Candace Owens is a young American voice on the right, a black voice all too familiar with a certain political party’s history of treating her people, going all the way back to the first days of the Ku Klux Klan.  She founded Blexit, the movement which encourages African-Americans and other minorities to leave what she calls the “Democrat Plantation” and vote conservative.  In her recent book “Blackout,” she recalls her grandfather’s stories of the children hiding under beds when the Klan shot up their neighborhoods, and relating to her, “And my daddy would grab the shotgun and shoot back at them boys.”

In her very early thirties, Ms. Owens and her generation have learned something that many generations of African-Americans learned before them:  when ugly waves of racial hate-motivated terror arise in this country, the human targets of that hatred may find themselves on their own.

In his 2014 book “This Non-Violent Stuff’ll Get You Killed: How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible” Charles E. Cobb, Jr., an African-American National Geographic Staff writer and former field secretary for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, says:

“…as William Faulkner once put it, ‘The past is never dead. It’s not even past.’’ Cobb notes, ”Journalist William Worthy learned as much on his first visit to the (Dr. Martin Luther) King parsonage in Montgomery. Worthy began to sink into an armchair, almost sitting on two pistols. ‘Bill, wait, wait! Couple of guns on that chair!’ warned the nonviolent activist Bayard Rustin, who had accompanied Worthy to the King home. ‘You don’t want to shoot yourself.’ When Rustin asked about the weapons, King responded, ‘Just for self-defense.’ They apparently were not the only weapons King kept around the house for such a purpose; Glenn Smiley of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, who during the Montgomery bus boycott advised King on techniques of nonviolent protest, described his home as ‘an arsenal.’”

After tracing the long history of black American using guns to defend themselves against night riders and lynch mobs, Cobb said of the 1960s: “Although new federal laws were forcing white violence underground, so too were black-owned rifles and shotguns. ‘Nighttime marauders had learned to keep a more respectful distance from their targets because the targets were increasingly prone to shoot back,’ notes Charles Payne. Night riders could not be certain that they would not get killed by the blacks they assaulted. Since the end of World War II, black veterans had been consistently proving themselves willing to repel violent attack with gunfire, which helps explain why night riders turned to drive-by shootings – not lingering on the scene – or to bombs planted beneath churches and homes in the dead of night.”

Pundits have noted that a surprising number of traditionally Democrat voters in the African-American community voted for Donald Trump in the 2020 election. One wonders if gun owners’ civil rights issues might have been one reason for that…


  1. Candace Owens is fabulous! She always makes highly intelligent, thoughtful comments when I see her on TV. Resistance to bullies works! I’m sure Holocaust victims wish they had been armed as they watched themselves get herded onto the trains and and into the gas chambers by ARMED guards.

    • As you may well know, during WW II a small number of armed Polish Jews in the Warsaw ghetto held off a superior number of German soldiers for several weeks until they were finally conquered due to a shortage of guns and ammunition. Imagine what hundreds or even thousands of well armed Jewish resistance fighters with a large supply of ammunition would have done to the German invaders? Of course they still would have lacked cannons and tanks to counter the Nazis who had heavy weapons and aircraft at their disposal, but the cost of soldiers killed and wounded would have set back the Germans greatly.

  2. Laws that restrict gun ownership are inherently racist. The first ones were specifically intended to disarm freed slaves or to make it extremely difficult for them to defend themselves.

  3. Treblinka did have a revolt where some of the prisoners got handguns from the locals. Most were killed by the SS but the ones who were armed made it to freedom. Hoping and praying that we (conservatives) don’t have to relive that nightmare.

  4. The Candace Owens show at Prager University is very interesting! She usually posts her show on Sunday. She interviews very timely and fascinating people! She can be found easily on U-Tube.
    Thanks Mas, for featuring her.

  5. She is a great voice in the political arena . I get her daily emails. She’s a straight shooter and is opening the eyes of the minorities.

  6. If we allow the marxists to disarm us, we will end up being herded onto those “re-education” trains ourselves! Our freedom is an incredibly fragile thing.

  7. Thanks Mas, Candace Owen is indeed a treasure, and deserves the exposure. Here in Canada, we are also experiencing a gun ban attack on our firearms and right to own them. Please remember, not everyone in Canada is anti gun, or anti American.
    As a poster above stated, freedom “is” an incredibly fragile thing. It is so easy to lose or give away, and incredibly hard to impossible, to get back once it’s lost. Better and far easier to fight to for it, while you still have it, than fighting to regain it once it’s lost!

  8. I’m a Candace Owens fan. She’s teaming up with the Daily Wire so we can get some better source of news and conservative friendly commentary.

  9. Candace is one of my most favorite commentators. She is well versed on the issues and does not take any nonsense from the fakers.

  10. There has been no group of Americans, who have suffered from the hands of the Democrat Party, as much as African-Americans.

    Our children are no longer taught American History. One reason for this fact is that a true understanding of American History would include the following:

    1) It was the Democrat Party that supported Slavery in the Antebellum South. It was the Republican Party that supported the limitation and eventual elimination of Slavery.

    2) It was members of the Democrat Party that established the Ku Klux Klan and used their terrorism to try to control African-Americans with fear. Fear (and fear-mongering) has always been a prime political tool of the Democrat Party. It was not something that they recently invented when Covid-19 arrived on the scene.

    3) It was members of the Democrat Party that wrote the “Jim Crow” laws in the Old South.

    4) It was members of the Democrat Party that destroyed the system of black education and the black family with their welfare state disguised as a Civil Rights Movement.

    5) It is the policies of the Democrat Party that puts, and still keeps, African-Americans in inner-city ghettos and that sends their children to failing public schools.

    Candace Owens is an African-American who’s eyes are open to the crimes that the Democrat Party has committed against her people. It is a shame that the eyes of so many other African-Americans are still closed and their minds still deceived by the propaganda and indoctrination of the Democrat Party / American Left.

    The Democrats want to keep African-Americans asleep and robotically supporting their left-wing policies. Thus, their efforts to replace education with indoctrination. Is it any wonder that American History is not taught? That you could ask many young Americans such basic questions as:

    1) Who did America fight in the War of 1812?

    2) In what year did the Civil War begin? What started it?

    And 9 out of 10 could not provide even halfway accurate responses to the above questions.

    The American Left wants the population “dumbed down”. Why? Because an ignorant population is easier to control, that’s why!

    • Answer to question #1

      Liechtenstein. Their navy was especially formidable.

      Answer to question #2

      2016. Donaldmir Trumpolov who wasn’t civil to his very well mannered and benevolent Communist/Democrat critics.

      Next time, ask some harder questions.

    • Ask them a hard question like “When was the War of 1812″ Or ” Who is buried in Grant’s tomb” (ht: Groucho Marx.)

      • You’re mistaken, Richard. Grant’s tomb is the final resting place of Harpo Marx and his devoted wife, Marilyn Monroe 🙂

  11. Her testimony to Congress about the perceived threat of white supremacy is priceless. She basically hands every loony leftist there a verbal beat down, including Congress. She was especially blunt to the young, smug, blond leftist sitting next to her. Don’t know if I can share a link here, but I’ll try & if it’s not OK, I’ll understand:

  12. The United States currently has an incredible resource: Hundreds of thousands of men & women, of all races, trained in battle over 20 years and armed with modern weapons and plenty of ammunition. All of them having sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution and defend this country. What do Biden and the Democrats want to do to them? Confiscate their arms, imprison them and murder them if they don’t comply…insanity.

    Think history isn’t repeating itself? The Governor of New York State and the Mayor of New York City are threatening to arrest and imprison Jews for the crime of…attending a wedding. God help us all.

    • America does have a large number of gun owners who are well armed and many have been trained to fight by the military or have law enforcement experience. However, an evil government doesn’t need to fight all of these people. It just needs to make an example of a few vocal opponents and most of the rest will fall in line. Like many animals in nature, they will watch one of their own meet a terrible fate and not do anything as long as they are not directly threatened. People are the same, unless they know for sure they are the next victims. The reasons are many. Some may be scared while others are concerned for their families, who will suffer with the loss of a father or mother trying to defend their Second Amendment rights.

      The Revolutionary War was fought by a small percentage of the American population. Back then, almost all men had a rifle or shotgun for hunting and defense against criminals and Indians, but few used them against the British. If even half the colonists went to war, the forces of King George on American soil would have been wiped out a couple of weeks. The militia, comprised mainly of tradesmen and farmers only fought when they had time or after the crops were harvested. Only the small standing army under General Washington were full time soldiers.

      Unless a malevolent government begins rounding up gun owners en masse and killing them most people will not actively fight back, and turn in their guns, hoping they will be left alone to take care of their families because they have something more important to lose. The few true patriots will resist and many will die to defend their rights. Liberals are either stupid or evil and the latter, who make the decisions, will not attempt to immediately ban guns outright and start a revolution. They will do it a little at a time and when the population finally figures out what’s going on, it will be too late for them to stop the Dark Side.

      • Tom606,

        I think you are right. In addition to all you wrote, I would add that it would take an especially heinous act to motivate many of us to leave our comfortable lives. We might have to fight like the terrorists fought our troops in Iraq. Work a normal job during the day, then try to kill infidels at night or on the weekends. You know, a part-time war.

        I have more thoughts on this subject but I am not going to put them on the Internet.

        It sure is frustrating to see how many victories the Left has, and how weak the Right is. There is crazy talk about defunding the police, but no one even suggests defunding the government, or making it smaller, or making it stop overspending and increasing the debt. What good would having a sound money system do us if politicians overspent anyway?

        Oh well. I guess I should be glad Trump gave us a four year respite from the Far Left’s policies. We could be starting Hillary’s second term now. Half of America seems to be in love with the idea of big government. Yuck!

      • Roger, you’re correct in watching out for what you put on the internet as I’m sure the government is monitoring everything that’s on it and may use any statements made by folks they don’t like as evidence of their speech “crimes” in the future.

        Liberals are successful because they don’t play by the rules and will do anything underhanded to win, their philosophy being “The ends justify the means” as they believe they are doing what’s good for everyone, whether the ignorant peasants want it of not. That’s how arrogant they are, believing they should make the life decisions for people they deem too stupid to think for themselves. Bloomberg thinks his subjects drinks too much pop, so he bans big cups of sofa. Cortez thinks (or claims to) that humanity will burn alive from global warming, so she will reduce us to living in the stone age for our own good. Others want us to wear face masks 24/7 and even while taking a shower or brushing our teeth, so they would mandate it.

        Personally, I’m for hags like Hillary and Nancy wearing masks and better yet, burkas whenever in public so as not to frighten little children, especially Hansel and Gretel.

  13. Ms. Owens is one of the few pundits I can tolerate.
    She takes no bovine fecal matter from anyone and says it like it is. God bless her!

  14. I don’t know how my name got listed as, null, but I was the poster of this and not ashamed of what I typed.

    “ November 25, 2020 At 12:02 am
    Ms. Owens is one of the few pundits I can tolerate.
    She takes no bovine fecal matter from anyone and says it like it is. God bless her!”

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