For many years now, the Gun Rights Policy Conference has brought together hundreds of gun owners’ civil rights activists, with leaders in the movement sharing the secrets of how they’ve been victorious at local, state, and national levels. The event is brought to you by the Second Amendment Foundation and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Last year, the pandemic forced us to do it virtually.  Bad news: much personal networking lost. But the good news?  The online format allowed us to reach thousands instead of just hundreds.

For that reason, along with the COVID concerns, we’re doing it virtually again later this month.

Sign up here: .  Set the dates.  It’s free. 


  1. CPAC Rocks!

    OT: Next Saturday is the 20th anniversary of 9-11. I’ll be teaching a Texas license to carry a handgun class. (It seemed appropriate.)
    Regardless, given recent events and the present administration’s handling of them, I would suggest not loitering near any venue or celebration that might be a potential target.

    • @ Cold Pizza – Well, your selection of acronyms certainly illustrates the contrast between the left-wing and right-wing worldviews.

      NAMBLA – An organization that perfectly illustrates the predation, sexual perversion, moral decay and general, Satanic “turning-away-from-God” (in favor of self-centered human pleasure) of the left-wing mindset.

      NRA – An organization that devotes itself to responsible gun ownership, Civil Rights, individual liberty, patriotism and civic virtue. An organization (which I grant is not perfect and has its flaws) that, nevertheless, illustrates the many virtues of the right-wing mindset.

      I congratulate you on such a succinct illustration of the evils of the Left versus the goodness of the Right.

      May God uphold the Right!

      • I could see the most esteemed prophet Mohamed being a charter member of NAMBLA. According to what I’ve read, he sure likes them young and virgin 🙂

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