On the eve of Thanksgiving, let’s give the political side a much-needed break. If I may, I’d like to focus instead on one “gun guy’s” approach to this particular holiday.

Significant Other and I will be spending the holiday at the home of some fellow “gun folks.” In such environments, you pay as much attention to your carry gun as the rest of your wardrobe. On the Day, I’ll be wearing a classic Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum that’s almost as old as I am, a reminder to be thankful for living as long as I have.

It’s a revolver I’ve written about in this blog, the “grail gun” that I had wanted since I imprinted on it as a little boy looking through his daddy’s firearms catalog at mid-Twentieth Century. That reminds me to be grateful to parents who set me on a useful life path. This revolver was a birthday gift this past summer, a gift of love that is tangibly manifested in blue steel: more cause for gratitude on the Day of Thanks.

It wears a pair of handsome hardwood stocks that I won in a shoot-off at Smith & Wesson Academy many years ago. That prods my memory to give thanks for the limited skills I have in this life. I’ll wear it in a handsome Galco rig (matching belt, holster, and cartridge pouch) that was a gift from one of my graduates. That in turn will remind me to be thankful for having been able to do some good for some folks over the years.

And now, of course, I’m writing this blog entry, to remind me to be thankful for being able to make a living doing something I love.

All at this end wish a wonderful and thoughtful Thanksgiving to you all.


  1. A whole new meaning to the phrase “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see mr””? Merry Easter everybody

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to YOU, Massad…thanks for everything you do for/give us, the shooter…sharing both your skill and experience with those that are willing to listen and learn…has paid dividends to many (myself included).

    Many thanks. Hope you, and all those that see this, enjoy the day, and can appreciate it for it’s meaning…

  3. I will give thanks for my family and friends, which I do everyday.

    Mas, I admire that gun of your’s, it’s a beaut. Wear it in good health, and may you always return it home as it is no, unfired in anger.

    After I get off shift tonight, hopefully nothing happens, I will have a glass of Scotch to toast my co-workers that have died in the line of duty and be thankful that, but for the grace of God go I.


  4. And many thanks to you for not only teaching us how to fight, but also reminding us why and for whom — a reminder that I recall every day of my life. And they thank you too….

  5. First comment I’ve ever left for you, but I have enjoyed reading here and your articles in magazines for a while now.

    May Your Day Be Blessed

    I have a old High Standard HD Military that belonged to my grandather and is now mine, ain’t worth crap but it’s priceless to me. Sometimes we forget. Thanks for reminding me