No wild New Year’s Eve parties for the old guy tonight. They were fun in days past, but at my age I could break a hip…

Hope it’s been a good year on your end.  Has been on mine, for the most part. Survived a helicopter crash.  Welcomed a fourth grandchild. Every case I was involved in had either a favorable resolution, or a postponement requested by an opposing side not eager to face losing. I’m hoping for the same in an attempted murder trial scheduled for mid-next month.  Another year exactly the same, preferably minus near-death experiences, would suit me just fine.

Resolutions? No time for it at this time last year.  Couple years ago, resolved not to buy any new guns, but instead work on the ones I had.  Managed to actually hold to that through third quarter 2012. 2014? Will probably just “keep on keepin’ on.”  Am currently more concerned about finding more ammo than finding new firearms for myself.

Have tested some new guns about to come out. Non-disclosure agreements require me to go no further on that, but will be able to share with you here in a week or three.

On gun owners’ civil rights issues, we can expect another contentious year.

On New Year’s Day, let’s not forget those in our lives who didn’t have a 2013 to be grateful for.

Just because I don’t have any resolutions, doesn’t mean you don’t. Feel free to share those – and your hopes and predictions for 2014 – here.

Happy New Year!


  1. Best wishes, Mas, to you and your family for a safe and prosperous 2014. I hope to see you at the NRA Meetings in April and maybe at another class in the new year.

  2. Happy New Year to you and the Evil Princess! The RedHaired Devil and I plan to settle in with a bottle of sparkling cider and a police scanner.

  3. Mas –
    A very happy and safe New Year to you and yours. Just purchased and downloaded the “Ayoob Files – 1985-2011.” Thought that might give me some reading for the new year, but it seems your articles are like potato chips – can’t just read one at a time. I’ll be through them all pretty quick – but there’s a lot to learn. Really enjoying them – thanks!

  4. Happy New Year. The big one for this next year is to really focus on training with my EDC set up and working from concealment. I have so much fun shooting 5.56 in all my high speed/low drag gear but as a concealed carrying civilian it’s much more sensible(and economical) to be putting 9mm downrange. Matter of fact I hope to put a G19 and my shot timer through a workout later today.

  5. Best wishes to you and your family as well!

    Every day is one more day until we don’t have to listen to Joe & O no longer!

  6. The year just started and I already broke the law. About 20 years ago or so a woman gave my wife a fireworks display to be fired off at our convenience. After having it kicking around the house I decided this was the year. With 10-12 inches of snow on the ground I didn’t have to worry about starting any fires. About 10 minutes to midnight I setup the display in a an open area about 50 yds from the house I started the count down. At the proper time I flicked my Bic and the damn thing wouldn’t light. Back to the house I slogged and went to the basement and got my propane torch and then back outside and slogged back to the display. Now this thing had been laying around the house for at least 20 years (It has 9 tubes) I didn’t know what it would do, blow up or what? Anyway it went off with a splendid display of fiery colored balls and explosions at the apex of the trails of fire. Only thing is after all the trouble getting it lit and all the fretting of being on time I was 10 minutes late! Of course fireworks are illegal in IL except for those that can get a permit. I figured with the snow coming down and the drunks on the road the Police had enough to worry about. I was right.
    Happy New Year every one!!

  7. I resolve to try to donate more money to the NRA and ILA to fight any more gun right restrictions.
    If you don’t like NRA, find another gun rights group to donate to help protect you 2nd rights.
    Happy New Years to all– may you find a few extra boxes of ammo on sale .

  8. Happy change yer calendar day, Mas! Best wishes from the People’s Dem. Rep. of Maryland. Hope to find a way to a Free State, before Md. is as bad as my birth state, California. Wyoming’s looking better all the time, despite the cold winters.

  9. About the chopper crash, they always say any landing you can walk away from is a good one. Glad yours was in that category if a little rough.
    The only resolution I’m making, which I do every year, is to get to the range more and shoot more. Feel free to use it as well.

  10. Happy New Year to you too, from a “fan” or “admirer”, that may sound weird…but, ok, someone who respects you and loves the training videos.
    Laron Fred Woods

  11. Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to receiving a book you kindly signed for me in October courtesy of Vince D. making it’s way across the oceans to Australia. Been reading your work since I was a teenager. Wishing you well!

  12. Happy New Year to you and yours as well. Reloading helps somewhat with the ammo supply, but primer stash is running low, and I haven’t seen a .22 LR round for sale locally for less than 10 cents a pop for over a year. My resolution is to get my IL CCL, if they actually do process them. I have my doubts on that score, but hoping for the best.
    Be well, do well, and continue to write well!