1. Good observation! I never directly saw any protestors – guess they had all gone home by the time I was out. It was great meeting you at NRAAM 2014.

  2. Dang, missed em again this year… And you’re right they were probably bussed/flown in.

  3. Bloomberg must be running out of money if that’s all he could bus in. Damn sparse crowd.

  4. No Sir, I did not see any protesters, and I was at the NRAAM Friday and Saturday. As a native of the Hoosier State, I was quite proud of the warm welcome from the City of Indianapolis. It was great meeting you at the 2014 NRAAM.

  5. Actually…those bozos would probably be more at ease with gun friendly people….but a pay check is a paycheck..hey??

  6. What kind of flag was that in photo 5? Looked a lot like the footprint of the American chicken. Saw much of that in the late 60’s and 70’s Makes me want to send them in harms way, probably drop their gear and run.

  7. Do they see the brain dead reasoning they exhibit? Men with guns protecting them but they don’t want we the people to have that freedom by protecting ourselves. If they were bussed in they are money prostitutes for Bloomberg. Meanwhile nearby there were tens of thousands of guns over 9 acres with 70,000 people and no crime. More guns=less crime. Where have we heard that before? Meanwhile in gun free Chicago there were 40 shooting over Easter weekend. What do these gun grabbers want they want America to be a gun free zone. Thus they want more unarmed and helpless victims or sitting ducks and more killings. Mexico being a gun free zone is a scientific experiment in action. Yep, that sure works in gun free Mexico.

  8. Darn, Mas…You always have the most fun. Al we could find by way of protesters was four rather lame Lyndon LaRouche supporters. But it was nice seeing you there again. Peace out from your favorite (I can hope) one-legged shooter.

  9. Bloomberg set up an office here in the state of Georgia because of HB60. It was changes that took off firearms laws from the 1800s and added a few up to date. Don’t know how much Bloomberg spent here in the state of Georgia but he got a black eye when Gov. Deal signing it into law.

  10. unconvincing comments, generalizations,name calling, mis-characterization of why people die in war…these snide reactions are lame. Most of us like guns because they are cool. Right?