It’s good to know from responses posted by some of you to my last entry here that many are planning some trigger time on the Holiday.

I didn’t shoot my own turkey (would have scared heck out of everyone in the frozen foods section) but am looking forward to some range time with good friends after the Thanksgiving feast.

On the gun owners’ civil rights front, there is much to be thankful for, including the passage of HR 822 through the House, which would create nationwide reciprocity for concealed carry permits. (Write your Senators, hint hint…)

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and whatever sport or leisure you choose for the day.  From everyone at this end, to all of you and yours, a happy and fulfilling Thanksgiving weekend!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, have a great weekend. I plan on a long test drive of my new LC9, really look forward to making this my pocket gun.

  2. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    I’m hoping HR 822 becomes law. Sad how some folks on our side are against it.

    Thing I’m curious about is will carrying a back-up gun be permitted on HR822. As far as I know most states are silent on carrying a back up except for New Mexico which explicitly says one gun. (Source: Gary Slider

    Guess we shouldn’t get greedy, having one is better than having none…

  3. I like the taste of domestic turkey better. Happy Thanksgiving ! !
    We can shoot video after hours in that frozen section. Then put it on you tube. Ha!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Mas. I think the odds of HR 822 passing the Senate are slim, however, I’ll try to keep thinking happy thoughts.

  5. Hope you and yours had a Happy Thanksgiving, Mas. On Black Friday, my daughter and I will spend a little time on the range, rather than fighting the crowds looking for a bargain! Just picked up a Smith & Wesson 1911 E series, my first 1911, and we’re both looking forward to breaking it in. All the best to you.

  6. Happy Turkey Day to you too, Mass, and everyone else as well.

    I know about H.R. 822, and it covers only that states that already have some kind of a CCW Permit system, but it doesn’t cover Vermont, or any other state where concealed carry, without a permit, is the law?

    Can’t find the H.R number right now, but I seem to remember the GOA, my personal choice as the preeminent Gun Rights Organization, since the NRA has become infiltrated by some kind Public Relations Firm which doesn’t appear to really put the Second Amendment first and foremost anymore, said there is another Bill that covers those States which H.R. 822 misses, and should be supported instead?

    Before anyone gets upset about my remarks about the NRA, I have been a Life Member of the NRA since the mid 1960s, but I am also a Life Member of GOA now, and I believe, that between the two of them, GOA is doing far more to protect our God Given, Constitutionally Protected, Second Amendment Rights than the NRA is, or is likely to do in the future.

  7. I know that there are some states that require you to list each firearm that you intend to carry and you are restricted to them.

    Here in Oregon we can carry any handgun or multiple handguns under our permit and aren’t restricted to only ‘pre approved’ ones.

  8. Six of us went to the range in Southern California (80 degrees and clear) on Saturday. Grandson’s first time out(um-I think we have a convert).
    I think we had 13 guns with us….we had an amazing day. I shot my newly acquires Mosin Nagant 91/30 for the first time. I found out that the ammo I bought at the Gun Show was steel core and was not allowed on the range. Had to buy some very expensive ammo so I could shoot but it was worth it. Very fun…very accurate open sights.
    Be aware that the 7.62x54r ammo that is available in the “Spam Cans” at Gun Shows and on the internet, may very well be steel core.

    Happy Hollidays and Good Shooting to all!

  9. +1 to everything Paul Edwards said, with one exception: that the NRA so frequently compromises on and gambles with our gun rights that it is therefore undeserving of the level of support a Life membership implies.

    GOA all the way! (plus JPFO, CCRKBA, and SAF as well, for what it’s worth)

  10. I’m not a fan of any federally mandated national reciprocity laws unless a law was passed that simply acknowledged the rights we already have in the 2A: The Second Amendment *IS* our nationwide CCW permit.

    The last thing we need is the feds to get involved in a process that states are already handling just fine by themselves. If feds get involved, we’ll eventually have stupid regulations like maximum of 10 round magazines because state X requires it, and cannot use certain types of ammo because state Y requires that. Then somebody will mandate serial numbers on ammunition, or biometric permits, or frequent renewals of permits, or excessive federal “fees” (taxes) for permits, or universal limits on the types of establishments into which I can carry, or mandates for how I interact with law enforcement, or mandates that I must frequently interact with DHS (no thank you) …

    Eventually, we’ll all look like we live in Kalifornia. No thank you. I already can travel to any state I’d ever want to and carry just fine. (Hint: if the other states want my tourism/business then start reciprocating.) I don’t need the inept Congress’s help!

    There are a million reasons why any pro carry citizen would be opposed to a federal CCW reciprocity law.

    The Second Amendment is our CCW permit. When will they figure that out? I don’t need their papers, or to pay them fees, or to pass their tests before I can have my God-given right to protect myself and my family! I’ve played along with them with a state issued permit and that is far enough.

  11. I’ll leave it at this:
    The last thing any of us need is to have the BATFE messing with our CCW permits. After all, they think there is no “sporting purpose” for us to have access to modern firearms, so we shouldn’t have them.