primers and powders are not corrosive, so no need to clean as frequently. Mas, your friend Bill Wilson has a video in which he describes his cleaning schedule for his handguns – wipe the majority of the carbon off and lubricate every 200 rounds, then do a more thorough cleaning with solvent and lubricate every 700-800 rounds. Works for me – guns work just fine with some dirt/carbon on them as long as they remain lubricated.

    • What you stated is true. I clean my carry guns immediately after getting home because if I get into a situation where shots are fired and I didn’t fire my pistol, there is no way I can be accused of shooting as my guns are clean. Carrying a dirty, fired gun will not brand one as guilty in a shooting incident because a powder residue test on the hands will prove otherwise, but having a clean gun makes it less of a hassle with the cops.

      I always try to avoid unnecessary trouble whenever possible and not get involved in the legal system in any way as it’s expensive and the outcome is mainly a gamble considering the current political atmosphere.

  12. Well, in my view, it pays to have your firearms cleaned and ready. Hopefully, the ammunition is purchased and stockpiled too. We are coming into the midterm election season and it is likely that the American Left will arrange another “Summer of Love” in a bid to desperately hold onto power.

    I am not the only one thinking these thoughts. See this article for a similar view:

    The George Floyd riots and burnings, whipped up during our last election season in the Summer of 2020, served the American Left well. Combined with Covid-19 and 2,000 Mules, they succeeded in removing the “Bad Orange Man” and installing the “The Old, Senile, Corrupt Dude” in his placed. In the immortal words of Washington, D.C., the American Left can say: “Well, he may be a SOB but, at least, he is OUR SOB!

    The upcoming SCOTUS decisions on abortion and the 2nd Amendment will provide the excuse. The Left will provide the protestors and the funding for the riots. Their hope will be to fire up their brainwashed base and turn them out to the Polls this fall. That, combined with the usual vote rigging, mail-in-ballots, and dead-people votes, may bring VICTORY home once again.

    The only thing to stop it will be the American People finally waking up from wokeness!

    • TN_MAN:

      The liberals aka The Dark Side, does not worry about the upcoming election in November 2022 because before that happens, some incident(s) will occur which will require people to vote by mail giving them an opportunity to cheat again and retain their power, if not win by a landslide over the ignorant peasants who clings to their bibles and guns.

    • TN_MAN,

      The hypocrisy of the Left-Wing Media has grown to monstrous proportions during this baby formula shortage. I don’t know much about baby formula, but I do understand marketing.

      Imagine if Donald Trump was President during a baby formula shortage. The news anchors would stand up behind their TV desks and howl about what a baby killer he is. That’s right. Pro-abortion news anchors would call Trump a “baby killer.” The Left would marshal millions of women into the streets to protest how Trump is killing the babies of minorities and the poor. But with Biden as President, there is no alarm. The story is being reported, but there is no drama.

      • Roger, I tell my friends who have babies that need formula to drive down to the Mexican border and pretend to be sneaking into the USA. They will get all the baby formula they want. I wouldn’t doubt Aunt Kamala, who replaced Uncle Sam as the face of America, contracted with baby formula producers to buy up their supplies of product so they can feed the kids of illegals invading our country.

        Remember a few years back when the government purchased many millions of rounds of .40 S&W duty ammunition, much more than they could possibly use. Since then, most government agencies have switched to the 9X19 caliber and no longer need that huge quantity of .40 S&W ammo. Where is it? Why have they not sold that ammo to recoup some of the money spent buying it? Did the government spend many millions of tax dollars to just keep ammunition from reaching the hands of American gun owners? One can only wonder.


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