OMG…there are HOW few shopping days left ‘til Christmas?  And there are “gun people” on your Christmas list?  And you’re a gun person yourself (or else, why would you be reading this blog?), and other folks are asking what you want for Christmas?

One thing I can suggest is the Panteao Productions series of videos.  You can stream them to the computer, or you can order them on DVD.  Ordering info, and the whole catalog, can be found at

Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, I’ll mention that one of those vids is mine, on the topic of home defense.  But I’m just a drop in a great sea of talent that Panteao founder Fernando Coelho has put together.

You’ve got flicks on how to win action shooting matches of the IDPA kind, by top guns like World Champion Bob Vogel, National Champ Tom Yost, “Super Dave” Harrington, and more.  I’ve shot with these guys and seen their presentations, and I can tell you you’ll get a lot out of what they have to say even if you have no intention of entering competition.
Paul Howe has a neat flick on how to run the M16/M4/AR15 platform with speed and accuracy. I showed that to my sweetie’s grandson a while back when we were getting him ready to go to USMC boot camp. He qualified Expert there.  Need I say more?Thinking about putting together your own AR-15? That’s the “in thing” today, kind of like decades ago when it was so popular to buy an old military surplus bolt action rifle and “sporterize” in into a hunting gun.  The latest Panteao vid has masterful Colt armorer Dean Caputo showing you how to build your own AR…and Dean, a gunfight survivor and veteran cop, also has Panteao vids showing you how to disassemble (and, more importantly, reassemble) the pistol that saved his life in a shootout with multiple armed gang-bangers, the 1911 model.

There are too many solid experts on the Panteo pantheon to list here, but I can tell you that I’ve seen most of their training films and gotten a lot out of them.

Stay tuned for more holiday season gift suggestions.



  1. Any old “cop classic” Smith & Wesson J-frame or K-frame in .38 Special or .357 magnum that’s to your liking.
    It’s better than anything S&W now makes – and fantastic for introducing new shooters to bigger-than-.22 handguns.

  2. Ouch Mass, your hurting my feelings of youthfulness.
    I’m one of those who, back in the late 1950s, bought a Model 1903 Springfield from the NRA, for about $20.00, and had it “Sporterized into a 7 X 61 Sharp and Hart (The predecessor of the Remington 7 MM Magnum), by an exWeatherby factory gunsmith.
    And, this rifle was extremely accurate and I used it hunting for many years, and found it to be the equal of any of the current “Minute of Angle” rifles made today.
    Also, agree with Matt, give me a S&W Model 19, with a good trigger job and after factory tuning anytime.
    Actually, way back then, the factory Model 19s came with a very good trigger and timing, without needing to be tuned up, like you need to do the current batch of factory guns, now-a-days, just to make sure they function properly.

  3. Another gift idea is a membership in the Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network. I gave my father & little brother memberships last year (as well as myself) and have renewed them all this year. Yes, this is a gift that you hope never is used but it’s comforting to know it’s there if needed.


  4. Great idea on the training videos. My Surefire x300 Ultra just arrived today. Long back order on those things so order now for Christmas.

    Next step? A Panteao view on home defense. Got any suggestions ));- )

  5. I don’t have an AR; I have a Ruger Mini-14. When people ask me what I want for Christmas (or birthday), I tell them I’d like a 30 round magazine for my Mini-14. I have yet to buy one, which solves the problem all the AR guys talk about which is how much they cost!