1. Is it illegal to be a Roman in Rome? If this were in Rome, New York, they could claim protected status as a religion or some such.

  2. Reminds me of that cannibal who only preyed on women.

    Of course.

    Because he was GladHeAteHer….

  3. Stephen,

    I can’t even begin to tell you how much I hate you right now! Your post caused me to spit coffee all over my brand new keyboard and monitor. You just cost me money because you never bothered to post a disclaimer or a warning.

    On a related note, while there is no way to not make that news funny…I actually am glad that Speer/CCI is at least trying to do something with that round. So, I just have to learn to politely applaud their efforts while keeping the snickering and giggling down to a minimum.

  4. The gold dot .22 mag. may be a winner. Go to and read ” an alternative look at handgun stopping power ” by Greg Ellifritz submitted 07/08/11 perhaps under education. Enlightening, maybe we don’t need a “magic bullet. Have you seen this, Mas?

  5. To find the stopping power article go to , scroll to the bottom of the page , under “get informed” click on “education guide”. It’s lesson 23.

  6. The new Gold Dot cartridge is a .22 Win. Mag not just a .22 as I was thinking when I read the previous post.

  7. Marc, I thought Greg’s piece was interesting. I applaud him for trying to quantify a topic that’s hard to quantify.

  8. Honestly, I can’t blame CCI/Speer for doing this. People want it. Look at how well .380s sell…

    But I got a better one 😛

    Cor-Bon DRT

    Dynamic Research Technology (a frangible round)

    For anyone unfamiliar with the acronym, DRT usually stands for “Dead Right There”.

    When it comes out, I’m going to load some Corbon DRT into my Nighthawk Predator that I carry in my Crossbreed holster that’s engraved with the following:

    One Round to rule them all, One Round to find them,
    One Round to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

    *toothy smile*

    In all seriousness, I wish some gun companies would give a bit more consideration to the naming of their products. I’ve heard nothing but great stuff about Nighthawk, however, I’d rather not have the name of my gun come up in court.

    I hope someone gets my engraving joke…

  9. At least they did something. Where I live the cops/ system ignore crime and spin the revolving door. This place would be a joke if it weren’t so pathetic.