1. Mas thanks for staying on top of the 2A issue. Most important is to remember that Globalists want the guns before they can move forward. Of course they own the lockstep media and these “mass shootings” are fiction. If we check the forensics the stories fall apart.

    Suggest search “crisis actors” .

    These people won’t back off. I keep this in mind.

    • David, I am from Pgh,Pa and can assure you that The Tree of Life Synagogue shooting definitely occurred.Police were injured saving lives and 11 people lost their lives including 2 brothers with special needs. The shooter went to high school with friends of mine. I had other friends that went to funeral services for the dead. The President came to comfort the wounded. There was nothing fictional about that Saturday. I support the 2nd amendment without question,but don’t tell me or anybody else in my city that what happened last October was a lie.