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  1. Liam Neesom (Taken, Taken 2, Taken 3, etc.) says there are too many guns in America. Liam, if you want mine, I must tell you I have certain skills……………

  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Terminator series [in which he played both the bad guy who kills with guns and the good guy who defends with guns], Eraser, Total Recall, The Expendables series, Commando, True Lies, Last Action Hero, Predator, and many others) claimed he was a strong supporter of the Second Amendment (Aug 2003).

    Earlier in the same month, he supported the Brady bill, an “assault weapon” ban, mandatory safety locks, and closing the “gun show loophole”. Said, “I’m for gun control. I’m a peace-loving guy.” All while running for Governor of California … as a Republican.


    • And Trump wanted to take the guns first, due process second. Also, what did he for 2A rights while president? Nothing.

  3. If you support gun control and will call the police to come to your rescue if you are in trouble, doesn’t that make you a gun hypocrite as well?

    • I agree.
      Call a social worker an then set down on the floor in a circle and talk out your differences, restorative justice style.

      Restorative justice says the criminal is actually the victim so after your talk you and the social worker can load your valuables in to the criminal/victim’s new car (your old car) and send him on his way.

  4. If all these antigun activists stopped acting with firearms, Hollywood would go broke. Not such a bad idea these days.

  5. “Rules for thee, but not for me!” All ‘Useful idiots’ for the disarm the populace crowd. Once the populace is disarmed; then totalitarian regineth. Keep your powder dry and your M1911 close.

  6. Stallone is probably the worst, Charlize Theron is right behind him. Though not really part of Hollywood, Shania Twain is pretty anti-gun. She’s Canadian though, so…

    • Canuckians like guns almost as much as we do down south here. I lived up there for a few years back a few decades. I knew lots of folks who liked and had guns. I actually took the course and got my hunting license. Learned a LOT.
      Some years back a friend of mine was visiting his friends in mid-BC just north of our boundary. Rural oudoors area, hills, rivers, hunting. They were in the kitchen putting some good food together and my friend asked “where can I find a bread knife? Answer came from the livingroom… that drawer to your right. He opened the door, didn’t see any knives, opened it a little further and sw.. a Glock, prepped mag in the well. He said I dont see any knives in this drawer. Gent in livingroom stood up and realised which drawer he had opened. he got a bit flustered, then said Oh I;m sorry I meant the next one to your right”. No further discussion needed. Bread was sliced, drawer was closed, he felt safer knowing they were “protected”.
      For those who might not ‘get it’, Canada has for many years, straight up prohibited handguns in the hands of almost every resident. My friend was well aware of that being the situation. He allowed to me that he thought the whole thing was hilarious.
      Gyn control? Yeah, right. HOW ya gonna git em ALL? (hint: yer not gonna)

      • Tionico,

        Good point. If I am not mistaken, Canadians are allowed to have rimfire handguns, but not centerfire handguns. Is it possible that Glock was chambered for .22 LR, therefore legal in Canada?

  7. Typical Hollywood hypocrites. Didn’t know that Wahlberg was a felon. How did they let him portray a sniper? They make their money pretending to be someone exciting when they’re really not so I guess it shouldn’t be a huge surprise.

    • Prop guns, and the understanding that the California DoJ isn’t going to go after their Hollywood cash-cow stars like they would you or I.

      Felons like Wahlberg can handle blank-firing guns on set — which is illegal because they’re still firearms under federal (and probably state) law — secure in the knowledge that California isn’t going to arrest or prosecute them. They must have some kind of deal with the BATFE, too, because felon prohibitions are federal and you don’t see them getting involved, either.

      • Post-Alec Baldwin Hollywood doesn’t even want blank-firing guns on set, so that works out fine for everyone.

        I don’t need to watch new movies anyway.

    • In 2014 Marky-Mark was seeking a pardon for his felony.

      After MUCH negative press, he dropped the request.

  8. Very disappointed with J.Law – i feel like she cheated on me. – After the Alec Baldwin incident all Hollywood people that make movies involving guns should be required to take and pass gun safety courses (do they?), be a qualified CCW permit holder, and donate a percentage of the movie proceeds to NRA, 2AF (Pres Mas!), or something similar. They profit from Guns, they should be giving back.

  9. What!?! Hypocrisy from the American Left? From the self-absorbed narcissistic people in Hollywood?

    Well, butter my buns and call me a biscuit! 🙂

    A major defining chrematistic of the left-wing mindset is elitism. The idea that they know best and have the moral high-ground to dictate how everyone else should live and run their lives. These people are only happy, in their own life, whenever they are busy running yours.

    Therefore, “rules for thee but not for me” is as natural as breathing to a leftist. These are the people who:

    1) Walk around with their own private security squad while lecturing us on the benefits of disarmament.

    2) Who lecture us about racism while pushing divisive polices and quotas based upon race.

    3) Lecture us about the evils of capitalism while being in-bed with the global corporations and raking in million and billions for their own (overseas) accounts.

    4) Who lecture us about destroying democracy while they do their best to “rig the system” to ensure that they remain (permanently) in power. Their idea of democracy is that the “little people” get no say in how things are run. Democracy is only for the elites!

    5) Who lecture us about being sexist while they, themselves, engage in the foulest, soul-destroying, deviant sexual practices.

    6) Who lecture us about preserving the climate and who force electric vehicles down our throats while they fly off in private jets to attend symposiums on climate change at swanky resorts.

    7) Who push gun control and disarmament (in the name of crime control) while, simultaneously, pushing no-cash bail and a revolving door justice system to ensure that crime always stays high and, as a result, the push to control “Gun Violence” always remains high too.

    C’mon Man! If you take away their hypocrisy, there (literally) would not be anything left in the Left! Hypocrisy is another one of their defining characteristics.

  10. I think Bill H has the right view. I have said many times, why do people place so much importance in actors who spend their entire career pretending to be someone they are not? In the non-acting world we call them frauds or deceitful individuals. I believe Robin Williams said it best when he said, “What do you care what I think about politics, I’m a comedian”.

    • I like, “con men”, for non-actors who pretend to be something their not as a profession.

      On another blog, discussing another prominent non-Hollywood expert who regularly does this, we found the term for experts who opine, criticize, judge, or advocate outside their area of expertise: “Ultracrepidarian” (Latin, literally, “beyond things related to shoes”). You could also use the phrase, “Ne supra crepidam” (“Not beyond the shoes”).

      Any career Hollywood actor who talks as an expert on any subject other than acting — or to a lesser extent, movie production — is by definition engaging in ultracrepidarianism. Alternatively (or perhaps additionally), they’re falling victim to the Dunning-Kruger effect, in which non-experts overestimate their level of expertise, while actual experts underestimate theirs.

      [Wikipedia article, if you want the etymology on how this relates to shoes — it’s a good story/legend]

      I appreciate celebrities like Michael Jordan (“Republicans buy sneakers, too”) and the late Robin Williams (“I’m a comedian”), who actively try to stay out of politics and keep any divisive opinions to themselves rather than using their fame to push an agenda with which half their fans will disagree. To me, it shows a level of class that most of Hollywood lost a long time ago.

  11. This video was VERY entertaining. It also proves that talent and brains do not always go together. I wish the whole world could view that video. Instant enlightenment.

  12. Although a few Hollywood actors appear to be decent individuals, the majority show themselves to be shallow, ignorant and devoid of human decency. I really don’t care what they say or think and really don’t need to see never ending posts/photos of their daily lives, divorces, affairs or illnesses. I would venture to guess that a conversation with someone you meet at the grocery or barbershop would prove more fruitful than anything you would discuss with a “celebrity.” It is a shame that this country wastes so much time and money on these people. At least in the 40s, 50s & 60s many actors were WW II vets.

    • The fact most Hollywood celebrities HAVE so many divorces and affairs indicates they have no moral standing to lecture to me on how I should live.

      They may as well be saying, “I can’t manage my own life. Here’s what I’m going to do to try and micro-manage yours.”

      It’s almost gotten to the point that we SHOULD listen to every word they say and every position they advocate … and then do the opposite.

  13. Just a few concepts I’ve learned these past 60 years:

    Everyone has a right to an opinion … but there is no right that it must be respected.

    I have the right to ignore an opinion.

    Just because someone HAS an opinion, does not mean it has any VALUE.

  14. Is it really hypocricy to play a gunman but be anit-gun? No one accuses Anthony Hopkins of being a hypocrite because he isn’t pro serial killers.

    Talking of hollywood the sad death of David Soul reminds me of his striking performance
    in ‘In the Line of Duty: The F.B.I. Murders’.
    Which has a lot of lessons about bringing a handgun to a long gun fight. Being foccused on the gun blazing away at your front so much, you forget to stop someone walking up behind you. And not having a vest, back up gun, sprare glasses, extra ammo…

    • It’s not just that they wield guns on-screen while advocating gun restrictions off-screen, though there’s some of that, too.

      It’s that many of these celebrities own guns and have CCW permits that are next-to-impossible for non-celebrities to get, while advocating gun and CCW restrictions for everyone else.

      That’s the real hypocrisy; their Hollywood roles are just a part of the whole picture.

  15. The real hypocrisy is that they believe their opinions are somehow more relevant than anyone else, that they should be “respected” (for some unknown quality), … and that so many people DO seem to care what these people think, but don’t/won’t talk to people who have real life experience and expertise on the matter.

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