Some will be watching fireworks on July 4, and some will be releasing them. Mine will come from gun barrels.  What better way to celebrate Independence Day and commemorate the armed citizens who gave us that independence?

Personally, I’m looking for some range time on the Fourth, and hoping to shoot a match over the weekend.  The sounds will fit right in with the more traditional celebration.

Which reminds me: a few years ago I was on the board of directors of a gun club that had been established around 1950.  Some folks who had knowingly built homes near an established shooting range wanted to shut down the club because of the noise.  (We won.)

Amidst all that, the local anti-gun newspaper wrote about the controversy, sending their reporters around to talk with the neighbors.  One of those neighbors told the reporter it didn’t bother him at all.

“It’s the sound of freedom,” he said.

I made a motion that we offer that neighbor a free membership. I don’t believe he ever took the club up on it, though.

Maybe he wasn’t even a shooter.

But he sure had his head in the right place.

Mas demonstrates that the sweet new Ruger SR45, introduced this year, is one kind of “fireworks” that works in the rain. Yes, there’s a solid backstop.



  1. Yep, Mas, that’s definitely the way to celebrate one of the most important holidays of the year.

    Independence Day could also double as National Shoot a Gun Day!


  2. “Mas demonstrates that the sweet new Ruger SR45”. I’m guessing you liked it. Have a safe and happy 4th. And Gail Too.

  3. Happy Independence Day to all!
    Looking forward to seeing the night sky lit up with fireworks from all over the city!

  4. I am looking forward to blasting a few soup cans with my new SR1911 today seeI ms really fitting. Also really appreciated your book …gravest extreme thank you it was money well spent and more informative than any class I have ever been to. I was looking to read something something that help me learn more about technique and practical application of handgun skills. I am not really someone that has been exposed to firearms all my life just a father that wants to be able to protect his family.

    Thank You

  5. Please take the time today to read the Declaration of Independence. This document is a powerful and masterful treatise on human dignity and responsibility. On the connection of mankind and his Creator. This is a divinely inspired statement, I believe, of American values.

  6. Went to the range today myself, there were a LOT of folks celebrating the same way (range was as busy as I’ve seen it all year)!

  7. Mas,
    My son pointed this post out to, and we owe the guys at Engage Armament for alerting us to it. This is one of the best and most impassioned statements for protecting the Second Amendment that I have see to date:
    If the link doesn’t work search for
    Aaron Weiss on You Tube.

    Have a happy and Safe 4th!!

  8. I hope you and Gail have a great 4th of July! Americans can not and will not be disarmed. Take a few minutes to reflect on 237 years. All gave some, some gave all.

  9. Since my range time is spent at indoor ranges, I’ll be doing that part of the Independence Day celebration on Friday. After all, the range & gun shop staff should get to enjoy the holiday.

  10. Glenbo, that’s the McMillan/Chapman tilt. Goes back to about 1960, attributed to Bill McMillan of the USMC pistol team and popularized in defensive shooting by Ray Chapman. 15- to 45-degree inboard tilt of the pistol brings the sights directly in line with the opposite eye…ideal for cross-dominant shooting, such as in the photo where I’m firing with my non-dominant left hand but aiming with the dominant right eye. — Mas

  11. I too, spent some quality time at the range on July 4 making things go bang. I was actually working on a video review for an AR-15 accessory, but that was merely the excuse to put some projectiles down range!

    Many communities experience the same problem when housing expansions encroach on previously remote things like airports and shooting ranges. Recently our city had a similar problem when a long-standing rendering plant (a grizzly and smelly business) was found objectionable by the new owners of a recently built development. This poor company had to spend serious money to keep their operation going. That is an outrage.

  12. Thanks for the tip on the McMillan/Chapman tilt. Now that I know what it is called, I can do a little research (I’m right handed / left-eye dominant).

  13. I’ll be getting my SR45 soonest Mas! I’ve looked at a number of pistols in that calibre, and this one stands out the most. Later will come a Glock 36 for CCW.

  14. I went out July 5th to shoot at my local Game Commission range. It was hot, the range uncrowded. Took 3 1911s (2 .45s and 1 38 Super) to test new magazines and 2 DA .357s .

    Thoroughly enjoyed the 2 hours, been a while. After 20 years my Colt Commander is still my “go to” gun for fun and seriousness.

    Mas, been reading your material for 22 years. Always learn something, hopefully I’ll get to a class soon.z