1. It is amazing to me how women carrying changes people’s minds on the issue. Somehow, as long as it’s a bunch of rural, middle class white guys who want to own guns, our claims of wanting a weapon to defend ourselves can be dismissed. But when you start having women say the same thing, people take them more seriously.

  2. Mostly, gun rights, which actually are human rights, are abhorred by the MSM and leftists. There was hardly a blip of it when NH just overrode the governors veto of castle doctrine.

  3. “His reading was that fully automatic firearms didn’t make the cut, but the AR15-type rifles, being commonly owned by American citizens, did.”

    …and that’s part of the problem. Fully automatic firearms- and all other items covered by the Unconstitutional NFA ’34- ALWAYS deserve to “make the cut.” If it can be used by a person for self-defense and/or defeating a (tyrannical) government, it is protected by our 2nd Amendment rights (and, by association, 1st Amendment rights). Done. End of discussion.

    I am sickened by the fact that it takes a series of weak half-measures to gain full recognition of our rights that never should have been restricted in the first place. The Congress directly following the one that fronted the NFA should have immediately repealed it.

    Being under an invariably corrupt and incompetant government, though, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised where we are today. Here’re some “half-measures” that ought to at least put us on a clear path to restoring our rights (since repealing the NFA outright seems unlikely anymore), not necessarily in order:

    1) Re-opening the machine-gun registry
    2) Ending $200 tax stamps for all NFA-designated items
    3) Ending finger-printing and local sherriff qualifier requirements
    4) Removing all SBR, SBS, and AOW restrictions

    See if the NRA will support any of the above. I know the GOA will. I know all freedom-loving, Constitution-upholding gun owners do. I know this is achievable in my lifetime.

  4. @Mike- The double standard kind of sucks, but I honestly don’t care. It furthers gun-rights so I’m happy.

    @Jack- Try reading the UN Universal Human Rights. It’s 30 something “universal rights” without one mention of self-defense, let alone owning firearms. The Founding Fathers did a much better job laying out our rights. I just find it ironic that the UN can list all these rights without any mechanism of maintaining them.

    @Andy- Got to love those gun laws. A 16 inch barrel is okay but drop it down an inch and it’s an extra deadly SBR!