1. You remarked on how litigation has occasionally caused headaches for first responders. Along a similar line right now, the FCC has halted all exercises between emergency services and volunteer communicators who support emergency services through the use of amateur radio; specifically, if a first responder has an amateur radio license, the FCC is saying that it is illegal for them to directly communicate with amateur radio operators who are members of RACES, ARES or other similar organizations. Hence, all such commo exercises have been cancelled at this time. Gordon West wB6NOA and a few others high up in the amateur radio community are, at this moment, riding forth like the proverbial cavalry to work with the FCC to author a way to allow first responders with amateur radio licenses to work with communications volunteers again, but this is yet one more law-created hurdle first responders to heave themselves over.

  2. Few things in training are more fun than the skid pan! And damned if it doesn’t come when you need it if you pay attention.

  3. One of the only ways that a civilian can experience a wet skid pad is through a driving school like Bob Bondurant in Phoenix, AZ. In the old days ( when the school was near Somona, CA), they used oil and water on the skid pad. Now, I believe it is soap and water for environmental reasons. Bondurant and a few others have evasive driving schools. You generally rent Lincoln Town Cars or similar and drive them until the tires are worn out in a one to three day class.