1. “I know men who say they are heroes, and I know men who say they are not. I have learned which can be relied upon.”

    Great video. I wonder why no one in the mainstream media thought of this?

    • larryarnold,

      “Great video. I wonder why no one in the mainstream media thought of this?”

      This video could not be shown on national television for the following reasons;

      1) When the lady and gentlemen reveal their concealed-carry pistols, liberals who inhabit the coastal cities will faint.

      2) Too much God talk.

  2. Truly heroic actions from two truely humble men. I aspire to always share their philosophy, their humility and their aim.

  3. Common sense and logic have nothing to do with deciding the issue. Agenda and spin trump truth for many people who’ s intelligence the left feels they can insult without impunity.

  4. The poor old guy who tried to do the right thing, ended up doing it the wrong way. He got a shotgun blast at spitting distance. That did allow the other fellow to work into position, for the take down.

  5. The takeaway from this event is that in moments of great stress training and instinct will take over. That’s why special operations troops train under high stress environments and fire hundreds of thousands of rounds. This is a skill that degrades over time and must be constantly honed. There are a lot of well intentioned individuals walking around with a concealed weapon secretly hoping to be the hero someday. They should rather hope they are never called upon to be one.

    As Dirty Harry once famously said, “A man has got to know his limitations,”