Todd and Tammy Smith trained many Alaskan gun owners through their company, GunStart. They have been strong advocates for 2A causes, and their work has saved some lives and improved many more.  They’re now in a situation where they could use some help.

Abigail, the youngest of their ten children, was born with a heart condition which a generation ago would have been deemed Incompatible With Life. The combination of modern medicine and this child’s inherited strong will to survive has kept her, the second youngest of the Smiths’ ten children, alive for fifteen years. That life is now in peril.

Her long years of medical issues left her with vulnerabilities. She recently suffered what for you and I would be a simple skinned knee, but her condition caused it to snowball into toxic shock. She is now in extremis. The doctors said her only chance was to get her to specialists in Seattle by LifeFlight, but before she went on board she coded. The doctors brought her back to life, and the Emergency angels got her to Seattle.

She is alive, on dialysis and comatose, her parents at her side. As you might expect, the expenses are enormous and growing exponentially.

Gail and I have donated. We hope you will too.

The Smiths are a devout family, and I know your prayers for Abigail Smith will be deeply appreciated as well.



  1. Mas,

    Thank you so much for getting this into the “MAG Family”. Todd and Tammy are wonderful folks and Abigail is very kind and sweet young lady.


  2. Done, donated and prayers on the way. Interestingly, Matthew 8:5-13 (NASB) came to mind as I was donating.
    Thanks for helping these good folk, Mas.
    Appreciate you, man.

  3. Why do you people put up with this? Any UK politician who suggested all healthcare should not be free, would have just signed his politicial death warrant. The rest of the advance world has free healthcare.
    When I asked for some actual evidence of something that happened in the real world,, that showed the dems were hardline leftists trying to install a marxist regime, during their ten years of presidency this century. The only thing you could come up with was Obamacare.
    No. Refusing to let children die isn’t stalinist slavery.
    And falling for these conmen and letting your children die is what you chose.

    • Dude, Nicholas, speaking as a Brit who is very happy with our National Health Service – although I would not tell anyone it’s perfect – I would just like to say to you: STFU.

      There’s a time & a place for this sort of thing, and this isn’t it.

      • ‘STFU’

        The kind of reasoned debate I’ve come to expect from conservatives. Unfortunately there are real consequences from the fantasies you share; your children die.

    • It’s possible I may be replying to you twice Nicholas old boy, and my apologies if I have, but basically, well, I leave of the basically but it consisted of four letters, three of which were S, T & U.

      Anyway, as a fellow Brit I am a big of the NHS. (National Health Service to any none Brits.) Paid for by the community, free at point of use and treatment based on patients need and not ability to pay – all good stuff IMNSHO. Although I appreciate the NHS is far from perfect and that other countries have different systems which they seem to prefer.

      So while you have a perfect right to hold & express your opinions; there is a time and a place for rants such as yours. And this isn’t it.

      So might I suggest that, as us Brits say, you wind your neck in.

  4. On the topic of universal healthcare (i.e. Total government control of health care), it is often sold as a “Miracle Cure” (forgive the pun 🙂 ). Leftists absolutely LOVE solutions that hand more power to the government. Indeed, the idea that government can solve all problems is inherent to the left-wing mindset. Leftists pray to government for healing the way that a religious man would pray to God. That is because the humanistic Left has replaced God with Government. A devote Muslim bows down and prays to Mecca five times a day. The American Left might as well do the same to Washington D.C.

    The result is that they view big government and big government solutions through left-wing “Rose Colored Glasses”. They see only positive benefits while ignoring the numerous downsides.

    Government Solutions ALWAYS have two enormous downsides:

    1) When you grow big government, you grow big bureaucracy, big inefficiencies, and big waste.

    2) A powerful government attracts criminals (and associated corruption) like catnip attracts cats. World history shows that corruption increases geometrically with centralized government power. Therefore, it is literally impossible to have both a powerful central government and a clean, responsive central government. Really powerful governments end up getting consumed by (and ultimately) chocking on corruption.

    The Founding Fathers had the best idea. They viewed government as a “necessary evil” and tried to frame a Constitution that would keep it small and responsive. Over the last century, we have gradually abandoned the ideals of our Founding Fathers. We have let the American Left lead us down the path of centralizing more and more power in our Federal Government. The predictable result is massive waste and massive government corruption. It is a government that is no longer willing to be a servant of the People. Rather, it is a government that seeks to be the master of the People.

    Don’t be deceived by left-wing promises of the “glories” of universal, government-run health care. There are a vast number of thorns in that “Bed of Roses”. This article points out some of them:

    • Ya know, folks, it would be nice if we could keep this particular discussion to a wonderful family that is facing devastating illness and needs help. I think this is what Fruitbat was getting at with his STFU. Let’s for once leave the socialism versus conservatism for another time, OK?

      • As you will, Mas. I did not introduce the topic of free government health-care and, so, I will say no more about it on this blog.

        However, the deep divisions, in this country, between the Right and Left will not be healed by ignoring them and just thinking happy thoughts. Sooner or later, the American People are going to have to come together if our nation is, itself, ever to be healed.

        P.S. – I find it particularity ironic that the song, ‘American Pie”, happens to be playing on my music channel (in my home) as I write this comment.

      • No one in this thread suggested that we ignore major issues and “think happy thoughts.” There is nothing happy in this discussion thread.
        Let’s leave that element for now, please.

  5. I see from the updates on the GiveSendGo page that Abigail’s mother, Tammy, has developed health problems and has been hospitalized too. It is terrible to have both mother and daughter hospitalized at the same time.

    Happily, the updates also indicate that Abigail is improving and Tammy has improved enough to be removed from the ICU and my be released from the hospital shortly. However, she will still need rest and antibiotics for days to come.

    Still, the updates show that things are looking up. I continue to pray that God (and modern medical care) will heal them both. 🙂

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